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  1. I know - I just wonder if the WTB section would be more appropriate / gets a bit more traffic
  2. sorry late response - the owner of that website has since shut down unfortunately
  3. it may pay to make a new WTB post - this thread is from 2004
  4. just hatched more babies they are about 5 days old now.
  5. maximum pet supplies in naenae has some... they just came in so i do not know if that is where you went
  6. maxxi1

    FNZAS AGM 2022

    FNZAS AGM 2022 being held via Zoom, please make contact with your local club or the executive if you need the zoom details. Thanks
  7. The below email has been sent to all club delegates, club secretaries or presidents and also members or the FNZAS Executive committee, with the attached documents. Good afternoon, FNZAS executive committee and all clubs delegates and clubs Please pass this on to your club members should they wish to attend. Attached to this email you will find documents that are required for AGM -⁠ nominations -⁠ voting information -⁠ 2021 AGM minutes -⁠ agenda -⁠ financial report Capitations need to be paid for your club in order for your nomination and your vote to be eligible, so please ensure this has been done. This years meeting is being held via zoom This is a paid zoom account and will not kick us off. There will be a waiting room. Please join with your real name. Please ensure you are on mute unless requested to speak to keep background noise to a minimum. Guests are welcome however will not be able to vote. Voting will need to be completed via email, so please ensure you have access to email for the meeting. Maxine is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: FNZAS AGM 2022 Time: Aug 20, 2022 10:30 AM Auckland, Wellington Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87331986861?pwd=RCtqNUJKNklMU3RWK3FzRW5TSG9QUT09 Meeting ID: 873 3198 6861 Passcode: 223214 Thank you Maxine Lynch Secretary FNZAS Voting information for FNZAS AGM 2022.pdf FNZAS AGM 2022 Agenda.pdf Nominations for 2022 FNZAS Executive.pdf FNZAS 2021 AGM Minutes.pdf Reports 21_22 Financials.pdf Federation of New Zealand Aquatic Societies Inc Accounting Polices.pdf
  8. Hi Fishboy, I have a fish room in Upper Hutt if you need to rehome him or switch him for one of my many bristlenoses you are more than welcome, if he really is a bit like you say we have Multiple tanks so he can go into one of his own if needed.
  9. rule of thumb is no more then a third total filter media at once. As Caryl said, if you change it / them over a few weeks it should be okay Are you sure its cotton wool and not the white filter sponge, which you may be able to clean in some old tank water and put back in and then replace when it starts to impact your filters flow
  10. hi Bert - I think Maximum Pet Supplies in Naenae have some, if not I will see if one of Upper Hutt Aquarium Society Members have any to spare and ill get them to comment on this thread. Thanks
  11. you can try house plants such as pothos, philodendrons and Syngonium with just roots in the water ( from my experience goldies wont eat the good roots) some of my nicest vines are growing out of fish tanks
  12. try reach out to some of the reptile and amphibian rescues, I know of one in Christchurch and one in Wellington (both on facebook)
  13. attachments are here More details for AGM will be posted once nominations are received. Duties of Federation Officers.pdf
  14. AGM 2022 Important Information Notice of FNZAS AGM August 20, 2022, 10am (Virtual Meeting) details to follow The FNZAS Executive is calling for nominations for the Executive for the 2022-⁠⁠2023 year. To help people make a choice on becoming an executive we have attached a very brief overview and expectations of each position, please note the position descriptions are out of date and will need to be modernized. Please note we need to ensure that the people who take on positions understand it is voluntary and they will need to commit time to positions and meet minimum requirements. The upcoming years ahead are vital to the FNZAS with the new Incorporated Societies Act being implemented. All positions are deemed vacant therefore incumbents are required to re-⁠submit nominations as in previous years. Patron 2 x Vice Patron President 2 x Vice President Secretary Treasurer Editor Breeding Co-⁠⁠Ordinator 1 – 3 Committee members Anyone seeking nomination must be a financial member of the FNZAS at the time. If the nominee is not attending the AGM we also require written consent to stand for office sent to the Secretary prior to the AGM. No nominations will be taken from the floor, unless there are no nominations/not enough nominations for a particular position. Please send all nominations to secretary@fnzas.org.nz along with a Bio and Photograph prior to 31 July 2022 to allow time for these to be distributed to clubs and their delegates given voting instructions by their members. Remits Please send any remits your club has to secretary@fnzas.org.nz Delegates Clubs have until 31 July 2022 to submit the names of their delegates for conference to me. If you have changed your delegates since your last AGM, and you want your club to have a say at this meeting or be able to vote, it is important that I get this via email prior to 31 July 2022. We don’t want clubs missing out. Attendance Owing to recent changes to our social structure due to Covid 19 effects an all-online AGM will be once again offered to our members. Observers are also welcome. Thank you FNZAS Secretary
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