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  3. Do you find CF 1200 perform much better than the other two?
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  5. Beautiful platys and mainly female swordtails for sale $2 each beautiful colours and Swordtails are a lovely orange Pick up from Upper Hutt Not selling for them to be fish food for other bigger fish want them to go to good homes
  6. livingart

    Axolotl help

    Leave it she should snort it out but if not a trip to the vet may be in order
  7. Yes social media has taken over it may go full circle yet
  8. Thanks Caryl. And of course I remember you too, I believe we once met at a pet store here in Christchurch. The forum seems to be a bit quieter than it was which is a shame but I'll certainly be popping in from time to time and put my 2 cents worth in where I can.
  9. It works. I had to reset my password but I'm back. Cheers.
  10. I have heard about this festival but not seen it as yet. One day ... The grandsons love the Christchurch event.
  11. Caryl

    Axolotl help

    Anyone out there able to help Shelby 77777777??
  12. Try cucumber too (make sure they have not been sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals). I slice it into rings and thread the bits onto a plastic knitting needle with a fishing sinker in the middle to hold it down.
  13. Has this been set up yet Raymond? Would love to see what you do with it (unless you've sold it on of course)
  14. Usually costs to attend conference are kept as low as possible. Biggest outlay is usually transport and accommodation.
  15. Caryl

    Stocking New Tank

    A bit for a reply but I have not been here for a while (too busy). What about Congo tetras? I'm assuming you have a centrepiece now so what did you pick?
  16. Caryl

    Hi folks

    Welcome. I guess you might find the hobby a bit more limited here to what you are used to but still plenty to choose from.
  17. Caryl


    If it looks good to you then that is the main thing 🙂
  18. I remember you too Mark. Welcome back to the forum and fish keeping.
  19. Let me know if that works or not
  20. Hi, I certainly remember you. I hope all is well in your life. If my old account can be resurrected that'd be cool. I didn't look for it because I had no idea of the password and figured it'd be easier just to create a new one.
  21. Welcome back aboard Would you like your old account back?
  22. Hello fellow fishkeepers. I was an active member of this forum years ago ( I think my username was MarkLB ) but the 'quakes destroyed all my aquariums and I lost the heart to carry on keeping. However, I bought myself a Christmas gift of a small tank and a Betta. That was December...I now have 3 tanks; The Betta tank which houses a male Betta and 2 Otocinclus, a community tank with 30 Neons, 3 female Guppies ( soon to be more as they'll be dropping soon), a female Betta and a pair of Apistogramma Viejita Red Necks which I'm hoping will spawn in there. The third tank is set up as hospital/fry/growout tank if needs be. My first plan with it is to try to breed the Bettas. MTS is alive and well.
  23. Hello all. I'm in Christchurch and happy to pick up and pay.
  24. Looking at selling my two blue tongues & custom cages. Will come will the lights and heat lamps in cages. Does not include accessories. Cages are roughly 1200mm wide x 550 high and 550 deep. Only reason for selling is due to a busy life, I just haven’t had the time to care for them and give them as much attention as I would like. They are roughly 6/7 years old. Originally brought by a previous owner as a breeding pair but they never breed. I have a feeling they are both girls, but never had them X-rayed to be able to say otherwise. For the first 5 years they were kept in the same cage and were fine, however 6 months after I took them on, they started to fight and so I have separated them. One is more active than the other. Open to selling them separately if wanted. PM me if interested. cant seem to attach photos?
  25. Would like to buy a bearded dragon and Leppard gecko
  26. Either visit a local stream or add java fern and java moss
  27. What plants can I put in this tank, looking a bit bare
  28. Try Mitre 10 builders sand and wash it thoroughly, my rams and geos seemed to be fine with that. The finer the better
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