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  1. cees

    micro nutrients

    I guess this site is not classified as social media. Social media, what is that anyway ... I know the recipes. I have my macros sorted. KNO3, KH2PO4, MgSO4, CaCl2 (or CaSO4) all fairly easy to get. Trace elements is not (yet) economic to roll my own. I have looked at and used the Yates chelated trace element solution one can buy at the garden center. It could work but I'm not keen on the lignosulphate used as chelating agent. Can't find reliable info on that. At least we know EDTA and DTPA work and are safe. I run a hydroponics veggie garden as well but never worried much about the composition of the fertilizer. Just bought 10kg general fertilizer packs to last me a year. But now, before I add the micro nutrients to my fish tank, I would like to know what's in it thank you very much. It's not as if hydroponics is rocket science or even a trade secret. Everybody knows, or can look up, what is required. If a fertilizer mix or other additive doesn't disclose the composition than I'm not really interested adding to my fish tank. If I was a commercial hydroponics grower I would definitely want to know what I am being supplied with. I have one other source I still need to speak with. Will keep you posted.
  2. cees

    micro nutrients

    Wow, this is a busy site ;-) Anyway, just in case anyone is interested. I was just on the phone with Stockers (Cambridge) aka hydroponics.co.nz. They sell micro nutrient mix. BUT, they would not tell me what was in it. Refused to tell me % Fe, Mn etc etc. Before I buy I would like to know what it is that I buy. Sounds reasonable to me. Will not buy from them. Search continues
  3. Can someone here please point me to a good local source of a micro nutrients mix. You know, the chelated iron, manganese, boron etc mix. Dry powder preferred but could use a solution if need be. cheers Cees
  4. cees

    Back after 10 years

    Thanks all. Caryl: Family is doing well. It's good to have fish tank setup again. I'm a bit rusty in how it was suppose to be done. Also finding out that "common wisdom" has changed a bit these last 10 years. Especially wrt to planted tanks. A few myths busted etc. I have a lot of catching up to do. Will post some of my questions in the appropriate forums.
  5. cees

    Back after 10 years

    Hi all, As the title says I'm getting back into the aquarium hobby after 10 years and just wanted to say hello to some old friends here on this forum and hopefully make some new ones in the future It is good to see this forum and the FNZAS thriving. I used to be very active here however this time around I expect to take it a bit slower and check in every now and then. I currently only have an empty 20L nano tank. The plan is to set this up as a low tech planted tank and gradually convert this into a high tech planted tank. The dream is a much larger planted tank in the near future. Greetings from Upper Hutt Cees
  6. No, wrong country, I do remember Swiebertje though
  7. La Linea http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Linea_%28TV_series%29
  8. working on it when I can
  9. Already taken care off Need to upload more photos but here is a selection http://picasaweb.google.com/cees.lensin ... hotography
  10. Yes, that playhouse was finished years ago. Megan and her friends used it lots. Not so much anymore these days. Wanted: diy plans to convert a playhouse into an observatory with a roll-off roof.
  11. cees

    Aqua-Medic parts

    According to the aquamedic site they have a New Zealand agent http://www.aqua-medic.de/en/traders/def ... =6#results
  12. Definitely going to miss you Alan. Alan is one of the early members of this forum and a member of the core moderator group. Without him this site would not be what it is today. Alan was responsible for about 2.5% of the posts in this forum until today. Condolences Rose and family for your loss.
  13. Yes and No see http://www.fnzas.org.nz/aquarium_world/
  14. Let me just put in my 2 cents. Yes, I'm upgrading the site . Those of you who know phpbb know that the next version is about to be release. I've work with the beta and rc-versions. All looks great. The phpbb search function will work again and will make searching a lot easier. Reorganisation of the forums could coincide with the software upgrade. Discussions like this topic are a great help in deciding how to arrange the site. Thanks for all your input. Keep it coming.
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