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  2. Im looking to buy any reptiles either bearded dragons or blue tounges to replace the breeders i lost in last weeks storms i lost 8 animals along with 2 of my tropical tanks due to heavy snow and rain and strong winds wiping out my power supply for a couple of days also keen to look for some leopard geckos i have set ups ready to go each set up now has it on generator so no more power loss over winter and outdoor set ups for summer but im also keen to buy full set ups if anyone has any for the right price i am in a remote part of otago so i will to travel to pick up so would perfer somewhere close but could travel as far as christchurch to pick up thank you nathan
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  4. The List https://aquariumworld.nz/fish/tropical-fish-on-the-approved-import-list//
  5. You might be fine then but I have heard ram owners say (I have not kept them myself) an aquarium needs to be 6 - 12 months mature but as yours was already set-up, the 6 months should be fine. If everything seems stable at this point though, because it was already matured and is stocked lightly, you might get away with earlier.
  6. Thanks for the tip. How long should I wait for the tank to mature? I purchased the tank with all the substrate, plants, fish and mature filter material. I’m assuming the move will have affected the maturity of the bio filtration a bit. So far water parameters are still good, probably due to the very low stocking levels.
  7. Keep us updated on how it's doing.
  8. Not that I can find. What interesting colour changes from young to adult. A pity it doesn't retain the panda colouring.
  9. hopefully he's found some peace, if he's still at it think of the camera
  10. Yeah he can eat when I drop food near him, but he’s generally staying pretty still. The other fish are all peaceful and leave him alone. I’ll keep an eye on him, thanks.
  11. It is possible it was rammed in the side by the bristlenose and this did some damage. Is it otherwise able to feed? If so, because it looks otherwise fine, I would just leave it and see if it gets better over time. If it starts getting hassled by other fish then I would separate it.
  12. Yeah he’s very pretty. I’m going to check in on how he’s doing in his new home tomorrow.
  13. What is the that's not native or invasive.? How do I know when there in the water. Yeah point proven, always cover your shit, one of the first rule of bushcraft
  14. Video below. This was not at feeding time or anything, just the snail was in the middle area. On my Vimeo I’ve got the start of this, which is him starting to push it from the other side of the tank. I feel like people will say he’s hungry, but he had a ton of food available all the time. Content vegetables we’d put pleco logs in his cave etc.
  15. Hi Caryl thank you for your reply. Video posted below: He tilts to the same side each time he swims and doesn’t seem to be able to balance. I’ve been feeding him peas and I’ve increased the water temperature as per instructions for constipation on the internet. He’s been like this for about 4 days. Water parameters are all fine. He was being extensively bullied by my Bristlenose as you’ve probably seen in my other post. He had flukes or worms about 6 weeks ago, but I treated them with Praziquantel.
  16. Most of the time we can catch and release/keep etc too but not if it involves native, or invasive, species. We don't mind you shitting in the woods, as long as you are off the path, so nobody stands in it, it is the ones who do it in the waterways who are more of a problem! 😉
  17. A video would be helpful please. Depending on how it's bent might suggest a possible cause. Could be swim bladder, poor water quality, food, or a disease. A swim bladder problem is a symptom, not a disease in itself.
  18. it seems all hidden behind laws that you have no navigate to even touch it. else where if i wanted to teach some one whats in the water i'd just go out there with a net and see for my self, sending most back but maybe keeping one for my tank and thats normal in all of the world we are part of nature and know how to respect her. but in nz it seems you have to be certified to even shit in the woods....
  19. I have a fish that’s essentially lying and swimming on it’s side that looks slightly bent, making me think it’s an air bubble pulling it up, so it sounds like swim bladder issues? It still swims around when it has to, but it’s generally just lying there. I’ve fed it peas the last two days but I was wondering if anybody has experienced this or if there’s anything else I could do to help it apart from feeding the peas? Thanks in advance. I can post videos if anyone needs a look.
  20. I would hold off on the rams until the tank has matured, as that is what they prefer. I would offer some Anubias but not keen to send at this time of year and don't trust the couriers at the moment, from a time-wise point of view, as I am in the South Island.
  21. Hello everyone, After a while trying to entertain myself with my outdoor pond, I finally took the plunge and bought myself a tropical fish tank. It is already cycled and I have some fish, but I wanted to check if anyone has some of the things I’m after before heading to the lfs since a lot of times people breed or have extras that they don’t know what to do with. Happy to pay or trade. I’m after: - Neon and glowlight tetras - female bristlenose plecos - female guppies - corydoras - Bolivian Rams - tank plants, (anubias, tiger lilies, duckweed, Java moss, or banana lilies would be awesome)
  22. My typo, of course I meant you are NOT allowed to catch them at all. What do you mean by being very distant from nature? Fishing laws vary in different parts of the country so it would pay to check the local laws with your council, or Fish & Game. We have a lot of unique native flora and fauna here, due to our geographical isolation, so differ from many other countries when it comes to catch and release.
  23. Barbs are good and hardy, an easy care fish. The bigger the group (dependent on aquarium size of course) the more interesting their behaviour. They are more likely to show schooling behaviour in a large group.
  24. Well no it’s more that now the Bristlenose is gone I feel like I should up the numbers in the group, because we only have two. I’m quite new to fishkeeping and I’ve found they’re quite low maintenance.
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