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  2. Hi all, Looking to buy an axolotyl in the Wellington area - let me know if you've got one you'd like to pass on. lukewhite260@yahoo.co.nz
  3. As said all those years ago (I see the previous posts were from 2004!) if the fish seems otherwise happy then don't worry about it. Have you got a photo of it?
  4. Get some locusts or crickets for it as they are sight feeders and prefer their food to move
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  6. my albino catfish has started to get a blue head also but still seems happy?????
  7. I have 2 minnows that I would love for them to go to someone who already has a school and wants to add a couple more buddies. I’m studying and have a disability and am finding my tank to be a little too much for my brain right now. Pick up in Hataitai.
  8. For some reason we can never see our pond fish but the oxygen weed (yes, it is one of the noxious ones. Our local waterways are full of it) is flowering. No flowers yesterday, hundreds all over the place today 😊 We will be filling in the pond soon so will have to be careful how we dispose of the oxygen weed. Should be able to sell off all the lilies as they will split into multiple plants. All yellow at the moment as the pink one flowers later. Plenty of snails too!
  9. As a child I used to catch tadpoles and golden bell frogs in the creeks running along Beach Road that ran from Kaiapoi to Pines Beach. That was 40 years ago now so unsure if there would still be any surviving there now with the amount of construction along there.
  10. Caryl

    GBA white patches

    I have always found the gold Ancistrus less hardy with fewer fry but that might just be mine. We don't have chlorine in the water so i don't know if dechlorinator affects them. I am more inclined to think it is new scales growing under older, damaged ones but don't quote me on that 😉
  11. Hi there, Wonder if anyone can help me. My son has returned from living with at his father's with a juvenile Australian Water Dragon. He has had him from a hatchling. He is now around 10 months old. We have him in a large terrarium with over half as a filtered swimming pool (with a couple of gold fish), climbing logs and a basking rock (heated by one of the lights). He has UVA and UVB lights. The temp is around 27 - 29 degrees. The substrate is potting mix with some live plants and rocks to climb into the pool etc. His diet is almost wholly meal worms. We have been out and caught flies and other bugs for him to hunt in his environment but he does not eat any greens or fruits (once I tricked him into eating a piece of banana, and he ate it, realised it was not a meal worm and gave me the filthiest look and refused anymore worms). We do provide meal worms in a feeding tray which also has the calcium powder and we have the Lizard Food here, but he just will not eat that at all... I don't know much about these animals but am trying to research as much as poss as while my son has lost interest, I have grown quite fond of the chap. My problem is, he is now not eating at all and appears quite lethargic and depressed. My son seems to think AWD can do this from time to time but I don't think this feels right. Is there anyone who can advise on things I can do or check? I am scared I am going to wake up one day to him dead!
  12. Echinodorus horizontalis
  13. Hello, I would like some advice. I'm looking for a small 'feature plant' to add onto my scape. Needs to be small to keep everything in proportion. Currently I have 1.Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae, 2. dwarf sag, 3. glossostigma elatinoides, 4. Dwarf Rotala (I think) which I will try to use as a climbing plant/vine. The dwarf hairgrass won't be used. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
  14. can someone provide a list of the smallest plants available in nz?
  15. Hi Caryl, Thanks for reply, the only thing I add as they are both in with Cory’s is declorinator, and then only in small amounts as I prefer the aging method for water. The reason they were both together was in lockdown, I medicated them together to try to eliminate the issue. But that was now 6 months or so ago since they were seperated again. No big surprised they used the opportunity to spawn, which is how I have come to the conclusion its a parasite. As none of the fry exihibited the issue until they hit 6cm or so. In all my research and reading I didn’t see the exoskelton fact, that explains alot as they sure are tough little buggers 😮. So thanks for that, the more information the better.
  16. Hi, Thanks for looking all solved. Tussock
  17. Hi everyone. My son went and stayed with his father for a few months and returned home the proud owner of an Australian Water Dragon. Now he is loosing interest and I am not even sure knows really how to care for it (he assures me he does!) I am concerned for the little guy. He is still a juvenile and he shares his terrarium with a couple of gold fish which are in his swimming pond. Recently he has stopped eating (my son only feeds him meal worms). I see from your posts there should be a variety of foods. We are constantly catching other bugs and trying to add some puha (dandelion) and banana, lettuce etc....but he did not want any of it. Now he also hardly moves either. The enclosure sits at around 28-30 degrees. There are UVA and UVB lights, and a flat rock for him to bask under which ever is the light that kicks out the heat. The substrate is potting mix with some live plants and the mealworms are in a dish in the enclosure with calcium powder. We have the lizard food with vitamins etc, but he does not eat that at all. There are logs and such for him to climb on which he used to do a lot, but now not at all. Can anyone offer any advice for us to care for him? I have grown quite attached and would really love to know what I can do for him.
  18. Caryl

    GBA white patches

    I doubt it is skin flukes. The fish would be trying to scratch itself on objects all the time. It would be producing excess mucus in an attempt to dislofge the flukes and have reddened skin. Flukes tend to be around the gills. The male could be damaging his skin as he dives in and out of the hole in the brick. The female may have been damaged when in with him and is now shedding old, damaged parts as the new growth comes in. Did you know Ancistrus do not have scales like other fish? They have an exoskeleton. This makes them vulnerable to many antibiotics, salt and other chemicals. Have you been adding anything to the water that would fall into those categories?
  19. Hey all, if anyone is still interested this is now on trademe. Listing #2854323270
  20. Grässlin Rondomatic 400 Automatic Fish Feeder Demonstration Video Comes with EU power plug and an adapter I have 3 of these available. $100 ono. Thanks, Thomas
  21. Hi Caryl, Thanks for that, the male may be mostly down to his favourite hidey spot. An old brick. They are in different tanks but were both together for 3 months earlier in the year. The male is in with some Sterbai’s and a few guppies. The female with my Albino aeneus and one timid Angel, so I think fighting unlikely. I have been carrying on with the reading, what do you think of “skin flukes” as a possibility? Not something I had heard of before the weekend.
  22. Sweet as have texted the same number as last time
  23. hi i could take him, i got the mbuna of you a while back
  24. 10-12 cm Black Ghost Knife up for grabs, no charge just want it to go to a good home as plans have changed on my end. Pick up, Upper Hutt or can drop off in the Upper Hutt/Lower hutt. Cheers
  25. Caryl

    GBA white patches

    Mine sometime look patchy then clear again. Scraping bits off on rocks or other decor? Damage from fights perhaps?
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