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  1. @alanmin4304, do you still have H. umbrosum for sale? lol
  2. Hello new member here looking through the old forums. For me there are two main types of algae; algae that grow on the glass/hardscape, and algae that grow on plants. The latter is much harder to remove so I would concentrate your stocking on algae eaters that handle those. Siamese algae eaters do very well at keeping your plants clean from all sorts of algae. One siamese algae eater to your 30g will keep your plants spotless. They even clean algae off hardscape too! Once they grow too big for your tank, you can hand them in to animates. Adult SAE are not vigorous algae munchers like the young ones are (<5months old in my experience) You could always add a few otocinclus too, but they're no good at eating algae off plants unless you're keeping plants with massive leaves.
  3. That's a bit further out than I'm willing to travel 😁 Any places in urban Auckland? (preferably North Shore but doesn't have to be)
  4. Hi new member here! Does anybody know any places where I can catch paratya curvirostris in Auckland? I've read all the previous threads but they're quite old now so I'm posting here to see if anybody has any up-to-date spots they've caught or seen these shrimp in. Any spots in Auckland is fine but preferably somewhere on the North Shore. Thanks!
  5. Is a license required to catch these shrimp?
  6. Hello, not sure if any of you still visit this forum but anybody know of some up-to-date locations to catch these freshwater shrimp in Auckland?
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