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  1. over 30 fish, six are quite large, the rest are ranging in size from 5-10cm malawis, peacocks, yellows, peach, few others. must pickup from rotorua by motion centre. can take a few or all. just please be sure you can house them appropriately.
  2. happy tutles! why did you decide not to have the island in the middle?
  3. great idea! will you put any plants in it?
  4. Yeah i've looked through the plant database, I couldn't work out the swords either. Alan i think you are correct on the pennywort but the other I am quite sure is not star grass as all the leaves are coming off the stem individually at different levels. Looking at the AW database it matches the picture for Hygrophila Polysperma. But when I google search for it, the pictures that come up look like a different plant. Maybe this is just the difference between emersed and immersed growth
  5. Hi guys Looking for a selection of aquatic plants to fill a tank, not fussed on what they are but prefer root feeders. If anyone has offcuts or trimmings etc from their tank i'd be happy to collect and pay or hand over some free burgerfuel I'm in Te Puke but travel around the bop often. Cheers!
  6. Hi everyone, just wanting ID for the four plants i picked up the other day. I know the Ambulia and Java fern. But the others i'm guessing some kind of hygrophila and the other cardamine? Plus two swords in the last pic I'd like the correct ID for. Thanks!
  7. something with light fittings in the hood, like an aqua one or rio can pickup from anywhere in the BOP
  8. privately range from $1 for babies to $10 for adults pet shops range from $5 for babies to $30 for adults
  9. ID is easy. like P44 says it's all in the face. this is an Acara and here is Jack Dempsey the fish in the centre of the first pic you posted is a jack dempsey imho
  10. i got nice big glass jars from the warehouse, two for twenty bucks, planted my venus fly trap in it with some sphagnum. lid stays off until it hibernates
  11. that's a cool mix of fish. you should post some photos too 8)
  12. yep, i have been focusing on my breeding group of port hoplo. Have had one spawn so far, approx 200 fry, many got eaten by bad parents but I managed to save a few which are doing well. next spawn I will remove parents immediately! aaaanyway. why do you ask david?
  13. disgustipated

    Small Tank

    Yep I find all my stuff from rock pools. The only thing I'll admit is that Nz local is not as colorful as tropical. But for the hundreds of dollars I've saved its not a bad option.
  14. disgustipated

    Small Tank

    As a beginner its gonna be much easier and less painful if you start with a cold water local marine setup. Not to mention waaay cheaper. You will not need to buy all the expensive stuff and won't need a skimmer as long as you can pickup a couple of buckets of seawater every couple weeks
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