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  2. WTB clown loaches emperor tetras and kuhlis. Tauranga thanks
  3. I am looking for emperor tetras,clown loches ,kuhlis. Tauranga
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  5. Decommissioning tank - 8 x Green Neon Tetras 2 x Purple Emperor Tetras Free to good home, pickup Eden Terrace.
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  7. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2394119774 If this doesn't sell as a whole we could look at just parting with the fish if you're interested
  8. adamh

    how many fish ?

    Hi I have a 38L tank with two kuhli loach. 4 neons and 4 black neons. I would like to get two platys or balloon mollys. would that fit and would it leave room to increase the neon school by a couple? thanks.
  9. Bit of an update.... Full White Albino Platinum: Have the same strain but in Blond which is not quite as nice. Silky Blue: Easy to breed. Sulphur Lutino Endler: Something new and the pictures don't do them any justice. Best yellow I have ever seen in a guppy. Metalhead Lutino: Another variety of the Lutinos. Japan Blue Fire Tail: This is something new I have been working on for 9 month now. Combines Y-linked JB with X-linked LE. Koi Guppies: Plenty of them around now in Albino and non-albino.
  10. Put an advert in private trade and exchange and include your location
  11. Hey my partner and I have 2 veil tail betta fish which I am sure are both males. I want to get some females for him for his birthday but have no idea where to go. Any ideas?
  12. Small Community Fish and ots of plants wanted for our 200L tank. We are in Wellington. Cheap or free please as its our boys getting them. Thank you. 🥰🥰
  13. Hi, We have a few juvenile Blue Tongue Skinks for sale to approved homes only I.E. You need a good enclosure and equipment and know what is required for their care https://aquariumworld.nz/databases/22-Tropical FWFishallowedinNZdatabase//1846-Blue-Tongue-Skink From $150 each.
  14. Kia Ora, have listed my 125L jewel tank on TM. Going with everything inside. Would consider offers located Ngaio, Wellington https://www.trademe.co.nz/2394119774
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  16. As title reads, a free, young (roughly 7-8cm) red tail shark to be picked up from Brooklyn, Wellington. Unfortunately the nature of the fish has changed the energy of my tank in a way I do not prefer. Fish is healthy and active. Contact for further details, thanks
  17. Thanks! I've tried spot lighting at night but gave up easily as I just assumed there's no shrimp in my area but I'll try again. Do you have any specific places you can remember where you've found them?
  18. Hi guys looking for some Ikola youngsters to add to 8 I purchased to boost numbers. Happy to pay asking price and shipping. I am based in Wellington but can travel Thankyou in advance
  19. I've only found them on streams running out of reserves I guess there sensitive to chemicals. Also spot lighting at night is far easier than rummaging around during the day even in a tank
  20. I am a bit late too this party but keen. i'm after smaller tanks for raising fry/ culturing daphnia. should be able to pick up this weekend if there are any left.
  21. Hi, I'm looking to add some algae eater for my 5 gallon Coldwater tank and am looking to catch few of our native shrimp. I have done some research but couldn't find the exact place where to find them. I have looked into the river going through Porirua/Tawa but had no luck. Am I looking in the wrong area, and do you guys have any tips on catching them? Cheers!
  22. Hey doesnt animates tower junction have those in stock or am i mixing those up with another fish
  23. Pseudomugil gertrudae - Spotted Blue-eye
  24. Spotted Hatchetfish - Gasteropelecus maculatus
  25. I am in tawa. Happy to swap you your noodles for some out of my sump.
  26. Scleromystax barbatus - Banded corydoras
  27. Licorice Gourami - Parosphromenus Sp
  28. Hi there where abouts are u do u have the size and have they been plumbed ta
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