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    I wanna try catch some mild mollies as I've heard alot of people do! I live in Auckland NZ and where could I go to catch them please?!
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  5. Air pumps don't pump O2 into the water, they increase the surface area of the tank which allows for a better exchange of gasses. Water has a greater affinity for O2 than CO2 so airation drives off the CO2 and raises the pH.
  6. 3 neon tetras, free ! pickup only - Pt chev, Auckland recently treated for ich, so they’re nice and healthy now. Regardless, quarantine recommended. Giving away as we’d rather have more guppies instead of building up to a school of tetras
  7. What is causing changes that requires calcium to alter the pH? Too late for what? Many fish are tolerant of a wide range of pH as they have been commercially bred so don't know what pH their species is supposed to live in. If you are breeding fish then pH can matter more. I must confess my 4ft tropical has been running for over 20 years now and I can't remember the past time I checked the pH.
  8. I would be very surprised if your guppy had hole in the head. That is a disease usually found in oscars, discus and large cichlids. It does sound like the fish had some sort of internal parasite. Is it just the one fish or the whole tank infected? If it was only 1 fish I would separate it and just keep an eye on it to see if it healed itself as they often do. If it is otherwise now acting normally, gaining weight and eating then I would leave it without further treatment. You are correct, metronidazone is not available in NZ (as far as I know). The cavity may, or may not, improve. Like you sometimes get scars after an accident.
  9. I use an oxy shell in our large tank all the time because it helps to balance the ph level. It helps to keep my fish alive because I’m really bad at remembering to check the levels, until it’s too late! Yes we probably upgrade our pump, but that’s not possible at the moment.
  10. Four striata loaches bought to deal with a snail infestation and now looking to pass them on, would be happy for $10 each so $40 all up which is less than half what I paid for them only a couple weeks back
  11. If she wrote it to be published in the forums then I can't see a problem using it in the magazine.
  12. One of my guppies developed symptoms of a parasite infection- weight loss, pale colour and white stringy feces. I treated him with 2x doses of Drontal and he improved, but now has developed a cavity in his face that looks like a small crater and matches photos of hole in the head disease. I read the recommended treatment is metronidazole, but I understand this is not available in NZ. Does anyone have any other suggestions for how to treat him?
  13. 2 Large flying fox/14 electric blue acara/3angel fish pick up is in Welcome Bay Tauranga
  14. Hi, Does anyone here have contact details for Perpin? We are wanting to use the leopard gecko fact sheet in the Aquarium World magazine. cheers Darren
  15. It is rare. Albino is a gene for lack of melanin and leucistic is a gene for lack of colours such as melanin. green, blue etc. My leucistic is a yellow colour with red eyes and yours looks almost translucent like it only has melanin. You can get black birds with white patches because of partial leucistic.
  16. The dark patch on its side appeared after it ate a large fly, as it’s quite see through. Hard to get a good photo... Is it rare to have such a frog?
  17. It is not albino as it would have red eyes if it was. I have a leucistic frog which is yellow with red eyes. It is a light colour but has a patch of green on the side. It is possible to have a partial leucistic.
  18. Hi I’m 13 and been selling tadpoles and frogs for a few years, this year I have come across a frog and I think it looks like a albino frog. Has anyone seen this before?
  19. Figured less confusing to change your topic heading rather than delete the thread. Good to hear you found homes for them.
  20. There is a self sustaining population of wild zebra danios in Rotorua (observed Feb 2021)
  21. Hi there they have been taken already...am unsure how to delete the post haha
  22. I love the 9 cherry barbs pleasebif I can
  23. Hi Shamharn, I will gladly take them off your hands if they are still available. thank you Neville
  24. Hi all I'm shutting down my 200l community tank and giving away my fish for free! X9 cherry barbs X2 bronze corydora X2 albino corydora X2 kuhli loaches Pick up is in upper hutt
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