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  1. Hello! I am thinking of getting guppy’s for my 600liter outdoor pond I am in Taranaki and hope it’s warm enough for them I am just wondering there are a lot of wild gambusia in my local river and I know they are pest fish and it’s illegal to sell them. I’m just woundering if I can breed fancy or normal or maybe even endler guppy’s with them and Make them more hardy in the cold water and sell them for profit or just try some things with them or is this illegal? Thanks very much!
  2. Hey there I have an outdoor 23 gallon tank with 2 hillstream loach’s heavily planted and moved all my wcmm and danios to my current 40gallon tank and now have this tank practically empty. I am thinking of getting guppies danios and a paradise fish to this tank maybe 3 guppies one male then I can move baby’s to my other 5 gallon tank and 8 danios and one paradise fish maybe a. Male but will try get an orange and blue one as apparently they are a little less aggressive. does this sound ok? Or shall I give the paridise fish a miss and get 5 guppy’s and 8 danios? I like these fish as they are more cold hardy and apparently wouldn’t mind the temps of my outdoor tank. thanks
  3. Thanks how about now that it’s winter highest now is 23c and lowest is 15c
  4. Can I sell nz native freshwater shrimp I have to many?
  5. Hey there I just bought some vallisneria spiralis of this guy on face book and was woundering if this plant is illegal in Nz? as I know some val is. he said he doesn’t thing it’s the banned version as he said He bought it from a pet store and couple years ago. what do you think? thanks very much!
  6. I have a heater set to 20c and substrate is flourite black a gravel ish substrate did some research on the substrate and that should be fine.
  7. Thanks very much! my tank does have a heater in it set to 20c and has shrimp and wcmm in it here is a photo it is in full shade in the morning and is in bright Sun in the afternoon its also right beside the house thanks
  8. Hey there I have an outside 20gallon tank with wcmm and was wondering if I could put in peppered corydoras in there? the temp is usually at 20c but in the winter drops down to 10c. I have read people (in nz) have keeped them in outdoor ponds through the winter and they have even breed rapidly some people have even had them survive with 2 inches of ice over the top! I have heard peppered Cory’s actually like the cold. So what do you think? thanks also are there any other hardy coldish Cory’s? Thanks
  9. Sorry I meant it stays 20c most of the time but in the winter the lowest I have seen it go is 13c
  10. Thanks a lot! I have heard that Danios can survive with ice over the top. and I have a lot of surface agitation so it definitely won’t freeze lowest I have seen It go was 13 degrees c but mainly stays at 20 degrees c do you think that’s alright? Thanks
  11. I have been breeding white cloud minnows for money for a little while and there aren’t much people who are after them so I now want to try guppies. My parents made a rule no water inside so all my tanks /patio ponds are outside. I know that there are no really cold water guppies. But I saw a topic on here about you can slowly breed them to cold water is this true? And how would I be able to do this? Thanks!
  12. Hey there I have kept white cloud minnows in my outside aquarium and pond and they have breed crazy! I kind of want to get a new species of fish but it’s hard to find a fish that can thrive the conditions of Nz so I heard that danios can survive with ice on top of the tank/pond and was wondering if I can keep danios with my white cloud minnows? in an outdoor pond and tank the temp is around 23 degrees C most of the time but drops to around 15 degrees at night. I can’t get the zebra danio as my closest pet store stoped selling them only the normal danios I can get now like the Cadillac danios etc. could this work? Thanks!
  13. Hey there I just got plants 5 days ago and they are already starting to die. I never really had luck growing plants only elodea and hornwort. I wanted to get some different carpeting plants so I first thought I should get some nutritious substrate so I bought Seachem fluorite black substrate. and I also add liquid fertiliser twice every week and then I got plants: different types of liliaeopsis and some Rotala. my tanks outside and I heard these can even go in ponds. but after 5 days some leaves are starting to turn yellow. and I’m not sure what to do I’m not sure if it’s the light but the sun does shine on it in the afternoon a lot. thanks!
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