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  1. Caryl

    Hullo from Nelson

    Once we are able to get out and about again we could arrange to get some plants to you as we go to Nelson every 3 months for medical appointments.
  2. Go on, you know you want to 😉 Just avoid convicts as they take over everything!
  3. Caryl

    Hullo from Nelson

    No we don't bother with a newsletter any more as I got sick of writing it with no contributions from other members, or feedback that they actually read it. The internet has made it very difficult for face to face meetings as many seem to prefer to get their information from anonymous sources from the comfort of their house.
  4. What about African cichlids? Or, if you have plenty of money, marines?
  5. Caryl

    Gold Ancistrus

    Here is my male gold ancistrus doing his best to isolate himself from his tank mates...
  6. I seem to remember you have had a few different tanks over the years. What have you already tried?
  7. Caryl

    Hullo from Nelson

    Your nearest club then would be the Marlborough Aquarium Club but we only have 4 or 5 members and don't have meetings ☚ī¸ Getting plants will now have to wait until the lockdown is over. I am inundated with Crypt affinis and have spare Anubias nana.
  8. I have heard about this festival but not seen it as yet. One day ... The grandsons love the Christchurch event.
  9. Caryl

    Axolotl help

    Anyone out there able to help Shelby 77777777??
  10. Try cucumber too (make sure they have not been sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals). I slice it into rings and thread the bits onto a plastic knitting needle with a fishing sinker in the middle to hold it down.
  11. Has this been set up yet Raymond? Would love to see what you do with it (unless you've sold it on of course)
  12. Usually costs to attend conference are kept as low as possible. Biggest outlay is usually transport and accommodation.
  13. Caryl

    Stocking New Tank

    A bit for a reply but I have not been here for a while (too busy). What about Congo tetras? I'm assuming you have a centrepiece now so what did you pick?
  14. Caryl

    Hi folks

    Welcome. I guess you might find the hobby a bit more limited here to what you are used to but still plenty to choose from.
  15. Caryl


    If it looks good to you then that is the main thing 🙂
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