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  1. I closed down my tanks two years ago and hoped to be going to start up again but it is not to be. I'll keep listing over the next few days so feel free to ask if you are wanting something in particular. Heaps of gear as listed below, most of it marine equipment but could easily be used for freshwater set ups. Make an offer on it as I am moving house. Black Aqua One 28 -32mm tubing x 6 metres - used for marine water changes Black Aqua One 28 - 32mm tubing x 5.3 metres - used for marine water changes 200 litre black storage barrell with screw on lid. Used for storing RO water but will need a good clean out. Hailea immersible pump HX500 model - fits the black aqua one tubing above. Used to pump the water through to the house for marine water changes. Brine Shrimp sieves - set of 4 I'm in Epsom Auckland and pick up as courier is not viable in the current climate.
  2. No question is ever stupid Welcome back - I'm currently in the own no fish stage.
  3. Have you looked on the plant database at the top of the page? Swords can be very difficult to ID unless they flower. https://aquariumworld.nz/databases/1-plants/
  4. I was about to recommend Stockers, but then I read they no longer stock it. Try trademe?
  5. Livingart - you should run DIY fish keeping classes.
  6. The trick will be trying to get a courier company to pick up in the afternoon rather than earlier in the day. Perhaps you could arrange it through a local shop?
  7. Six days isn't that long but are your test kits within expiry still? Give the flakes sitting on the substrate a good stir up and see if that provides the impetus for an ammonia increase.
  8. NZRK Capitations list and payment for caps and levy put through today.
  9. Adrienne

    Heater problem

    Whitespot has a 21 day cycle so bringing it down slowly as is happening won't be detrimental in that respect and will be less stress than dropping it rapidly. It's good to see you are still keeping fish after all this time
  10. Adrienne

    Heater problem

    Is it actually coming on? Could it be your house is too warm and that is keeping the temp up? Was the tank at 26 before you turned it up?
  11. Have you tried the likes of Hollywood Fish Farm, Mt Roskill or Albany. They generally have some stock of anubias, ferns etc - the ones that grow well with CO2 injection.
  12. Try joining this facebook group which is affiliated to the FNZAS, who runs the aquarium world website https://www.facebook.com/groups/nzreefkeepers/
  13. I very much agree with Caryl in that adding other fish has upset the tank balance. What size is the clown knife compared to the other fish? Generally clown knife and oscar's do not make the best tank mates. If nitrates are high then either too much is being fed or the current filters are not coping with the bioload being placed on them.
  14. Adrienne

    Salt Water

    No issues as long as you follow good collection guidelines. 'I also went down to the Takapuna Boat Ramp and collected natural salt water, ran it through a 100 micron filter to get rid of nasties, diluted it a bit to get the salinity level suitable for my tank and used that. '
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