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  1. Never had an issue with the Aquaone CF1200 filters. Used them on about four different setups. The Eheim 2213 didn't last a month on a 100L tank - bio-filtration may be great, but without additional mechanical filtration, you're wasting your time.
  2. Hi, to give you an idea, My first 90L tank (Aqua One AR620) cost me $250 retail. It had a filter and lights built in. I sold it after 2 months and bought a larger tank. 245L tank only cost about $150 from trademe and included a canister filter. I have since done a 300L (which is now for sale) and am now maintaining a 500L. And this was after my wife said "ONE TANK."
  3. leaving her for two weeks in her current state is not a good idea. Is there a local club member who could help you out?
  4. Ask for Cowdroy track. Any hardware store worth going to can order it in. Check the Cowdroy website for info, and if you're still unsure, give them a call. When I was at Oregon, I used a lot of different tracks. Cowdroy stood out by far, both in quality and price.
  5. is there a date that you need the car down by? Dad commutes to AUK - TGA weekly, and I have a six day weekend. I could tag along and bring it back for you?
  6. I kept selling off the offspring so that they were not continuing to breed through the generations. When the breeding pairs got old I would introduce new stock, or whenever I found new colours. Haven't kept Killies sorry.
  7. You get what you pay for. My LED setup is in the rubbish bin, except for my PSU, which is now running the pump for my sump. I got $75 worth of Strip LEDs, with remote for changing colours and brightness.
  8. Make sure you have "load images" enabled. Some browsers have an option to disable images to save on data usage.
  9. You want to use RTV-Clear or a silicone that specifies no mould killers.
  10. I have had a lot of experience with Aqua One heaters, I currently have 3 of them (all 150W) in 3 small tanks. I do not trust them in my larger tanks, as they were causing fluctuating temps. 2 of the 3 no longer work correctly. One is heating at 24 although it is set to 28, and the other is set to 24 but is heating at 32. I had two of the Aqua One 150W heaters in my 300L tank. I then got a 150W Jager heater, and decided to test it out in the tank, so I swapped it out for the left heater. I noticed over the next week that the temperature became stable, so I tried removing the other 150W Aqua One heater. That tank has remained stable since. One Jager 150W heater was more reliable than two Aqua One 150W heaters. I have just bought a 300W Jager for my 500L. I wont ever buy Aqua One heaters again.
  11. Tonight would have been my last meeting, as I will be leaving the club for the time being. However, I am needed at home and can't make it tonight either. I will try to catch up with you all in the near future.
  12. 1pm this arvo... Sitting in a meeting... "Oh damn!" "What?" "I missed the fish club meeting on Monday..." :roll:
  13. I use the Raid Automatic Indoor. Fish tank has a lid.
  14. No, Aucks isn't cheap, and we all appreciate the effort you personally have put into this. One Daughter is 7, the other is only 6months. My niece is 17.
  15. Is there a family pass this year? Was thinking of bringing both kids. Might bring my niece also, depending on pricing and how we are doing financially at the time.
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