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  1. Last week
  2. Will do but been watching the weather warnings for snow down south so it will be once the weather warms up again.
  3. No worries, just keep me in mind for when you are, please.
  4. Yes social media is for instant gratification, every man and his dogs opinion and a few good answers lost in a parade of misinformation lol We still have a lot of traffic on the site but not a lot of interaction sadly
  5. Cheers Caryl, nope still the same partner, still gullible haha. Yeah, just from looking around this morning it seems quiet. With social media now most forums seem to be this way. Still a great medium for this type of hobby in my opinion.
  6. I have crypt (affinis) and Anubias but not keen to post this time of year, especially if they get delayed, or lost, in transit.
  7. Do they stay these colours and patterns as they grow?
  8. You're still going with the "everything was cheap and on sale" line??? Must have a new partner since you were here last if they're still falling for that one 🙂 Unfortunately you won't find it the active site it used to be but we would like it to be so again. Welcome back.
  9. Hey guys and gals, Wanting to plant out a 600ltr low light tank so looking for crypts, swords, ferns, anubias and any other easy to care for, low maintenance plants. Will also need to be willing to ship to Invercargill.
  10. Just thought I'd re-start my FNZAS journey by posting here. After a too long, 8 year break from the hobby I'm about to jump back in. Wish me luck (and remember if my partner ever asks everything was cheap and on sale)
  11. These are for sale but I did this mainly to see if it would comply with Facebooks "no live animal sales" rule They allow links to an outside link and the FNZAS is a legal entity
  12. For sale Leopard Geckos Born January 2023, A -Tremper Albino, B - Tremper Albino,Bold Stripe C - Tremper Albino, Jungle D - Chocolate Albino. E - Chocolate Albino. Open to offers.
  13. Earlier
  14. Hi there I am looking for one of the following 1 x Apistogramma Agassizii Gold Fire (as per picture attached of the species). I currently have a lone female and would prefer to have two. Not bothered if not a male as don't plan to breed. 1 x Apistogramma Panduro (as per pic attached). I had two females and have lost one sp looking for another so I have two of the same species. Not bothered if male or female. Does anyone have any they wish to sell. I'm based in Wellington so if you do and your outside Wellington, I would require shipping.
  15. Yes it is the one Adrienne compiled.
  16. I've found a spreadsheet for 2008 - 2015 (in the drive)
  17. can you please post your area
  18. Minutes from all the meetings held this year are attached for affiliated members to view. These are sent to all clubs, presidents, secretaries and delegates to also pass on to club members at the time the meetings are held. Thanks Maxine FNZAS meeting minutes 15 05 2023.pdf FNZAS meeting 27 04 2023 (1).pdf FNZAS 31 10 2022 meeting minutes.pdf FNZAS 2022 AGM Minutes.pdf
  19. Largeish plecostomous fish. Free. Pick up only.
  20. I think alot of the shops in Auckland carry Kribs, check them out
  21. Looking for pulsing xenia at a reasonable price! Willing to pay shipping if needed.
  22. Notice of FNZAS AGM May 20, 2023, 10am (Virtual Meeting) details below. Attendance: This year’s AGM is being held online via Zoom and all are welcome, please see the below link. HBAS are also hosting a day’s events – if you are interested in attending, please contact secretary@hbas.org.nz for more information. Attending the face-to-face event is a great way to show your support to our fellow hobbyists who were recently affected by the devastating Cyclone Gabriel Topic: FNZAS AGM Zoom Meeting Time: May 20, 2023 10:00 AM Auckland, Wellington Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81939063657?pwd=TVVCR0t0ZHIvM3B1T2FWSjhVY2szUT09 Meeting ID: 819 3906 3657 Passcode: 639887
  23. Do someone have Kribensis ? Thanks
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