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  1. Grässlin Rondomatic 400 Automatic Fish Feeder Demonstration Video Comes with EU power plug and an adapter I have 3 of these available. $100 ono. Thanks, Thomas
  2. As I have now come full circle with this species I thought I would share the journey on here as inspiration to others. For the record I am not selling these fish privately so please do not pm me about buying some. They are currently being sold exclusively by Hollywoods Fish Farm who also ship country wide I believe. First some pictures of what the fish look like now a little over 2 years after I bought them. They are fully matured and the male regularly spawns with one of the other females. ie. they do not form lasting pairs. The largest fish are around 15cm in length and are relatively peaceful towards each other. It is important to keep these fish over a fine substrate such as sand to allow them to sift the substrate through their gills when eating. October 2015: I bought 7 newly imported youngsters. These were the first fish ever to be imported into New Zealand: March 2016: Growing quickly but still not a lot of red on their forehead: Dec. 2016: The dominant male is now showing full sexual maturity colours and are starting to impress the girls: May 2017: First couple formed and the female's forehead is as red as the male's. Their spawn on the glass bottom but end up eating the fry: Sept 2017: The male has now spawned with another female and has been removed from the tank as it was him eating the fry. The fry has just started to swim freely but often seek shelter in their mothers mouth: A week later and the female has been removed as the fry are now capable of seeking food themselves: Feb 2018: The young has grown rapidly in an 800L tank with sand substrate, heavy filtration and weekly 50% water changes. The have now reached the same size as the ones I originally bought. Circle completed:
  3. I got mine from Christchurch so they can definitely fly!
  4. Pumps are in good condition. I have 3 available. $40 each, all 3 for $100 Courier anywhere in NZ for $10 From web: 11w Flowrate: 150lph - 600lph (min-max) Pumping height of 1.3m (max) Dimensions: 84mm x 45mm x 65mm (lxwxh) Note: This comes with Euro plug, I will include a nz adapter
  5. Selling: 1x Hydor Koralia Smartwave Controller (http://www.hydor.com/eng/prodotti-tecnici/controllers/smartwave.php) 2x hydor koralia 5200 Wavemakers (http://www.hydor.com/eng/prodotti-tecnici/movement-pumps/koralia-evo.php) $300, will courier NZ wide for $10 Note: These have Euro power plugs. I will include an adapter to nz plug.
  6. If you can wait 3-4 months I will have some Geophagus sp. Tapajos "Red Head" (see my avatar) grown big enough. They are just as hardy and interesting as G. "surinamensis" (actuallly G. altifrons but that's another story) but don't grow as big as altifrons and are more colourful. I will not ship them but you will be able to buy them from Hollywoods in Auckland if you are keen.
  7. Interesting project! Will be great to follow the progress of this.
  8. hovmoller

    My Geos

    Yeah definitely a few male "personalities" in there. Looking at the video again, to me it looks a little bit like they are just a tad slim? as in maybe slightly underfed... Don't get me wrong they look nice it's just my thoughts.. maybe I overfed mine! hehe.
  9. hovmoller

    My Geos

    They certainly look mature enough so could be any time now. Assuming you have both sexes of course.
  10. hovmoller

    My Geos

    Hehe Feisty Convict!! Any spawnings of the Geos yet?
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