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  3. Lime stone rocks. Great for African cichlids tanks as high ph txt 021504187 pickup glen eden auckland
  4. I went tropical freshwater as I wanted an easy care aquarium that required little maintenance and would not be a problem when I went on holiday. As much as I love looking at marine aquariums, they are too much work for me. Good luck and show us your progress.
  5. https://aquariumworld.nz/fish/tropical-fish-on-the-approved-import-list//
  6. That's surprising. A big reason for wanting to go marine is the wide variety of colors and interesting fish and creepy crawlies you can get for marine. Thanks Caryl and Livingart, I understand that cost and time are the 2 big factors, I guess I was looking for someone to say they've gone marine and glad they did or why they're glad they went with fresh water... Anyway, I've decided to bite the bullet and go with a marine tank Gotta wait till I get back from holiday in January, but I've started the shopping spree
  7. Marine will cost more in money and time though 2nd hand purchases will be cheaper and you can use natural saltwater, Local marine will involve a chiller to keep temps down Freshwater allows a wider choice of different biotopes and available species
  8. OK then. You need to look at the basic differences between the two and decide if you have the money and time to devote to a marine (I guess I should not mention a native marine which is easier and cheaper than a tropical marine). If not, go freshwater. Money and time are the main differences between the two. The money part especially will be ongoing. If neither money, nor time, are problems, then you need to decide which you like the look of the best as there are different pros and cons for either option with too many variables.
  9. That's not helping!! Man's already confused with only 2 options, now you come and throw in a third !! Had a very quick look on YT, but nah, I'll stick to my original 2 choices for now. Thanks.
  10. As you know, cost is the biggest factor with marines being more expensive to set up and run. Have you thought about hedging your bets and going brackish? 😉
  11. Established 64l Fish Pod Aquarium with internal filter, heater and light. 1 Otocinclus, 7 neon tetras, 4 Pea Puffers (1 male, 3 female). The Pea Puffers are not aggressive, have not caused any issues for the other fish in the tank at all, so you could continue to add compatible fish to make a nice community tank. No stand. $150.
  12. I'm struggling to decide whether I should go freshwater or marine. I bought a 450L tank 2 months ago as well as a 140L tank, which I've now decided to use as a sump for the 450. I was pretty settled on going with a freshwater setup, but I think I'll enjoy a marine tank more, just scared of the costs I guess. If the reserve bank didn't announce yesterday that I'm probably going to go bankrupt next year, then I most likely would go with the marine option. Let me hear some arguments for both sides please.
  13. What to do depends on the outcome you wish to achieve. If you only have a small pond, and no room for more fish, then there was no need to do anything. You could just leave the fish alone and they would do what comes naturally then eat most of the fry. One or two might survive this. As you decided to try and raise some fry, why not put the original fish back in the pond and raise the fry in the paddling pool? You can't raise goldfish in a bowl as they are very messy fish and produce too much waste. No gear needed.
  14. I have had some goldfish in a small pond for about a year. Found out they were breeding so urgently googled what to do put female and couple of smaller males in paddling pool with water plants to save some eggs. About 2- 3 weeks old now. Brought some inside but struggling to keep water I small bowl clean. Think overfeeding. Not using aeration or filter. Got a bit of gear but not sure how to set up. Can anyone offer help. Thanks linda
  15. They are native so can't be sold without a permit but you can collect your own Most streams have these and they can be netted by running a net along the water weeds growing along the sides.
  16. I've been thinking about keeping these in a (semi-)dedicated tank next year when I'm back from my holiday. But where would I get them, I haven't seen any for sale online yet? If I need to catch them myself, how and where do I do that?
  17. Yes. Just make sure you use flux the two surfaces before doing so.
  18. Caryl


    Solder is only about 60% lead. On it's own it would too soft. You need a flux too. What are you trying to do?
  19. Are these still available as we are looking for some fish for an African display tank
  20. hope the rehomes go well for you Mahn, hopefully not getting out of fish completely?
  21. over 30 fish, six are quite large, the rest are ranging in size from 5-10cm malawis, peacocks, yellows, peach, few others. must pickup from rotorua by motion centre. can take a few or all. just please be sure you can house them appropriately.
  22. Kia ora, I have a mature female (I think) X-Ray Tetra I would like to rehome asap. Her mate has recently died so I would like to rehome her instead of watching her slowly die from the stress of being alone. We could get more friends for her, but sadly they will be too immature to keep her company. Pick up in Brooklyn, Wellington, the sooner the better.
  23. If anyone wants to chat Hermanns tortoises, feel free to start a chat on here :>) Happy to help newbies, happy to learn from old timers 😄😄
  24. Can you use a lead sinker to solder?
  25. Caryl

    Gold ancistrus fry

    The browns are reproducing as well.
  26. Hi everyone! just wondering if anyone knows of any local streams and rivers to explore in the north shore/Auckland region. I'm not looking to swim anywhere of course but I love all the ecosystem aspects of rivers and streams so wondering if anyone has good places to explore. Thanks
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