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  1. :gpo2: awesome, we need more awereness out there
  2. yeah, juvies, they are about 2cm long
  3. this coming weekend?, cool as if you want to come pick them up from the Windermere polytech.
  4. whitebait wriggle rocks, my nephews love it
  5. very nice, there are a few redfins there as well if you want them, i'm taking a couple of younger ones but the big boys would definately benefit from a larger tank.
  6. as it is end of year i have to shut down my 450L tank at poly tech and have a largish inanaga and a medium banded kokopu that would like new homes if possible. if anyone is interested please pm me. also a few largish chunks of driftwood as well for free.
  7. me too, im going back when i can afford it
  8. taken by a class mate in the rock pools of Tawharanui Marine reserve. some good examples of camouflage
  9. whiteworms on their own are too fatty as a staple diet, need to mix it up a bit. http://www.loaches.com/Members/shari2/levamisole-hydrochloride-1 good little site, i've used their dosages before without an issue. tbh you'l probably find better info for your tank and fish with a quick google on how to use it
  10. is it eating?, whats it eating? a lot of people try feeding puffers on purely blood worm, especially the shops, they need at least white worms and snails to be kept really healthy, mozzie larvae and guppy fry are enjoyed too. if they are fed well enough and water quality is pristine they will beat any parasites on their own normally. Mine was skinny initially too, but a pile of love made him healthy until the well deserved EX MISSUS dumped a bottle of detergent into my tanks, :an!gry :an!gry :an!gry :an!gry :an!gry :an!gry :an!gry :an!gry :an!gry gave him a 5 min bath in avitrol on his way home from the shop. its a good time to treat fish that a lot of people miss, ask the store to do a quick worming while your taking them home many stores will be more than happy to help you. easy enough to set up a white worm, black worm, maggot, guppy fry, snail culture, takes about 10 mins to do per week.
  11. yes, it contains both Levi and prazi so is a good option, google it for dosage rates for fish (I use the loach dosages as they tend to work and seem to be a bit lower.)
  12. F15hguy

    Pool clean

    :gpo2: +1 damsel fly, probably the native Blue variety, keep them, good food for fish and you'll love the damsels later in the season.
  13. yeah, have run into a few sickly puffers, seem to be intestinal parasites, a few do well though. lots of food and a bit of avitrol if absolutely necessary and they should be fine
  14. Chloramine is not allowed to be added to drinking water in NZ, but there is a natural reaction with the chlorine they use producing trace amounts of chloramines. but no where near the level that would harm your fish normally, or do in Tauranga at any rate.
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