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  1. Hi, there is usually not enough nutrients in the system until is fully cycled and become a stable living environment, then you can add a piece of rock with copepods to the system.
  2. The hardest part is keeping the water in the tank while travelling, i have used clip down lid eskys before with a battery operated pump powering an airstone and a riser pipe to allow airflow back out opf the container, that and screw top buckets has been the most successful.
  3. Surprising that you lost reptiles as if set up properly they should go into brumation ans sleep for a few months if needed.
  4. The List https://aquariumworld.nz/fish/tropical-fish-on-the-approved-import-list//
  5. Gambusia need to stay where they are and water will get to cold for guppies to survive well. It is an offence under sections 52 and 53 of the Biosecurity Act 1993 to sell, offer for sale, display, release, move or breed gambusia
  6. This one is found around most of nz Anchisquilloides mcneilli
  7. A good document on them https://docs.niwa.co.nz/library/public/Memoir 125_The Marine Fauna of New Zealand_Mantis Shrimps.pdf
  8. Yes we have a native mantis shrimp you can collect in most estuarine areas in the upper north island. https://aquariumworld.nz/databases/10-marine/1844-Crustacean-Mantis-Shrimp
  9. livingart

    hello all

    Welcome aboard.
  10. NZ has no native killifish, there are the invasive Gambusia in some waterways that loo like guppies
  11. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2022/01/auckland-council-banning-sale-of-highly-invasive-red-eared-slider-turtle-after-many-pet-owners-dump-them-in-wild.html
  12. Yes they can go in that temp no worries but will probably harass the wcmm and eat their fry
  13. IF it looks like a pinecone probably dropsy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dropsy_(fish_disease)
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