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  1. Funny, to me they look quite large in these photos... :bggrn: :bggrn: Just goes to show what great camera work. :cophot:
  2. NoFishing

    Odd snails

    The Ramshorn seem to be very easy to get. I have a tank with no plants whatsoever and even it got them... and they multiply very quickly if there are no loaches. I reckon they come with the tap water. I have only ever had one tank that didn't get them and that tank I used to put a bit of salt in with every water change.
  3. I would like more SAE but since the one I have is just on 20cm now (tip to tip) I'm a bit reluctant to get more as it's only a 260 tank. Is it normal for them to get that large or is mine just a mutant? I have seen others over a year old and still less than half his length. :dunno: But then I don't have a lot of BBA either, so I guess he's doing a good job. :bggrn:
  4. Have you thought about some Ember Tetras instead. They are also small, and great schoolers. Plus once established they go a nice deep orange colour.... a bit like embers in the fire.
  5. You can also use dress maker pins to pin the plants to the wood. Much easier I find but remember to remove the pins after a few weeks once the roots have taken hold and before the pins rust. Use the ones with the plastic colourful heads so easier to find again and safer for your fish.
  6. Nice work on the fish room dude. Hard to believe it's the same space that was once a garage several pages ago. Looks like a great use of the space now.
  7. Sounds very exciting... Must be very entertaining to watch them. Are they big enough to photograph yet?
  8. Sorry, I don't know about that. I have had one male and two female in Dwarf Sunsets, he was in heaven but as they got older one of the females just started attacking the other female and I eventually had to remove the picked on girl. The remaining male and female seemed to have a love/hate relationship. Often together but just as often chasing each other too.
  9. Prob only one is best for your tank. If your tank was bigger with lots of hiding spaces you could get away with one or two more. They really only chase other males. The are perfectly peaceful otherwise and are happy to be by themselves. You will likely find your new guy will hide a lot, not eat much and waste away. I have two in a 260l tank and they constantly chase each other. Lucky though they have enough space to have their own areas to retreat to.
  10. Gonna be interesting seeing if you can catch the loaches to quarantine them. :spop: Sorry, just had to say it. :bggrn:
  11. Saw these at HFF the other day. Looked rather cool I thought. Perfect for 60cm tank. http://www.aquaone.co.uk/new-LED-lighting.php
  12. I'm not sure you can control the light with a timer either if that's your plan. If it's like the other LEO lights they have a touch switch and not a mechanical off/on.
  13. Looks really good. Looks kinda sound proof too. :cophot:
  14. If you take all the media (noodles) from your trickle filter and put it into your canister you won't have to keep two filters running and you won't have to cycle again. As long as you do it fairly quickly and don't let the media dry out.
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