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  2. I am happy to chat with any tortoise owners, just to share info, answer questions, help with setups and where to purchase tortoises from....
  3. Do you have a test kit? Frankly, if there was anything wrong with the water quality, the betta would get sick first 😉
  4. I only have 3 bristlenose plecos and 1 betta
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  6. Stop looking so hard at the fish! She looks fine and their fins look different depending on how much they have flared them. They can get a bit roughed up by the males or from scraping them as they zip into their hidey holes. Unless she develops red streaks down her fins she is likely fine. The landscaping of your tank looks fine and there isn't anything particularly sharp that could damage the fishes too mush. More important is to check the water parameters - nitrates, nitrites, ammonia and pH. Do you have any other fish in the tank apart from the 2 bristlenoses and the Betta?
  7. My female bristle nose pleco fish, Pepsi, has recently had some of her top fin cut off or something if someone knows whats wrong with her or whats wrng with my tank (i added a image of my full tank) please tell me ^-^
  8. thank you so much I was really worried about him before!
  9. Hard to tell from the photos but I suspect nothing is wrong with him. Their natural colouring is brown and, depending on genetics, it may be a result of him reverting, or partially so, to his natural colour - like goldfish change colour as they age. It may stay like that or the dark colour may spread. If there is no redness or extra raggedness to the fin I would say he's fine. Their pectorals can get a bit tatty anyway as they dart in and out of tight places. I am interested in the wide red patch on top. One of mine has that too and I figured it was a result of him ramming himself into a tight hole and scaping the top of his body but perhaps it is normal. It comes and goes on mine and doesn't seem to affect him health-wise anyway.
  10. This is my bristle nose pleco fish, Fanta, I got him a bit more then two months ago and when i got him his fin was a bit black at the top and a month ago i thought it was finrot so i used fin rot treatment but it wasn't going away. I dont see much of a dificulty of him swimming but recently i saw he also have some black on one of his side fins. If any of you guys know what this is or if you guys know how to treat it please tell me 🙂
  11. I’m looking to rehome my Fahaka puffer, he is about five years old and close to 30 cm including tail. Please do your homework these Fish require a large tank to themselves with easy turning. He eats frozen crabs (not supermarket crabmeat), pondsnails, And massivore pellets. Never been interested in clams or mussels but you could give him a try again. He will eat any tank mates he can catch, however I have had luck with blackline flying foxes and some bristle noses. he is currently in an approximately 500l tank and I feel this ideally what he would move to. will add photos tonight
  12. We now hae a speaker for the afternoon. To be announced in the next couple of weeks
  13. Hi there, looking to buy some leopard fish, minnows and paradise fish if anyone is selling any in Hamilton? Or willing to ship them. cheers,
  14. Hello! Just wondering if there are any German Blue Ram breeders in or around the Wellington CBD area? Have read that store bought rams often don't do too well? The one's I've seen in store also had lumps over their body (apparently yellow-grub flukes)
  15. At this stage we have planned for the agm in the morning followed by lunch then potentially some speakers in the afternoon (TBC) and a tank crawl. more details to come
  16. I got a new Betta fish about 24 hours ago and he is eating and comes to the front of the tank when he sees me. Just wanted to show photoes and ask if there is any diseases or problems you see with how he looks
  17. Hi All As you may be aware, the Hawkes Bay Aquarium Society is hosting this years FNZAS AGM. This will be on the 27th of April 2024 There will be the AGM both in person and on Zoom followed by meals a tank crawl and fun and games. Looking at a few more things as well depending on numbers. It would be great to get as many people together in person for this. You dont even need to be part of the exec to attend. We look forward to seeing everyone
  18. Set up a swimming pool and don’t use it. I hav had thousands over the last few years. Very hard to see in the wild. They are very cute.
  19. I dont know how many of our members are auckland based at current we don't have a club up there... probably I would check any streams close to you but I'd be looking for water quality also... sometimes a bucket with some grass clippings putside can start off a good culture of micro organisms
  20. Hi all, I'm going to start some 'resurrection jar' style cultures of microfauna as part of preparing for a planted ecosystem tank project. I was wondering if anybody could suggest good collection sites for plant detritus from a pond or stream that have decent biodiversity and ideally isn't too polluted?
  21. Are there any fish clubs in your area? Members may be able to help you re-home your fish.
  22. Some people will put "wanted" ads up on sites like Gumtree, so it's worth checking there to see if anyone in your area is already looking for fish.
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