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I got Cuban cichlids


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I recently picked up a average size Cuban cichlids from trade me.

And it a male.. Iam trying to find a female to breed but not much luck around..

So Iam planning to crossbreed him with something else to achieve my flowehorn project..

I finally got a massive frys batch out of my flowerhorn..

Suggestion would be appreciate..

What shld I crossbreedhim with?

Break down:

Cuban x Midas

Cuban x red head

Cuban x imported flwhrn

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Cross breeding dogs and cats is controversial too, but fish are worse as usually they are of different species not just different variants of the same species as with cats and dogs.

Look at Jaxxnz's history of fish keeping too, it's appalling.

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This is a polite and friendly reminder to word your opinions in as objective a manner as you are able, and to keep the personal insults out of it.

And for those who are interested in hybrids please do not bait the members who have a problem with it.

With any luck we might be able to have a discussion that doesn't degenerate into bickering and sniping.


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Is it any different to cross breeding dogs or cats ?


I don't see anything controversial here...

IMO, if he wants to good on him, I won't buy them and as long as he doesn't try selling them as pure strains of something, then it isn't going to affect anyone.

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Jack is only trying to tell us what he is doing and sharing the experience of cross-breeding. for people who are not interested at it, you should not be involved and you are not forced to add comments onto the thread. For each post, I would suggest to have people who have same interests to share the topic.

For people who have opposite opinions, you are more than welcome join here and leave your comments about how you think about 'hybrid'. 'BAD!' or 'You should be banned' shud not be used in this friendly forum. and it is not very nice. we should treat all members who bring different topics, or bizzare topics, OR the topics you may not like, fairly.

personally I will suggest a female Cuban to creat more little Cubans :happy2: David used to have one but dont know where it went..

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So who got a female Cuban Cichlids up for grab? :slfg:

woo what a kick off!!

So this is so call friendly Forum and advised??

really i dont give a peacock about what some members here think that iam just another dr. evil"

a person should be banned for crossbreeding fish.. :sml1: :sml1:

do some research before poking some1..as far as crossbreeding different type of CA cichlids to achieve different strain of flowerhorn is been around for decade.. :happy1:

Regards to all these derailing on my topic..iam not here to retaliate, its just sad} to see not many people enjoy and trying to creat a different strain of masterpiece in the flowerhorn or something speacial eg. SRTexas.. :facepalm:

What ever! n what ever!

I will still carried on enjoy what iam doing (breeding) as i got a direction to achieve!

All the best to S/CA cichlids fans :thup:

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I don't think he should be grilled for making a hybrid, too many people high on their horses about 'purity', so long as the species isn't going extinct I don't think its really a biggie in the nz fish hobby. But yea, makes more sense to mate it with another cuban as the crosses won't look that amazing I don't think.

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What sickening attitudes on here. He's keeping the fish well and takes care of them too. Are you guys going to police everyone on here? Real good way to scare people off.

people are allowed their own opinions, if anyone voicing them scares someone off they really need to harden up

the world is PC enough as it is.

btw, I don't think anyone will scare Jaxx off....

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