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  1. livingart

    Hullo from Nelson

    Hi Ian, There was a local FNZAS affiliated club the Tasman Aquarium Club but now a facebook club https://www.facebook.com/groups/685636304834293
  2. Sex identification in the eastern blue-tongued lizard.pdf
  3. Blue Tongue Skinks Born 2/03/2020 Already self sufficient but better to wait 10 days before shipping $200.00 each plus shipping May ask for proof you have an adequate enclosure for them
  4. An interesting pairing this year, a friend has a beautiful male Blue Tongue Skink who has a goldish background with orangey markings, I have a female with the same background. He is pictured below, named Garvor. This is the Female called Goldie, they were paired up and within an hour had mated on the 5th October, they then spent a week together. And on the 28th February 2020 she gave birth to
  5. The Waikato Aquarium Society Is once again holding the Aquatic Expo. They are offering free stall space to all FNZAS Affiliated clubs, for the purpose of promoting their club and the hobby. They get visitors from throughout the country so this may be a great way to gain members and networkOnce again the Waikato Aquarium Society is holding the only event of its kind in the country. Come along to this great event. We still have commercial and non profit organization limited stall spacers left so if your business or organization that hasn't been contacted yet please get in touch with the Waikato Aquarium Society committee at aquaticexpo@gmail.com We are also seeking sponsored prizes for our raffles and give aways this is away for you to promote your business without having to be present.
  6. It maybe on here, or could be a hybrid.
  7. livingart

    Axolotl help

    Leave it she should snort it out but if not a trip to the vet may be in order
  8. Yes social media has taken over it may go full circle yet
  9. Let me know if that works or not
  10. Welcome back aboard Would you like your old account back?
  11. Either visit a local stream or add java fern and java moss
  12. Will be available from 14/02/2020 $450 each plus shipping.
  13. You can get plastic or aluminium angle from Bunning or Mega10 stores
  14. I have done this post as an example for posting to facebook.
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