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  1. Sold the tank/stand/lights for $200.
  2. I was switching it on and off with a Sonoff smart switch. Still using that, But I sold the tank and lights a couple months ago, got a new tank that I've put a couple cheapish LED pendants off trademe over until I get around to DIYing something or getting a high end pendant. Or more likely I'll just stay with these for ages. Most of my plants didn't survive the move to the new tank and the severum kills anything I put in it.
  3. No. I don't know of any good locally available RO/DI, but there are many off Aliexpress and similar. Someone else will have to point you towards one.
  4. I've got a small hydroponic setup too. You can try to look it up information, but good luck wading through 10,000 results on how to grow weed.
  5. Be interesting to see what it looks like in another 25 weeks, about my normal maintenance interval on my filters.
  6. SHouldn't you reverse the order of the sponges and filter wool? THe filter wool would clog up in a day or two while the sponges would still be nice and clean?
  7. Ira

    Back after 10 years

    Cees...Hmmm...That name sounds vaguely familiar....:)
  8. What fish are in your tank? I'd probably go with something like a Jebao RW-4 and set it somewhere around the middle of the power range if I had fish that like a bit of current. But, I like my tanks to have heaps of current.
  9. I wouldn't worry about heat too much It probably will only cool a few degrees over a whole day, nothing to worry about. But you can throw some blankets over them if really worried. I'd be more worried about the filters. Probably give them a quick clean and drop the media in the tank would be the easiest to keep the media alive. Stir up the water every once ina while like livingart says.
  10. Ira


    They're specced for AC100-240V 50/60Hz So, yes. Basically anywhere in the world they'll work.
  11. Ira

    Water Flow Rate

    You also should probably have a small powerhead or two in the main tank for circulation in addition to the return pump.
  12. It's an HP DPS-460BB. I've used some arctic silver and a zip tie to the hot side, the sides of the psu that aren't covered by the heat sink are a lot cooler. Good thing I keep all this junk laying around.
  13. Wrapping it around a tube like that would seem to defeat one of the major advantages of the LEDs, that they're relatively directional so not much else needed to be done.
  14. Ira

    Nosy As Overflow

    Have you tried telling it to mind its own business?
  15. I had a thought just now while doing a water change. They do get pretty warm, which at the very least probably doesn't help the strips stick down. You could probably use something like a sheet of aluminium, stick the strips to that. They might stick better, and it will help by heat sinking them a bit. Then maybe space it from the lid a little with a few 5-10mm thick spacers for some airflow under it. I say you because I can't be bothered.
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