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  1. Hey there I have an outdoor 20gallon tank with 8 white cloud minnows and I was wondering if I could find some nz killifish and add them in there? it is very hard to find a cold water fish that won’t eat white cloud minnows. the temp drops to possibly 5 degrees c. and Will they eat my minnows? thankyou!
  2. Thankyou but do you think a bullie would immediately think a minnow is food?
  3. Yesterday when I was catching shrimp for my patio pond. I caught 50 in one scoop. I was wondering if I could add a few into a 2.5gallon tank I might set up no filter no heater. just cramped full of lushes plants? I can’t have any thing more in my room 2.5gallons is max Im allowed (parents rule) thanks!
  4. Yesterday when I went to get freshwater shrimp for my little patio pond I saw tons and tons of nz bully’s everywhere and when I caught the shrimp there were the bully’s in the bucket I set them free but was wondering if I could add 2 in with my White Cloud Mountain minnow tank outside? it has current witch is good for the bully’s and cold water I was wondering if an adult bully will eat an adult white cloud minnow? Also is the tank big enough? It’s a 20gallon. thanks!
  5. Thankyou so much!!! if I have a school of 10 wcmm and 1 paradise fish would it still harass them a lot? If so would the wcmm not mind it so much since they are in a big group?
  6. I was wondering if I could add a paradise fish to my outdoor 20gallon white cloud minnow tank the temp stays around 20-21degrees C through the day and drops to 15C at night and max around 26degrees C on a hot day so what do you think? Im just worried about the temp. Thank you so much!
  7. hi there I really really want to get a bullie for my outside tank I have spent hours and hours trying to catch one but I just cant I have a little creek that is full to the brim with koura but no fish I went in different creeks but still nothing at all can you help me where I should search or anything will help?
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