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  1. SENSO WON! He will now be the next face for FourFlax canine flax oil. Senso has only been on this flax oil for a few weeks, and already we are seeing a difference in how soft and shiny his coat is His dandruf is almost all gone! Hopefully, this win will also raise the profile of greyhounds in New Zealand and more wonderful hounds will find their forever homes Thank you sooooo much everyone for voting! We REALLY appreciate it!
  2. We adopted our Greyhound 'Senso' from Greyhounds As Pets (GAP) 4 months ago. Sadly many Greyhounds in the past were put down after racing, as many owners/trainers couldn't 'afford' to looking after them once they were retired. We made the choice to be one of the many these days to adopt a Greyhound. My partner & I spend a lot time being advocates for these glorious/well natured dogs at public open days with the adoption program 'Greyhound As Pets' (GAP) and getting asked a bunch of questions when out and about with him. We have entered Senso into a photo competition and he's made it as a 'New Canine Label Finalists' for FourFlax Canine Flax Oil. Our goal is to win the competition, which means he'll be on the label of every bottle of FourFlax plus their promo material ...hopefully further raising the profile for Greyhounds in NZ. Vote by simply following the link below and clicking 'like' under the photo, or if you don't have a facebook account but still feel compelled to vote, you can email info@fourflax.co.nz with subject 'Senso'. Thank you https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=323234554383470&set=a.323229047717354.79154.117189108321350&type=3&theater If anyone feels like sharing the link on their facebook wall because they have animal/greyhound lovers as friends, it would be GREATLY appreciate. Just ask me if you are not sure how to do this
  3. I can help with these: Which of the following is NOT likely to apply to the dynamics of open populations? Choose one answer. c. abundance of a subsequent generation at a site is closely linked to local production of recruits at the site The proponents of a proposal to build a dam argue that reduced flood-related disturbance associated with a more stable flow regime below the dam will enhance salmonid fisheries due to increased prey supplies. What could be the biggest FLAW in their logic: Choose one answer. c. salmonid recruitment is often controlled by flow regime What native fish species has failed to recolonise the area in the eastern North Island that was covered by ash during the Taupo eruption (186 AD)? Choose one answer. d. Bluegill bully (guess because i don't know the area the question is refering to) Survival rates can be highly variable during different stages of a diadromous fish’s life cycle. Which of the following (that influence fish survival) do conservation/fisheries managers have the least control over? b. Survival of larvae at sea
  4. If you really want an iguana, it would be cheaper to buy a $1500 plane ticket to move to North America than visit a pet store and buy one for $12. I've had one before. They are not horrible as adults. More lazy if anything. They don't bite people spontaneously but you have to worry more about being tail whipped then anything else if they are grumpy or scared. A full grown male iguana is capable of breaking an adult humans' arm (and sometimes leg) with a tail whip.
  5. Dominance hierarchy among dogs was introduced into science by a Nazi... it's about time we let go of this silly theory. 'Alpha-wolf' doesn't exist either, it's a myth that wolf biologists have been trying to de-bunk for decades. http://www.nonlineardogs.com/100MostSillyPart1-2.html
  6. Good thing your daughter answered her phone while driving! Appears cell phones can save lives after all
  7. I've heard Obama Sin Laden before, from obama-haters
  8. Top 10 things that will inevitably happen now that Osama Bin Laden is dead: 10. President Obama will resist the urge (and succeed) to use this accomplishment during his 2012 presidential campaign. 9. Terrorists across the world give up their crazy ways due to the loss of their spiritual leader. 8. Julian Assange will be out of a job since there will be no more government secrets to uncover. 7. ‘Osama’ will once again become a popular choice as a first name. 6. You can now carry your oversized bottle of mouthwash onto an airplane. 5. The ‘random’ airport passenger searches will now be actually random. 4. Democracy will sweep across the Middle East. 3. Al Qaeda will be completely incapacitated since Bin Laden was personally instructing every terrorist across the world. 2. Rivio Mobile will release Angry Birds Abbottabad. 1. There will now be 40 fewer virgins in heaven. http://blog.sarcasmsociety.com/world/top-10-things-that-will-inevitably-happen-now-that-osama-bin-laden-is-dead.html Although good riddance to him...
  9. So what happened next? Did the eggs just go all white?
  10. I think sea shepherd is good. Greenpeace are mostly just money-wasting hippies and don't actually have any qualified scientists to back up their ideals. Occasionally they get things right, but then go about it the wrong way.
  11. You can also search on here for Dat or Dats, that is usually what people refer to them as. Should be some useful information scattered around.
  12. How big is your tank? I have 2 SAEs which I've had from a young age and they have kinda outgrown my tank of 220L.
  13. http://www.gocomics.com/foxtrot/2011/03/06/
  14. So upsetting for your loss. I had visited in January and was also impressed by all the fish tanks and animals. Hope you will be able to re-open a similar setup somewhere in the future I wish I could help...
  15. I want to go home http://www.canadapleco.com/showthread.php?t=1800&page=1 Joking I think the prices will definitely eventually drop to about $200-250.
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