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  1. Congratulations to everyone involved Well done
  2. Lionfish - Hospital for 10 days - entire arm went blue / black. Snakebite - python - painful but that was about it. Dog bites - rabid do attacked me - about 50+ puncture wounds on my arms. That was probably the most painful. Still went back the next day to tell the dog I forgive him, and came back with another 10 puncture wounds. Tsk Tsk.
  3. Aquaworld also has many false moorish idols for sale too. Worth checking out.
  4. That looks fantastic! What will you stock the tank with?
  5. That looks wonderful. I'd be happy with that haha
  6. Add some brochis in there. No need for something to detract from the scape. More cardinals would complete the look. But you're like me - in a while you'll get restless and change things up because living with the tank everyday is very different to looking at a picture of it once in a while over the internet.
  7. I'd plant it if I lived up there
  8. Some gouramis can't stand to be kept in pairs.
  9. They look completely different as babies. It's all in the face.
  10. Those lunar wrasses are native?!! Don't people keep them in tropical tanks? And aren't they aggressive?
  11. Looks like you crossed an acara with a convict :sml1: :nfs:
  12. Dude! When did you move? You'll want some moss too won't you? People don't seem to be growing much congo fern these days, so maybe get some of that too. A
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