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  1. Probably didn't realise. I sometimes forget to check the date of the thread myself. I wonder how Nick777 got on with the move and if he's still there? 😀
  2. Hopefully I will hear more from Stella once she is fully recovered.
  3. Try contacting Daltons direct on their website. It says suppliers are Bunnings and selected garden centres and landscapers so they may be able to tell you which garden centres or landscapers specifically in your area. I just checked my local Bunnings and they have none. Maybe Daltons closed during lockdown and have not re-opened?
  4. Stella has only had a brief look as she is sick at the moment but she wonders if they might be dwarf galaxias as she says there is something different about them but the distribution fits. She also asks to remind people to not remove fish from their natural habitat if you don't know what sort it is and their requirements.
  5. Thanks for all these boban_nz
  6. I will send the pics to Stella (our native fish expert) for an ID
  7. Caryl

    Mantis Shrimp

    The poster probably gave up after no reply until now so thank you for your response anyway in case it is of use to someone else. I know nothing about mantis shrimp so could not offer an opinion.
  8. We appreciate both your questions and your input.
  9. Post your request in the Buy Sell and Exchange section Umar so it is seen in the correct place by those more likely to have what you want.
  10. A well written and informative reply Maxine. I am saddened members do not regularly contribute to the forums these days and I have little faith in any Facebook response unless I personally know the person, which is less likely these days..
  11. Thank you to all who accepted nomination and commiserations to those who were voted in 😁
  12. Have the crypts I sent you last time not sent out more plants? I still have hundreds more if you want more C affinis, or Anubias nana but I fear the postage may be dearer now and it is a cold time of year to be posting tropical plants, especially if they get held up in the backlog.
  13. Caryl

    Hullo from Nelson

    Aaannnd, we like to stop for an ice cream at the Hira Store 😉
  14. Caryl

    Yellow grub

    Never seen a grub like that before!
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