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  1. Love this and isn't it the truth. Welcome back.
  2. Not long I suspect. Facebook seems to be the main way people seek advice these days but the trouble is its often the blind leading the blind.
  3. The ones I have seen for sale in the likes of Animates and Pet Stop aren't particularly suitable for betta so I'm not surprised (the filtration is pretty rubbish). You might be better seeing if you can find someone to make them to fit what you like. I don't know of any places down there though sorry.
  4. If the tank isn't going to get too cold then its a possibility. Are you able to add a heater that is more able to heat to nearer 20? What is the substrate of the tank as sand or very smooth pebbles are better for corydora to protect their barbules.
  5. For a coldwater or tropical tank? What size is your tank and where are you in NZ?
  6. Paradise fish can get quite a big larger than wcmm and are better kept with larger, rather than smaller fish. Will it still harass a school - each fish has its own temperament. You'll only know if you try it and see the number of wcmm diminishing and/or no sign of fry. Best to have a second tank set up for the first few months, just in case.
  7. You could try Cam Scott owner of The Fish Room or alternatively find a water trough either on public land, or ask a farmer if you can look in theirs - for daphnia.
  8. Have you tried epsom salts and not feeding for a couple of days?
  9. I think it is Cardinal Plant. Native of North America. The majority of stem plants sold in the shops are grown emersed and will eventually rot or if they do grow will head straight up unless pinched out. While they are cheap to buy compared to other aquatic plants it ends up being cheaper in the long run to spend your $$ and buy more expensive truly aquatic plants. If you spend some time learning to grow these you will likely recoup some of the cost if you sell the surplus. Best advice - ask heaps of questions about what you intend to buy, if necessary go away and research what you have been told and then come back and purchase. Or. take photos and ask on this forum.
  10. I am unable to help with where to catch them as I have never caught and kept natives. If you do decide to catch them, do so with the knowledge that once a native has been captured and kept it is unable to be released back to either the same place or somewhere different.
  11. I closed down my tanks two years ago and hoped to be going to start up again but it is not to be. I'll keep listing over the next few days so feel free to ask if you are wanting something in particular. Heaps of gear as listed below, most of it marine equipment but could easily be used for freshwater set ups. Make an offer on it as I am moving house. Black Aqua One 28 -32mm tubing x 6 metres - used for marine water changes Black Aqua One 28 - 32mm tubing x 5.3 metres - used for marine water changes 200 litre black storage barrell with screw on lid. Used for storing RO water but will need a good clean out. Hailea immersible pump HX500 model - fits the black aqua one tubing above. Used to pump the water through to the house for marine water changes. Brine Shrimp sieves - set of 4 I'm in Epsom Auckland and pick up as courier is not viable in the current climate.
  12. No question is ever stupid Welcome back - I'm currently in the own no fish stage.
  13. Have you looked on the plant database at the top of the page? Swords can be very difficult to ID unless they flower. https://aquariumworld.nz/databases/1-plants/
  14. I was about to recommend Stockers, but then I read they no longer stock it. Try trademe?
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