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  2. Is this just the fish or also your entire set up?
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  4. I know that you can only keeo native nz shrimo but i was wondering if anyone already has these in tgier set ups? I am wanting to make a shrimp and snail only ecosystem.
  5. Collection fell through everything still available, prefer to go in bulk but willing to discuss. Im bored of the cichlid tank so want the inhabitants gone so i can try the 600 out as a big planted community tank instead, i believe that it will suit my wants better that way. so need to get rid of 2x giraffe cichlids, believe possibly 1m 1f 3-4x blue zebra 2x Elec yellow (2 in the tank and 13 small ones that could also move on too if wanted plan was to add them to the 600 when they got big enough, is also a white cichlids with the smaller guys) 1x convict 3x red zebras i think they are and 6x JDs 2 males and 4 females, also have about 20 JD juveniles aswell. the quantities are aprox, im not 100% sure how many of each i have left after the tank was decimated by parasites a few months back after adding some rescue fish to the tank. Reply or get in touch 0277886698 with questions or anything. Not looking for any money for them but wouldn't say no to any donations made for them
  6. Have 6 cuckoo catfish, all roughly 5-6cm. Wanting about $180 for the 6 Cuckoos Cactus Pleco about 120mm long, patterns are awesome and she/he does come out during the day, eats like a champ. $150 Also have a 5-6cm Hoplo catfish $30 All play nice together and have been in a 450L tank with African Cichlids. If interested please reply and I can send pictures through. Am based in Upper Hutt, Wellington. Can organize drop off possibly
  7. Anubias do not like their roots planted too deeply. Thy are often tied to bits of driftwood or rock. I see it still has the metal around the base. Remove this. Sometimes a plant will drop leaves when introduced to a new environment, due to stress.
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  9. Kia ora all! I am needing to rehome a few fish due to living situation. Please read below: 1 Golden Gorami (Friendly and enjoys to be out and about) 1 Albino Pleco 1 big Angel fish (He was unfortunately attacked by another fish and has 1 eye, he is still very active and friendly) 6-7 Black Widow Tetras 6 Mixed danios 1 type of pleco (I think its some sort of sailfin pleco) He is pretty big but really friendly with other fish) I am located in Wainuiomata. Please flick me an email on taylabrr@gmail.com
  10. I just added plants to a partly newly established tank. As seen in the photo everything looks to be growing well and I even see some new leaves sprouting from my (I can be wrong and please correct me, but I think it's a) moneywort plant. My micro sword plants seem to be doing well too, I've noticed that they've grown a bit since they've been put in. However my Anubis nana plant doesn't seem to be doing so well, I tried to pick the best looking plant from the shop and it seemed to be doing well. What is it and what should I do?! With my moneywort plants, I think some of the leaves may be decaying which I think is normal so should I just leave it for when I get my snails? Temp is at 25-26 degrees celclius, using the lighting that came with the tank (aqua one). If anyone also has any recommendations on what I could put into this tank or how to make it look more nicer (im planning to put more rocks in) that would be helpful I have also been regularly adding API stress Lyme, API stress coat and sachem flourish excel for co2. It also just went through a bacteria conversion bloom where it got really cloudy for a bit, I don't know if that a contributing factor Thanks!
  11. About to start shutting down my 450L tank, running on a fx6 just coming up 2 years old. Tank was built in Aug 2020 by Rodneys down in Christchurch. Black silicone, 1.6m L x 600mm D x 510mm H. Solid 4x2 stand wrapped in Marine Grade ply, built with structural 4x2s, nothing fancy looking but have painted black. 120cm Aqua One LED light. Aqua one Wavemaker, 2 300watt heaters(Replaced with brand new ones 2 months ago). Bought everything brand new 2 years ago. Looking to get around $1100 ono for everything. Just reply and I'll get in touch with my number or Facebook details so I can send through photos, cheers. Tank was used for African Cichlids so have about 10-15kg of coral rock to sell as well
  12. No worries, nothing to be sorry for - I should have picked it up sooner. Rest are looking well, they have had two treatments now and aside from a little flashing are looking fine and still eating heartily. Its my first time owning Discus, I didn't realise how sensitive the smaller ones were to flukes 😓 again thanks for your offer of help, fingers crossed it goes a better from now on.
  13. That's okay, sorry I wasn't able to help sooner, hope the rest go well for you.
  14. Hi Jake, sorry for the late reply, was waiting to be approved as a user on this site. Thanks so much for the offer, unfortunately they passed this weekend - I started treating them with flubendozole but I didn't start soon enough, and they were so small they just weren't strong enough to survive 😪 the remaining 4 are doing really well, but I am gutted I didn't pick it up sooner as I think they would have been fine if I had. All the best, Jo
  15. Hi jo, I could house them if your still looking to, I'm mstn based but will be over the hill Tuesday and could pick up then if that works well? Message me on 0277886698 if you want to. Cheers Jake.
  16. Hi jo, I could house them if your still looking to, I'm mstn based but will be over the hill Tuesday and could pick up then if that works well? Message me on 0277886698 if you want to. Cheers Jake.
  17. Did you collect them from the wild somewhere?
  18. Hi, I have 7 young discus (about 6 months old). I have had the discus for about 3 months, daily wc’s 50% and feeding 6x per day. I have also treated for worms/flukes a couple of times. 4 of the discus are looking great, but 3 are still the same size as when I purchased them (about 2.5 inches), and have recently stopped eating. I don’t have a quarantine tank to put them in to treat them separately and I don’t want to euthanise them if they have a chance of surviving. This is my first time looking after discus and I don’t have the knowledge to treat them properly, and wanted to ask if there was anyone who would want to adopt the 3 smaller discus if they were able to give them a better chance at surviving. Completely understand if this post doesn’t get any interest, just thought I would give it a try rather than just watching them get worse :( thanks, Jo
  19. Thanks how about now that it’s winter highest now is 23c and lowest is 15c
  20. For forum activity to continue, you need to give users something that Google and FB can't do. This is just my opinion. Thanks for the video, I enjoyed watching it.
  21. As a newcomer, I, too, was interested in reading everything. But I found a lot of useful tips here!
  22. Can I sell nz native freshwater shrimp I have to many?
  23. Some lovely new season baby geckos looking for new homes. Shipping available. PM for more details please
  24. Im looking for some new guppies for a new setup would like some new lines to stop inbreeding with my current stock but i can find any at any of the stores or online in the Otago area was wondering if anybody could help me out im not worried about male/female or age will take fry or adult fish just what ever is available as i live rurally i dont have a mail service to my home only a P.O Box so cant get them sent so it has to be pick up im happy to drive to get them any help would much appreciated
  25. Thanks, I'm breeding so those tanks from the petshops will be no good anyway
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