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  1. Hi, Does anyone here have contact details for Perpin? We are wanting to use the leopard gecko fact sheet in the Aquarium World magazine. cheers Darren
  2. Awesome fish and great pics. Congratulations
  3. Thanks. About 16 cm's. It will grow little bit bigger yet. Hara jerdoni are very cool little catfish.
  4. Yeah it's a different species of cactus pleco to L114 and much rarer
  5. Heres one of my favourite plecos: a Coffeee and Cream Cactus pleco, Pseudacanthicus spinosus, L160. Very rare in New Zealand
  6. Someone on TradeMe was breeding Corydoras metae. Hopefully they might still be breeding them.
  7. Great work on a beautiful species
  8. flatfish

    My Geos

    I don't have Geo's but the red heads are stunning
  9. flatfish

    My Geos

    they are often on the importers lists. Redwood Aquatics has them as well.
  10. flatfish

    finger crossed

    Yep common bristlenose or GBAs are definitely a great species to start on although you may find them difficult to get of if you breed too many
  11. flatfish

    finger crossed

    Thanks. There are plenty of great articles on how to breed fancy plecos on Planet Catfish under each species page. They are a generally little harder to breed than common bristlenose. Some are reasonably straight forward, others are difficult, and some have never been bred in captivity. A couple of good ones to start with would be big band tigers (L140) or Colombian zebra plecos (L129).
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