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  2. I have a aquaone 90lt aquarium for sale $180 ono no filter used
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  4. I have a tankfull approx 200 that I'm looking to sell in bulk located in Wellington. 02040494109
  5. Hey Brett, was wondering how this panned out. Did you get it cycled without ammonia or did you go down that route. I'm about the same stage you were and there's not much guidance on what to expect timing wise for seeing detectable ammonia with fish food.
  6. Hi and welcome Frosch. Hopefully you will soon get a helpful response from frog breeder, Alan Minnery. I don't have frogs myself but my daughter in law does and I don't think she cleans out the entire vivarium. If you want to put in a waterfall then do so. No such thing as a "done thing" unless the thing is going to harm the critter sharing the space, which I don't think a small waterfall will do.
  7. I am after driftwood for my new aquarium
  8. Kia ora koutou, I feel bad, but I have to conclude that I'm just not going to be giving my fish the life it deserves. I'm not in a hurry though. It's 2-3" long including tail, healthy, black with some white near gills and red coming through the black around there. Lightening up over time. Currently in a pretty mediocre ~90 L tank you're welcome to, and I have a 200 L tank you could choose if you'd prefer. I'd water test them it though, no known leaks but has been sitting in a garage for years. I'll try and take a decent picture tonight. Cheers all
  9. Hi, I am new to this forum so it may have been answered before. We are thinking of getting/raising a couple of Frogs in Spring when there is tadpoles. One thing that I am still somewhat unclear on is what kind of cleaning/upkeep will be required once the vivarium is occupied. Does it need to be completely emptied and cleaned on a regular basis? Or is it just a case of changing the water in the frog pool? Also I was thinking of putting a little waterfall in there - is that a done thing? Thank you for any help.
  10. Ever in Wellington? A friend here I believe hasn't managed to give away her females from breeding them (males all went). Only a few but if you were down here anyway could put you in touch.
  11. Free to a good home in Taupo. One albino Cory catfish, roughly one inch size. 0211590230
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  13. Hi. I am in search for any guppies but mostly female. I am in the Tararua region (Woodville)
  14. I am after a 120 to 180 lt tank I'm located johnsonville Wellington
  15. I have a albino rainbow shark needing a new home location Wellington .
  16. UPDATE: SOLD For sale - 4 x Betta Females -Black HMPK @ $10 each. No.1-3 and No.5 1 x female or possibly a male (hard to find egg spot) Black HMPK @ $5. No.4 I have 4 female black half moon plakat bettas I can no longer have in my tank. (Told by breeder parents were black half moon male, and multi colored plakat female). Would love for all to go together ideally. They are about 6mths old, brought from local breeder in Wellington. Colours are black base with either teal, blue/purple or white. Smallest one was my latest addition to make up numbers. About 3mths old. Colour is black base with red. Pickup Upper Hutt, Wellington. No shipping sorry.
  17. Thank you for such detailed information about the fish and its tankmates and environs. If the fish doesn't appear stressed, and is otherwise eating and acting normally, then I would leave it as it is and it may heal by itself.
  18. Hey there, About 3 days ago I noticed my black neon had a prolapse and had a protrusion under her vent. I used some Methylene blue and Epsom salt to help, after 2 days she expelled a few eggs and a day after she has a triangle-shaped hole under her vent. She doesn't appear to be stressed but not sure if I should euthanize her. I have also used Stress Guard from Seachem as an antiseptic. All the fish are usually friendly, the rasboras, black neon and neon tetras are always schooling together, the Dalmatian mollies are very friendly and show no signs of aggression towards other fish. The snails, corys and loach mind their own business at the bottom and are very peaceful. Current Water Parameters Nitrate (NO3) - 25mg/l Nitrite (NO2) - 0,2mg/l Total Hardness (GH) - >4°d Carbonate Hardness (KH) - 4,5°d pH Value - 6,9 Chlorine - 0mg/l Carbon Dioxide (CO2) - 35 mg/l Tank Specs 130 L Temperature 24C Gravel - 0.5mm - 1cm size Live Plants (Around 25 blue hygrophila and a hand full of java moss) Filter - Aqua One Aquis 1200 - Media is replaced every 2 months Water change 25% every 6 days Tank mates 1 Borneo Loach (male) 2 years old 4 Julii Corydoras (All females) 5 years old 3 Mystery snails (2 females and 1 male) 1 year old 5 Neon tetras (3 females and 2 males) 1 year old 3 Black Neon tetras (Including her) 1 male 2 females 1 and a half years old 10 Molly Dalmatians (1 adult couple) Rest fry from the female 7 months old and fry around 1 month old 3 Harlequin Rasboras (2 females and 1 male) Around 2 years old Thanks, Jamie
  19. You need to use it at full strength as per the instructions
  20. I am moving and no longer have the space to keep my aquarium. I need to find a new home for my female Opaline gourami and guppies. Got guppies from a friend about 6 months ago, the gourami is about 2 years old. The tank is heavily planted with large wood piece, these are free to go too if wanted. Can provide pictures if requested. Located in Lower Hutt, Wellington.
  21. I have 300litre tank with 3 platty, 5 neon tetra, 2 seprae tetra, 3 black widow tetra’s, 1 female guppy, & 3 black neon tetra’s my neon getting white spots as i used 100 drops of wunder white spot cure not sure will it help my neon tetra get better or do i need to add rest of 200drops?
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    Welcome back
  23. Any luck finding anyone? I'm also wondering what the current status is, and whether they're still around.
  24. I don't keep natives myself so can't tell you that without looking up the book.
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    Quiet is an understatement! Welcome back, I remember the name 🙂
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