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  2. I spoke to someone who lives in ChCh and used to breed these. If you still need help by the end of the week, let me know and I will contact her again but she is at a conference this week so unable to help until she gets home.
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  4. I have never had a tank without fish but know a lot of people use root tabs successfully. Why not add a fast growing plant, like water sprite/Indian fern?
  5. My tank has water! Finally there is something to do other than killing off some specific bacteria. Aquarium system 2.0 now has plants, a Hydrocotyle (pennywort) species and a Nymphoides indica (snowflake lily). They've put on healthy leaves since being submerged. They're going to need to provide cover for my fish, so they've still got some growing to do before any animals go in. They're in a new system without much available "stuff" to use for this, and their new growth is slowing down and looking weaker. They seem to be especially struggling with nitrogen and iron, but the idea of putting a complete fertilizer the water column is making me nervous about algae blooms. Is it worth adding root tabs to my plants to get them the missing nutrients? And is there a way to add small amounts of usable nitrogen to my water?
  6. Yes you will need to alter it and possibly add magnesium and calcium
  7. I was planning on using the saltwater for a tropical tank, as in 1.024 - 1.026 sg, if the salinity is too high should I just dilute with rodi water?
  8. Sorry no idea on Waitematas water quality, if you are keeping local marine fauna no need to alter salinity my carpet sharks outgrew a 270 x 120 x 60cm in 2 years, having a circular enclosure means they can swim for a long time yes 2hp will cover that size
  9. Do you reckon the water from around waitemata harbour is fine to use? I had a look at the water quality report from 2019 but i'm not really sure. Also will I have to adjust the salinity? Thanks edit: would a 270x220x50cm (3000 litres) be big enough for a carpet shark or skate and a pufferfish? Also do you think I could use a 2 hp chiller for 3000 litres or more?
  10. Yes you can use natural salt water, yes you can avoid dosing elements, You may need to increase the percentage of water change as your bioload increases to not use a skimmer
  11. Does anyone know if i'm able to use straight natural sea water (apart from some mechanical filtration to remove particulates). I will be getting the water from clean areas and at the right time as well. I'm planning a 300x300x60cm aquarium inspired by the massive bullet shaped aquarium at kelly tarltons in the cafe area. It will basically be like an above ground pond but made from glass. I'm planning to only keep soft corals and macroalgae, could I avoid dosing elements (alk, calcium and magnesium) as long as I do weekly 10% water changes? Also could I get away without a skimmer if I have a large (800 litre+) refugium and a low-medium bioload? Any help appreciated, Cheers
  12. This seasons Bearded Dragons (Pogona vitticeps) for sale $450 each. 5 month old and 3 month old. Bred from our Simpson Desert Beardies.
  13. I need help, altho could be a bit soon. My girl lost her girl friend and I managed to find another, thought a girl, but think he's a boy My girl hasn't left her nest for 5 days and i wonder if she's sitting on eggs. I don't want to breed them, and don't know what to do. Can anyone advise, or maybe take them to their home and care for them? The parents I mean and the chicks when born, or even now if it won't upset them. I am in Sefton, North Canterbury. paws xx
  14. Definitely still here in lowish numbers. iv been trying to get my hands on them for afew years with no luck.
  15. For Sale: I have multiple items available. Please contact me for more details. Price is firm. Must collect Upper Hutt. No Shipping Refer to photos. Have included a full tank photo which was taken before closing down this week showing lights and canister still working. 1 x 150L Blue Planet Tank only (no cabinet)$100 Very minimal scratches as well looked after. 1 x Eheim Jager Heater 200 Watt $40 1 x Aqua One Aquis CF1200 Canister Filter $80 This has just been turned off and media rinsed in tank water. Left in a cycled state ready to switch on a use. Also comes with 2 x AQUARIO NEO Flow Premium L (ver.2) Missing a couple of parts due to me breaking a couple but there is enough for a full set plus spares. 1 x CurrentUSA Serene LED Freshwater Light Kit $100. Will fit a tank length of 610mm up to 1100mm. This is not a light you get here in NZ. Refer to link as this was recommended to me by a local fishkeeper as a top quality light for plant growth which I have to agree. Check the link as its a pretty cool light. https://youtu.be/uoGYgiPB9cI?si=GasOYgGgom-20xNA 1 x Blue Planet U View Purifier Mini – 3 watt Green Killing Machine $40 (Photo C) 2 x Ehiem Bubble Machines $ 20 each. 1 x Juwel Surface Skimmer $20 (Photo A) 1 x Eheim Filter 45 Pickup $20 (Photo B) Plant Trimmer Set $10 First in first serve, no dibs or holds.
  16. All the hermanns are down but greeks are still up but not eating
  17. The Hawkes Bay Aquarium Society will be hosting a fish show and expo around April/May 2025. We are currently gathering expressions of interest for those people/businesses that may want to enter in the following areas: -Fish Show Entries -Aquascaping contests -Exhibitors -Sponsors If you are interested please contact [email protected]. More information will be coming in the coming months
  18. Are yours tortoises in Brumation Mark, Mine both dug in on Mothers day for the big sleep....
  19. You are most likely correct in thinking it is just him and not water conditions or all the fish would be showing problems. This is not an unusual situation for him to be in and he has possibly been permanently damaged too. Easiest way to separate him is to float him in the tank in a plastic container eg ice cream container. I sometimes pegged mine to the side so it didn't float around and get stuck under the water return in the days I used HOB (hang on the back) filters. Only give him enough water at first to stay upright. This allows him to rest easily on the bottom of the container. You will need to do partial water changes daily in the container. I used to use a turkey baster to do this as I had one on hand and it was less stressful to the fish. Easier to lift the container out, tip half the water out (without losing the fish down the drain) and top it up with tank water. A 2L ice cream container is better than a clear one as he can't see out and she can't see in. Do note though - if you use a white container, the fish will turn very pale as they try to match their surroundings. A dark blue, or black, one would be better. Feed him tiny amounts and fingers crossed he improves. In the meantime, try and add more plants, live ones preferably, so he has plenty of places to hide. Out of sight, out of mind, works with fish. Water sprite or Indian fern (Ceratopteris) is good for this. Java fern (Microsorium pteropus) is very hardy and a good beginner's plant. It attaches itself to rocks or driftwood. Tie a few of the roots to a rock, or jam them into a split in the driftwood, and it will grow from there. No need to plant the roots into gravel. Both these plants reproduce by forming baby plants along the parent plant so you just pick them off and plant them. Sprite is also interesting as it will grow above the water surface and, when it does, its leaves look totally different! Fish can damage themselves on fake plants, depending on whether they are plastic or silk stuff and live plants are better for both fish and aquarium nutrient balance. Please let me know how you get on!
  20. Hi Caryl, thank you for this response and advice! unfortunately this poor guy isn’t getting any better. I cycled the tank correctly before I got the fish and ensured I had the water right he before introducing them. Each time I’ve gone in to the shops with the fish I’ve had water tested and all is well. Except him he can barely swim and generally just hovers wherever he lands and can only swim directly vertical to the surface to try and get food, and if anything in his way he gets caught in it. It’s so sad to see. I have done 2 rounds of adding the Wunder tonic and gently done a gravel clean and replaced half the water as instructed on the bottle after a few days. I feel it’s not environmental now, its stress induced from the female. As the female and other male are totally fine and she is continuing to abuse him especially when I feed them. So I don’t think he’s getting much food. I feel I need to isolate him, but is it best to do this in the tank? Or remove him completely? Being a tropical I would need a whole separate tank for him with his own heater etc, I’m not sure I can do that. Or is it best to take him away completely and back to where I got them to see if they can help him. At such a loss I’m so sad to see him so unwell
  21. My name is Rhys Carter, Laboratory Manager at Aquafortus, a small research-based company in Mangere, Auckland. We have been growing daphnia for inhouse environmental testing over the last 1-2 years, however, the project has come to an end. We currently have a small aquarium (approx.. 30x30x50) full of daphnia. These are our stock colony and have had no contact with chemicals/biological materials. They would need picking up from our site at 3 Airpark drive Mangere, 2022 between 8am and 3pm by the end of the week. We also have a large tank growing algae (https://www.wardsci.com/store/product/8869785/ward-s-live-i-chlorella-pyrenoidosa-i-culture. ) if algae is of use to anyone?
  22. Hi there and sorry you are having trouble and didn't get good advice from your pet shop. Have you read about cycling an aquarium? This is very important. It is the biological process that makes the water safe for fish. The cycling would have started when you added the fish but when you scrubbed everything and replaced the gravel, it upset the cycle. 1. Do not add any more fish. The mollies will grow, or reproduce and your tank is not big enough for many more as mollies are a medium sized fish. 2. Get some live plants in there as this will help the nutrient balance correcting. It will also give the male somewhere to hide. 3. Look up all about cycling an aquarium. I always did it this way...set up the tank and make sure the temp has stabilised. For a 2ft (old measurements here from an old lady) tank I would add 4 hardy neon sized fish. After 1 month, if all was well, I would add another 4 of the same and repeat this process until stocking level had been reached. This naturally starts the process without adding ammonia or other chemicals to artificially start the cycle. For a 3ft tank I would start with 6 neon sized fish and so on. 4. A good ratio for mollies is 1 male for 2 or 3 females. A group of all males will be aggressive. 5 Your fella will be stressed and could recover on his own, without the addition of chemicals or tonics, if the cause of his stress is fixed - good water conditions and places to hide. 6. Do daily water changes of about 10 - 20% but don't clean anything in the tank, including the gravel, for at least 1 month to help correct the cycle. Good luck and feel free to ask more questions ?
  23. I have same problem..noticed one comment about feed....have started giving more algae flakes for plecos so Im guessing that could be what is causing blue color....gonna stop flakes and see if it changes back to normal pink....otherwise they seem healthy....
  24. Hi, I recently set up a small home tropical fish tank with 4 Mollys. It’s the aqua one 47 eco style. I feel I haven’t been given too much uneducated mixed advice and it’s caused a few problems. during my first tank clean I removed the decorations and fake plants, cleaned out the gravel and replaced it, all unknown to me that I should have had a gravel cleaner and shouldn’t have scrubbed the ornaments. Woke up the next day to one Molly that had passed away, I was gutted and felt awful. I’ve been terrified to clean the tank again since, but have purchased a glass cleaner magnet got different ornaments, and got the gravel cleaner but am yet to use it. I worked out that I have 2 males and a female, I’m not sure what the first one that passed away was. I wasn’t told what the correct ratio would be and how many would actually be better to have total, just “4 would be fine do you want a mix of male and female or one or the other?” so I just got a mix. I now think the female is pregnant ( at a guess) and she has taken to abusing one of the males, to the point he is miserable and I think has fin rot. He hides and cowers away from her only appearing when I feed them. i have just done a treatment tonight with wunder tonic, and will do a water change and clean the gravel in a few days. Questions- what are my next steps? Will the male survive? is it best to remove him completely from the tank? and just have the female and other male, who are both happy as Larry in each others company and are thick as thieves together. Should I get more females and remove the imbalance? Not interested in getting abuse and snarky comments. I’ve had that already when asking at a fish specialist shop for advice and it’s put me off going back. Beginner mum here who is genuinely concerned and gotten a bit attached to these fish that I just got as a gift for my child who was desperate for a fish tank! only looking for genuine helpful advice so I don’t need to keep explaining where the fish have gone.. i feel bad enough. thank you
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