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  1. What's your plan to prevent this next time?
  2. hopefully he's found some peace, if he's still at it think of the camera
  3. are these on the list?
  4. What is the that's not native or invasive.? How do I know when there in the water. Yeah point proven, always cover your shit, one of the first rule of bushcraft
  5. it seems all hidden behind laws that you have no navigate to even touch it. else where if i wanted to teach some one whats in the water i'd just go out there with a net and see for my self, sending most back but maybe keeping one for my tank and thats normal in all of the world we are part of nature and know how to respect her. but in nz it seems you have to be certified to even shit in the woods....
  6. Seems a bit cheap for the quality? you didn't mention how much the lights cost?
  7. Do you mean not allowed? Yeah it seems you are very distant from nature in NZ. If i read the law right i can take non native fish of i want to eat them? What about the guppies they are much More friendly? In other countries I've just gone to the water found something invasive colorful fish, loved it then sold it when I left the country If i say I'm fating then up for sale is that legal?
  8. Probably the same people that keep dogs in cage in the backyard not a pet a status! Good on you! Great now that you're playing the good cop🤠
  9. Yes but i what to take them out and put them in my tank, Florida for example encourages this under invasive removal
  10. Yeah i can relate, i love it but took me a while to get the exact right sound that was part of them fun
  11. He sounds like a hell of a character someone will be lucky to get him. Please do post a video to you tube to help others on this rare topic
  12. Programable LEDs is another of my hobbies hopefully soon I'll have something aquarium related to show, Just wondering how much you sold the lights for?
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