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  1. Yip, exactly as Ryan said. I have done this multiple times over the years with no issues. The plastic bins from Mitre 10 work great. Have had fish in them for days with no problems.
  2. From what I have researched any organic potting mix will be fine. Just make sure it is actually organic. Daltons Aquatic Mix is the most common dirt to use.
  3. If it makes ya feel better I have had quite a few parcels of plants couriered over the last month from all over the North Island with no issues so if you're willing I'm willing haha. Just pm your details and price of plants and courier fees and I'll put it through, whenever suits you. Cheers Caryl.
  4. Still not too keen to ship yet?
  5. Still looking! Would really love some anubias and swords, having no trouble tracking down the rest (still happy to purchase more though haha)
  6. Cheers Maxxi, Just starting out with a FW community tank again, got a few discus, loaches and synos so far.
  7. No worries, just keep me in mind for when you are, please.
  8. Cheers Caryl, nope still the same partner, still gullible haha. Yeah, just from looking around this morning it seems quiet. With social media now most forums seem to be this way. Still a great medium for this type of hobby in my opinion.
  9. Hey guys and gals, Wanting to plant out a 600ltr low light tank so looking for crypts, swords, ferns, anubias and any other easy to care for, low maintenance plants. Will also need to be willing to ship to Invercargill.
  10. Just thought I'd re-start my FNZAS journey by posting here. After a too long, 8 year break from the hobby I'm about to jump back in. Wish me luck (and remember if my partner ever asks everything was cheap and on sale)
  11. Wonder what causes them to jump, mine have lived in my open top tank for the last 6 months with no jumpers. Tank is in the lounge, beside a door, and I love loud heavy metal lol.
  12. Any calibration solution will work, Raymond Klein aka Valray on trademe may be able to source you some.
  13. If I had half your talent I would still have my planted tanks.
  14. Water changes are necessary to also replenish trace elements that fish, plants and bacteria use, not just removing nitrates.
  15. What are you on about, I can still see carpet.
  16. Hey there fellow southlander, not many reefkeepers down these ways, I have a rsm 130 with a few fish and corals. Feel free to pm me for any help from a local.
  17. Ideal co2 levels for a planted tank are 30ppm, which corresponds with a full 1.0 drop in pH. You won't be able to reach the ideal saturation of co2 with a sugar/yeast setup anyway though and it's pretty accepted that pH changes caused by co2 injection is not harmful to most fish. Do you dose any other forms of fertilizer?
  18. :nfs: Congratulations dude, fun times ahead! Another captive bred native to add to the list, lol.
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