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  1. Can you stick a light over it on a timer?
  2. Put an advert in private trade and exchange and include your location
  3. Hi, We have a few juvenile Blue Tongue Skinks for sale to approved homes only I.E. You need a good enclosure and equipment and know what is required for their care https://aquariumworld.nz/databases/22-Tropical FWFishallowedinNZdatabase//1846-Blue-Tongue-Skink From $150 each.
  4. 2ND hand aquarium in good condition all working All in one tank, T5 marine lights Bubble Magus HOB skimmer BM QQ Over 15 kg coral rock
  5. livingart

    RO help

  6. livingart

    RO help

    As Alan said kick your water suppliers butt You could get the water tested from your RO system to see what it is lacking It will be soft probably and something like a commercial buffer may be an easy fix http://www.hollywoodfishfarm.co.nz/product/seachem-equilibrium-300g-5/
  7. Sadly you have done the best that you can, sometimes they recover. Possibly dropsy or gut infection.
  8. Blue Planet 65 litre as new used once for 3 weeks.SOLD Just tank and lids $40
  9. Tank and hood no filter $50 Hood is off a 620T this is the shorter tank, has been resealed recently, no leaks. Light has been replaced with LED
  10. Aquastart 500- $50 was used for newts and has a divider for land area that can be easily removed currently has 3 types of carnivorous plants New bulbs 3 months old, clear cover needs a clean
  11. Next issue of the magazine features Barbs so you picked a good family of fish.
  12. I have had an application or two of glyphosphate but still here lol Yeah will ask an importer about the rainbows, they just brought some Killis in.
  13. Yes big thanks to the Tech department, It presented a few problems marrying it all together and redoing the databases but he perservered. Big thanks to Daniel.
  14. Good to see you are still around lol, some excellent pics, Barbs are an underrated fish.
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