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  1. I cannot speak from experience with these particular fish but understand these puffers come from a variety of different waterways with a wide variety of pH's - anything from 6.5 - 8.5. I have always said fish don't know what their pH is supposed to be but it helps if, at least at first, it matches the water from where you bought them, or is close to it. You then don't have to worry about shocking them with a sudden pH change. pH can be important if you're trying to breed a particular species but otherwise most species are fairly tolerant of quite a pH range.
  2. Hi and welcome Frosch. Hopefully you will soon get a helpful response from frog breeder, Alan Minnery. I don't have frogs myself but my daughter in law does and I don't think she cleans out the entire vivarium. If you want to put in a waterfall then do so. No such thing as a "done thing" unless the thing is going to harm the critter sharing the space, which I don't think a small waterfall will do.
  3. Thank you for such detailed information about the fish and its tankmates and environs. If the fish doesn't appear stressed, and is otherwise eating and acting normally, then I would leave it as it is and it may heal by itself.
  4. I don't keep natives myself so can't tell you that without looking up the book.
  5. Caryl


    Quiet is an understatement! Welcome back, I remember the name 🙂
  6. Hi Benjamin. I asked Stella McQueen (NZ's native fish guru) abpout this and she said it was difficult to answer as there was so much other stuff you need to know. To answer your direct question she said; That's fine when they are small (and it is best to get them small as they adjust easier, 5 cm or less). Small tanks are very hard to keep cool over summer. That will be the biggest battle. So much depends on your location, what the room is like etc. Best not to have more than 2 males in that size as they get very territorial. Make sure that there are lots of hiding places. The more hiding places the safer they will feel. Treat every new fish with 7 ppt salt for four weeks to eradicate whitespot. Table salt is fine. If you are able to get a copy of her book The New Zealand Native Freshwater Aquarium (or find it in the library) it is full of information. It was produced by Wet Sock Publications, Palmerston North. ISBN - 978-0-473-17935-9
  7. I hate to tell you this but guppies are just about born already pregnant, they are that quick at reproducing. They can also drop 3 or 4 broods of fry from each impregnation 😉
  8. I can't help with an ecostyle tank as I have always had my aquariums custom built at a glaziers and never bought a "brand" style one but here is my 4ft tropical in my lounge, badly in need of trimming (the plants, not the lounge). This aquarium has been running over 20 years and just has Odessa barbs and Ancistrus in it.
  9. Hi Alana and welcome. Sorry for the late reply. Guppies, generally speaking, don't get swim bladder issues. When raising fry it is good to feed little bts often. If you have them in an aquarium with lots of algae in it, they will be able to constantly graze as well but don't worry if you don't have excess algae. I see no reason to fast fish for a day but I guess wait until the fry are aruond 1 month old. The only problem with excess feeding is fouling the water, you will not over feed the fish. A lot of fish species love vegies but it needs to be a treat, unless they are specifically herbivorous only. Lettuce and peas are also enjoyed and my ancistrus love cucumber. I know someone who's oscar loved bananas! What do you plan to do with the fry? Many pet shops won't take them these days (they have their own breeders) and you will quickly be over-run with guppies. They aren't celled the millions fish for nothing! It is all very well raising as many fry as you can but you need to have somewhere for them to go. Guppies are prolific breeders!
  10. What is causing changes that requires calcium to alter the pH? Too late for what? Many fish are tolerant of a wide range of pH as they have been commercially bred so don't know what pH their species is supposed to live in. If you are breeding fish then pH can matter more. I must confess my 4ft tropical has been running for over 20 years now and I can't remember the past time I checked the pH.
  11. I would be very surprised if your guppy had hole in the head. That is a disease usually found in oscars, discus and large cichlids. It does sound like the fish had some sort of internal parasite. Is it just the one fish or the whole tank infected? If it was only 1 fish I would separate it and just keep an eye on it to see if it healed itself as they often do. If it is otherwise now acting normally, gaining weight and eating then I would leave it without further treatment. You are correct, metronidazone is not available in NZ (as far as I know). The cavity may, or may not, improve. Like you sometimes get scars after an accident.
  12. If she wrote it to be published in the forums then I can't see a problem using it in the magazine.
  13. Figured less confusing to change your topic heading rather than delete the thread. Good to hear you found homes for them.
  14. Might help if you put where you live Chrissie. Welcome to the Fishroom too.
  15. I don't think it is legal to import them (and you can't import anything without approved facilities) so I suspect you will have to move elsewhere. Someone may tell me I'm wrong though!
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