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  1. As far as I know it doesn't matter as they are found all over the place.
  2. The shrimp will be fine and can take 5 - 26C. Not sure if you will be able to open this link...
  3. Catching and letting go back where you caught it should be fine. No problem taking fish between islands. I transported fish in large 30L(I think) barrels with leakproof lids but they are dark blue so not see-through. I got them from a paint shop. They were used to bring paint powder into the country so maybe they are now using clear ones? You can lie them on their sides and they don't leak. I have never had any success with cling wrap for stopping leakage.
  4. I can't see any sign of redness around the gills or rapid breathing, indicating parasites or other nasties or I would wonder if something was infecting the barbs you added 2 weeks ago. I am assuming you did not quarantine them first. Water temperature OK? Sorry I can't offer any other advice.
  5. Is this the same tank your other sick fish was in?
  6. I Googled car aquarium and got lots of interesting ideas but not quite what you had in mind 🙂 The Chinese have produced a car with an aquarium built into a seat rest console. I'm sure there is a way to build your idea but, if the idea is to introduce your daughter to nature, I would be inclined to catch stuff to put in a holding tank, wherever you stopped. Find out all you can about what you have found in that location, then let it all go again before you move on.
  7. I believe it is very good for biological filtration as it removes nitrates so helps reduce algae. It is grown above water with only the roots submerged. The roots should grow very well and provide good cover for fry. Some put them in hanging baskets on the top edge of the aquarium, no good if you have a lid that totally covers it, or put it in a hang on the back filter.
  8. The subject heading was still correct though and he did ask if anyone had them available now 😉
  9. I thought it more likely to be injury than disease. Sorry he didn't survive but you tried your best.
  10. You will need to change the water daily. If you have a bit of plant to drop in there too as the total white might add to the stress. I don't think you need to cover it. I have made temporary hospital tanks out of ice cream containers with holes and slits cut in it (as large as you can without the fish getting stuck in it, or smaller fish being able to swim into it) so the water can move through it then you don't need to do so many water changes. It would get clamped to the side of the main tank with a peg.
  11. Put him in a smaller container, with a smooth base and relatively shallow water and float it in the main tank. This means he does not have to move so much to get himself swimming and won't injure himself further when resting. I would hope increased activity indicated he was feeling better rather than more desperate. As long as he is eating well and does not appear to be stressed, other than lying on his side, I would not euthanise him. It is impossible to say how long it takes to improve as, if it the result of injury, it may be permanent.
  12. You might be fine then but I have heard ram owners say (I have not kept them myself) an aquarium needs to be 6 - 12 months mature but as yours was already set-up, the 6 months should be fine. If everything seems stable at this point though, because it was already matured and is stocked lightly, you might get away with earlier.
  13. Keep us updated on how it's doing.
  14. Not that I can find. What interesting colour changes from young to adult. A pity it doesn't retain the panda colouring.
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