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  1. Im looking to buy any reptiles either bearded dragons or blue tounges to replace the breeders i lost in last weeks storms i lost 8 animals along with 2 of my tropical tanks due to heavy snow and rain and strong winds wiping out my power supply for a couple of days also keen to look for some leopard geckos i have set ups ready to go each set up now has it on generator so no more power loss over winter and outdoor set ups for summer but im also keen to buy full set ups if anyone has any for the right price i am in a remote part of otago so i will to travel to pick up so would perfer somewhere close but could travel as far as christchurch to pick up thank you nathan
  2. Im looking for some new guppies for a new setup would like some new lines to stop inbreeding with my current stock but i can find any at any of the stores or online in the Otago area was wondering if anybody could help me out im not worried about male/female or age will take fry or adult fish just what ever is available as i live rurally i dont have a mail service to my home only a P.O Box so cant get them sent so it has to be pick up im happy to drive to get them any help would much appreciated
  3. Im looking to buy some new mountain minnows to add to stock to get some new bloodlines im in the nelson area but moving to otago in a week so would be happy to buy from either area or pickup christchurch on the way through thank nathan
  4. thank you i have found a pond in my area that had some in it and was able to start a culture from that
  5. Im looking for some daphnia or a starter culture for microworms in the nelson area thank you nathan
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