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  • Joining the FNZAS

    The New Zealand aquatics community is a diverse blend of people with a range of experience from those with simple self-maintaining tanks to those high tech tanks that require extensive knowledge of chemistry and sophisticated technology. Species of plants, corals, invertebrates aquatic reptiles and fish provide endless opportunities for aquatic lovers to learn and develop their skills and it is this challenge that makes the hobby so rewarding and appealing to such a wide audience.

    Unlike many hobbies, fishkeeping does not afford many opportunities to interact with other hobbyists so it is beneficial to be a part of the wider community. Membership to the FNZAS provides an opportunity to be involved with the New Zealand aquatics community through local club meetings, tank crawls, fish shows and other social activities as well as providing an opportunity to learn from and teach others in the community. Membership gives a unique opportunity to interact in member-only areas of the FNZAS website where you can have a say on a number of key issues that affect New Zealand fishkeeping. Have a say about the future of fishkeeping by getting involved in an advisory committee or by running for elected office on the executive board. As a member you will also be kept updated on current events through the Aquarium World magazine – New Zealand’s only dedicated fishkeeping publication.

    Membership is affordable and provides many advantages. There are two methods of gaining membership:

    Full membership

    Full membership involves joining an affiliated club. You can join a club in your area or you can join any club that you want to be affiliated with in the country. By joining a club you will have the benefit of being involved with a smaller group of like minded hobbyists. It is common for clubs to provide opportunities for private trade and exchange of fish, plants and equipment as well as organising club meetings, social activities and sending out club newsletters. You will be able to participate in the FNZAS Breeding Scheme as well as have the opportunity to vote for FNZAS officials at club level, participate on action committees or run for office yourself. You will be sent a link to the digital Aquarium World magazine as well as the annual FNZAS yearbook that includes a list of members as well as access these publications in the members-only area of the website. You will also be able to comment on threads that are limited to member-only viewing. Membership fees vary slightly depending on the specific club you join. Click here to see a list of clubs around the country.

    Becoming an FNZAS Supporter

    Allows people who are involved in the fishkeeping/aquatics hobby to support and participate in the work of the FNZAS. It is designed for people who aren’t willing or able to be members of an affiliated club. A FNZAS Supporter does not carry any entitlement to voting and elected office nor does it confer any benefit in terms of club discounts, activities, competitions or the breeding scheme. Supporters are eligible for appointment to special committees as the Executive may decide and will be able to see the member areas and digital version of the Aquarium World magazine on the FNZAS website. The fee to become a supporter is $15 per year. Please email [email protected] or [email protected] for information on how to become a FNZAS Associate.

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