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    currently breeding, hi-fin (shark) blue and blood red platy, fancy guppy, clown killi's, and golden panchax killifish, black/ gold lyretail mollies, red and gold endlers, dwarf cockatoo cichlid, bristle nose and hi-fin lyretail swordtails.

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    Tropical fish keeper hobbyist, Beauty guru on youtube
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  1. Thanks, I'm breeding so those tanks from the petshops will be no good anyway
  2. Hi all, looking to buy Betta barracks, haven't been able to find much in nz
  3. 2x Tiger pleco 1 adult (possibly female), 1 juv (unsexed), ( I think they are L002, photo is of smaller one which is now bigger, the adult hides so no photo sorry) $80 for both 2x royal whiptail 1 adult male, 1 young adult female (now much bigger than in photo) , $100 for the pair 13x rummy nose tetra $70 for the lot save yourself $40ish (no photo sorry they move to fast) Pickup Carterton, Wairarapa Puo no shipping available
  4. Hi all I'm after a male/ female group of guppies, 5m and 10f Preferably all the same type, as I will not be wanting to mix them Postage most likely required Please let me know your prices and share pictures
  5. The moscow magnetas look great, do you still ship/ post?
  6. Hey Jasa, I'm after a group of male and female guppies of all the same type, do you have any available and what are your prices
  7. i believe these to be around 4 months old possibly older ive had them a couple of months already around 7-8cms more or less, they both have more color now will have to try and get updated pics, one is larger than the other looking for offer as im not sure what to ask for them pickup is carterton wairarapa no shipping
  8. ahhh yes! Agree petshops need to educate people correctly, of course all these tv adds showing goldfish in bowls with no filter or aeration isn't helping
  9. Prices dropped $5 ea for 4 month olds $2.50 ea for 2.5 month olds
  10. Juvenile angelfish 3 months old Mum is a blue Smokey and dad is a Philippine blue Babies are either blue smoke or blue leopard $10 ea pickup wairarapa Juvenile: Dad (old photo): Mum:
  11. Looking for Albino angels Marble Angel And anything unique I'm not after platinum, koi, Philippine blue, silver, black lace
  12. Hi all I'm after 1x male auratus 2x female Johanni 2x albino zebra pref female or one male one female Please post pics and prices
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