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  2. New season Japanese fire belly newts (efts). Will have Chinese available after new years. Pick up in canterbury or else can ship.
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  4. I wanted to put some driftwood in the tank, but instead of using commercial driftwood, I made driftwood for the aquarium using some driftwood that I found in brackish water. The way to do it is very simple: first clean the driftwood you find. Then soak them in a barrel of water for 1-2 weeks to release excess tannins, which turn the water brown or slightly yellow. After removing the tannin, it is necessary to clean and boil the driftwood to remove the last remaining dirt. Finally, place the driftwood in the aquarium.
  5. Sorry there have been no answers to your problem. I would assume something bacterial to affect all the fish, not just one species. Never add any medications to an aquarium unless you are 100% sure you know what it is you're treating. Have they had a change in food, either type or brand? I had one brand (a long time ago now so can't tell you what it was) that was fine when the fish ate it but it swelled a lot more inside the fishes than the usual brand and it caused major problems. Swapped food and they all settled again. In case you're wondering, I know it swelled more as I got one of the new pellets and dropped it in water along with the previous brand pellet. The difference in the amount they swelled was astounding.
  6. Loads of lime stone rock suitable for African cichlid tanks. High ph. $2.00 a piece pickup Glen Eden auckland txt 021504187
  7. Well done you! It is easy to get fish spawning but not so easy to keep them alive after 30 days. Daphnia are very hardy and will appear, seemingly, out of nowhere. I have a fibreglass stocktrough which, if I put it up the right way and it starts to fill with rain water, very quickly ends up with daphnia in it. I also used to raid the stock troughs near the walkways up the Wither Hills behind my house. The walkways run through council owned farm land. I recently hauled a huge pile of Crypt affinis out of my 4ft tropical so the fish are swimming around wearing sunglasses as opposed to carrying machetes. Luckily I found a couple of people happy to take the excess, otherwise it would have had to be dumped and that seems a waste of good plants. The tank has been running over 20 years now and every time we have a quake I half expect it to break. The seals are well past their use by date! In the cupboard underneath are all our board games. I think I need to swap them with the fishy items stored in the cupboard to the left so they have a better chance of surviving the flood if/when the tank goes. The pond is causing problems. It is approx 3m x 8m and was damaged in the last big quake (it's concrete). We are trying to decide whether to have it repaired or filled in. Since we are having great difficulty finding someone to repair it, as we want it altered considerably, it looks like it is going to be easier to fill it in, although that in itself isn't easy either due to the size and depth! We might set the stock trough up as a permanent, much smaller, pond. It will be easier to cover to stop the kotuku, who turns up yearly in the hopes of getting a feed. We are chopping down the Chinese silk tree at the end of it. It has caused a great mess over the years, although i love it and it was the first tree we planted when we built the house 42 years ago. It needs to go as we are getting solar panels installed and the tree is starting to shade part of the roof where the panels will be. My husband is in his 70's (wow, how did that happen so fast?) and I am 3 years off getting a pension so we have to hire minions to do these things. He has rheumatoid arthritis and I have recently had a near death experience in hospital after ignoring symptoms which turned out to be massive and multiple blood clots in my lungs. If my friends had not insisted on ringing the Dr (I kept saying I would wait until my appt booked for the following week) and insisting I be seen immediately, I would be dead. In fact the Dr promptly gave me oxygen on arrival and immediately called an ambulance. Hospital said the friends did good but should have called an ambulance instead of the GP. If I had waited a few hours longer I wouldn't be here! Very scary considering my health was excellent, which is possibly what saved me, and I was on no medication whatsoever. When I went back to the GP a couple of weeks later for my follow-up, the nurse who had helped said they were so concerned I was not going to make it that they kept checking my test results as they came in from the hospital as that way they could see I was still alive! Never ignore symptoms or assume it is just hay fever, sudden onset asthma, or something else. Get seen ASAP! I am now permanently on blood thinners to stop new clots forming but have to wait until my body slowly reabsorbs the oringinal clots, which can take 6 months or more, and hope none break away and give me a heart attack or stroke. Just because I am president of the local stroke club doesn't mean I want to have one! They have no idea why I suddenly developed the clots. Although it was 2 weeks after I had my 2nd Covid vaccination the symptoms had started well before that and before the 1st jab too. I hadn't been on any long haul flighst, had recent surgery, been immobile, or have a family history of them - the usual precursors. My siblings took great delight in saying they always knew i was a clot 🙂 Anyway, I am now on the mend but have to take things slowly and carefully or I run out of puff. Every day there is a slight improvement so that's good. Better you didn't want that much detail when you said you hoped I was well! 🙂
  8. Hello Caryl , long time , thought you might like to know I successfully raised the silvertips. Ended up with 44 from the one pair spawning on an afternoon. Have sold a few on trade me a traded others for German Ran fry! I did try some Cardinals, beautiful fish but very shy. Perhaps it was the number, only 6. They stayed down the back and I got frustrated so traded them for tropical fish flakes! My Black Neons just spawned in a separate tank so here we go again. I am also fattening up Neons that I bought from Hollywood Fish farm. I was a bit disappointed to start with, got one fish with one eye! But I paid for 10 and got 13 so haven't complained. Think I should name him Wonky after the Wonky Donkey! Will be heading off for a few days so need to get my auto feeder programmed again. Worked well last time. best $27 I have spent. They cleaned out my Daphnia pond, council drained and water blasted it. Was gutted. But a few good rains and hey presto. Daphnia are back and thick again. also another batch of Ducklings to watch. They are Auckland city ducklings though so will probably grow up to be snobby Ducks that only drink flat whites. Hope you are well. Love to hear what's new.? Richard
  9. I have a 90L tank with, among other fish (betta, bristlenose pleco, some ember tetras, all of whom are totally unaffected), 8 sterbai corys. The tank is heavily planted with 0 ammonia, nitrites, or nitrates. The ph is a bit high, around 8, but is that enough to do all of this? (I’m trying to address this by transitioning to a blackwater tank, however the issue started months before I began this.) The tank has been running for years. When I got my first 6 corys, all was good aside from one who died after a few days who I assume was dodgy from the get go. After about a month, one started having some swim bladder problems and it slowly spread through the majority of the group, though the two biggest never had any issues. This ‘swim bladder problem’ consists of them being unable to stay at the bottom without effort, and occasionally having episodes in which they dash around faster than I can even see, smashing into the sides of the tank and the tank lid, hard enough to injure their faces. Despite this, they continue to eat and sometimes all seem fine. After this initially started, I increased my water change schedule heaps to try to help whatever the issue was but it didn’t seem to help. I’ve treated with general cure incase it was anything parasitic which almost seemed to briefly help but in the end didn’t. My next move was something I absolutely regret, but I thought perhaps the issues were stress induced as the two bigger, unaffected corys endlessly harassed the smaller guys, so I got 3 more, bringing the group to 8, with the aim of dispersing any drama/mating aggression or whatever was going on. However, within days, the new guys began to show the same symptoms. I’m not thinking maybe bacterial? Is it worth hitting up a vet for some antibiotics for my guys? Please let me know any ideas! I’m desperate to help my guys be happy and healthy again.
  10. Hi, I will be looking to buy confirmed breeding pairs preferably around bay of plenty over the next few months. I have bred a few times in the past, looking forward to some quality young pairs at a fair price.
  11. I have done both ways but think the netting is easiest.
  12. Looking for Female Cockatoo Cichlid. Thank you!
  13. Apparently for Zebra danios people use glass marbles on the bottom of a tank. No personal experience, but throwing that out there
  14. Golfish produce a lot of waste as they are a lot chunkier than the average medium sized tropical. What size are the tank and fish? I'm assuming the fish are quite small. A lot of that initial spotting should disappear as the tank matures. With only 1 live plant, the algae (which is plant) has nothing to compete with it so it is lovng the extra nutrients. Add more plants but you are limited with goldfish as they rip everything up. I add oxygen weed I get from the local river. I wash it well first to make sure it doesn't have unwanted critters living in it then just drop it in to float. The goldfish will eat it too which is why I suggest you gather it from a local water source rather than buy it. Stresscoat will do nothing to help the green water. At least the green is not harmful to the fish either, it is just unsightly. Keep doing regular water changes (25% daily for a week and see if that helps) but leave the filter to build up the good bacteria. Hopefully as the tank cycles the green water will slowly clear. I assume there is no direct sunlight on the tank? Don't start adding products, they usually aren't necessary.
  15. I hope someone can help you but I have not had experience with gill flukes. I can only suggest you buy what you need online (make sure it is NZ based as many meds are not allowed to be imported).
  16. Did you end up getting one Susan. ? you can pm me through the fb page.
  17. The best way to breed fish that are egg scatterers is to make a tray with fine netting on the bottom and short legs so there is room for the eggs to fall out the bottom. You can then spawn a group and save the eggs.
  18. If this is not allowed please let me know. I'm really struggling to find a way to rehome my fish. Need to decommission my 300l tank in the near future. Would love to keep it going, but moving house. I've got 5 big tiger barbs (a.k.a. piranhas) 3 swordtails 1 kuhli loach (poor bugger needs mates, he's a survivor) 3x beautiful pictus catfish 1x bristlenose It's a fully mature tank, established for 18 months and everything in perfect health. There's a nice log with established Java fern and a few other mature plants. Fluval 407 filter only a couple of months old. Big LED light, eheim air pump (largest), Eheim 300W heater. It's in new plymouth, prefer pick up. Tank without stand.
  19. Hi there I have just seen that my white cloud minnow has gill flukes big flappy things hanging from the gills I have 7 white clouds 4 golden and 3 white only one has the symptoms I don’t have access to a local fish shop so can’t buy general cure or praziquantel or other meds. So I don’t now how to treat this at home I popped in one garlic as I heard it can help. My tank is a 10 gallon can someone help if they had any experience in treating this at there home without any meds? and what is a great way to kill most parasites. I am only 14 so anything will help thank!
  20. Looking for a Female Blue Acara or Electric Blue Acara.
  21. We were given a brown goldfish and a tank a little while ago, but only recently found out the tank is actually too small for the fish. We cannot afford to buy a bigger tank so rehoming the fish is our best option. A quick rehome would be best as we don't have the means to look after him properly. We live in Northland, Wellington and would prefer pickup but can drop off if necessary. Will not do shipping. There name is Skipper :)) had some trouble taking a good photo but he's quite shiny
  22. My royal whiptail, about 8 months old. Getting quite bullied in my tank so I want to find him a safe home. Free to a good home.
  23. Long story short my tiger oscar (Shere Khan) needs a new home. About 30 cm long about just under 4 years old. Currently in upper hutt in a friends tank after mine cracked.
  24. We moved to the north island to the south island and decided to change from tropical fish to gold fish. We cycled the new tank for 2 weeks. Added food to help with the cycling and 3 weeks ago added fish. The amonia level remains high. Some of the ornaments started spotting and I cleaned them. I did a 25% water change a few days ago and cleaned the filter. Added stress coat and vacummed the gravel. Now the tank water is getting greener and greener. I have stopped feeding and turned off the light for a day. There is 1 life plant in the tank, some ornaments and 2 fantail goldfish. What can I do to get nice clear water? Some of the products they try to sell me are so expensive and staff contradicts when I ask (students I think)
  25. Yes also on Facebook one called turtle and tortoise adoption and rehoming they say they in nz they scammed me out of $200 I paid as a deposit for a tortoise
  26. Hi, unsure exactly how many (Think 12) or sex but have some baby Kribs available - pick up Island Bay Wellington. Koha welcome - would just like them to find new forever homes! Please contact me on 0212246923 if you would like to come around and pick up one or 12..
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