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  1. As fore mentioned... this is just an interest post .. not a commitment... it's purely so we know how big we should go!!! Hahaha
  2. Also we are wellington breeders.. theres only a few around from the killi club and even fewer who breed... when I started I emailed all the old club members 🤐
  3. Or.. kerikeri highway vets!!!
  4. I wouldnt add others I've always found my panchax to be agressive or out competed easily
  5. maxxi1

    Back after 10 years

    Hi Cees! You wont know me but I'm secretary for the upper hutt club.. next meeting is on Feb 11at kelson community center 7.30pm. We are the only welly based club now (yikes) Welcome back
  6. We don't expect people to commit yet... just a show of interest! Get amongst it fishkeepers
  7. Oak leaves but dried and naturally fallen. Otherwise rooibos tea (make sure nothing else is in them)
  8. Hey Killi keepers The latest import bought in eggersi and rachovii Some nothos that havent been in nz for a few years now If anyone knows of or heard of anyone who has a spare eggersi male please let me know We have 3 female eggersi and our last male now appears to have dropsy with his swim bladder issues. We have a comfy 2 trios of rachovii and 2 more females arriving this coming week. We also have palmqvisti and korthasae we look forward to sharing eggs with other killi keepers
  9. A lot of people are looking for killifish lately we are based in Wellington - can ship shipping costs are 30 Non rural North Island 45 Non rural South Island depending on availability these are the species we often have fry for Fundulopanchax Gardneri - Aquarium strain Fundulopanchax Gardneri P82 Fundulopanchax Gardneri Gold Aphyosemion Australe - Chocolate Normanii Lampeye Fundulopancax Filamentosus coming up - Aphyosemion Australe - Orange Clown Killies Nothobranchius Palmqvisti (half a year away) Nothobranchius Eggersi (half a year away) Nothobranchius Rachovii (half a year away) Private message for details
  10. maxxi1


    Hey we sell line bred guppies but are in Wellington We can ship however it is pricey between islands Message me
  11. We have some argentinius sword plants to sell also
  12. Heya we also sell fancy guppies if your after the fern we can talk guppies at the same time!
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