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  1. i'm sure if some one wanted to breed the local shirmp they'd have quite a few customers and maybe even funding from doc
  2. there are reports of them going as high as 22, if you slowly adapt you should be able to
  3. that sounds very complicated how would you even go about it?
  4. if you are successful in breeding them could you sell them?
  5. so in the end sadly the van proved too small for this, o well maybe in the future
  6. sadly the plan has been poo pooed and won't be happing, probably for the best... but maybe we shall try buggies instead
  7. and you don't think it matters where i catch them?
  8. i did look at many clear plastic paint pales and drink dispensers but sadly i have to realistic as to what i'll be able to get and for what price im going for more mitigation and containment will be a fun learning experiment as long as i can avoid any major disasters would it be ok if i found some of the local glass shrimp to add to the tank? they would just be such a wonderful addition, and might be ok at 22 if i get them far enough north...
  9. that fish ain't well! i'd at least put it in a hospital tank for the safety of the other fish
  10. O my gods! i just hope this was a 5 min art piece.
  11. tell me about it, i'm thinking 20 different ways but its got to also be viewable, at the moment i think a 40l storage bin with cling wrap over the top compressen strapped together and then strapped down to something... i gotta find whats best for the fish... and van... if i could find something 40l clear plastic with screw top i'll take that. tell me about this riser pipe please, do you have any photos of your setup?
  12. haha i never did try googleing that, that one does look cool, but probably just stocked when the car is booked, still shows the concept could work... i am also planing todo the catch and let go , there is no legalities with doing that? but it's a bit limited in scope and doesn't teach by doing just seeing, with guppies they might breed 2x on the trip you'd see no problem with me taking tropical fish between the big islands?
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