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Breeding Danio Erythromicron


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My fish room now days is full of growing guppies but my true love in this hobby of ours is "breeding", so although guppy Genetics is challenging getting egg layers to release there goodies is my passion.

I have a little collection of small and micro fish :- Boraras brigittae, Pseudomugil gertrudae, Danio tinwini, Sundadanio axelrodo and Danio Erythromicron.

Unfortunately you don't find these guys in the Wellington shops often so I am very grateful to a fish friend in Auckland who keeps an eye out for these beauties for me.

Anyway I need to make free an Established aquarium for the Sundadanio so I decided it was about time I had a go at Spawning the D. Erythromicron.

I found my fish, as always hiding out behind the sponge filter they are not just pretty but also very shy. Once caught it appeared I had 2 males and 5 females. I selected the the fattest females, the 2 boys and set them a side while I reset the spawning tank.

http://www.google.co.nz/search?q=danio+ ... 22&bih=440

The sponge filter was already active I just need to give it a bit of a squeeze and rinse the tank out.

I then filled it with 2 day old tap water with 1tp of baking soda/100lt and 30g of plan salt/300lt ( this is the water I use for my guppies as Upper Hutt water is soft and no buffer to speck of = it quickly turns acidic with out the Baking soda ). Which happens to be a bit handy as D. Erythromicron does best in mildly Alkaline water.

I then put in a glass framed stainless steel breeding trap topped with spawning moss, the tank was also in the shade due to an out fluro that needs replacement.

The water temp in my fish room floats between 21 and 25C ( night n day ), Ph 7.4, with out the salt I think the water is around 30 ppm.

Finished set up Monday afternoon


Close up of breeding trap and moss


Bilbo sent me a culture of Grindel worms Friday, by Monday it was rocking so they got them Monday afternoon, Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

When I got home early Thursday afternoon I If gave all the fish a feed and shone a light in the tank to see if any thing had happened, this is what I found, I hope you can see the tinny eggs


If it all seems a bit easy, well it was. I mean sure I had been feeding all my fish lots of micro worms lately as the cultures were producing large volumes.

I hope there something in this that may help you breed them too.

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Cheers, it's just a shame they are so shy.

Adrienne, it is explained above, 4 sided glass frame topped with stainless steel mesh, here is another picture of another on I made. Although the trap used in this case had a finer mesh.


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Where do you get the mesh from and is there any online shops that sell it for a pretty good price?

I still haven't got round to making traps for my Green Neons :oops: However the new breeding tanks are almost complete :bounce:

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It's very expensive, it cost me $200.00 per sq meter, I bought it from mico-metals, I paid that price as once I had it, I had it for good !, to be used when and as I wanted.

Your best option is the plastic mesh from spot light, as mentioned in your thread. If you have trouble getting some I can purchase some on your behalf and send it to you.

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No, I don't want to risk it after loosing some of the eggs.

The fry look like typical eggs layers fry danio, barb, white cloud etc. the size is consistent with them as-well.

I'll up date again when they become free swim, I'm planing to feed them the liquid on micro-worm cultures as the first food.

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I don't know Alan, there's to many variables.

The lights come on in the fish room a few hours before I get home from work, so the eggs had possibly only recently been laid and could have died anyway.

When I got these fish they were young and had not had an opportunity to spawn previously.

As you know a first spawn is next to never very successful anyway, I'll breed them again in a few weeks and see what happens.

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Adrienne I've been using the very same method for my gold and hi-fin white cloud X. The fry are growing so fast feeding lots of microworms ( goal is gold hi-fin white cloud ). No method is full proof, I saw my pure hi-fin wccmm breeding Wednesday last week and eggs were being eaten as they were spawned by an on looker before they feel though the trap.

Yes Sophie, don't give up!!

The Boraras brigittae are also getting ready to spawn, the dominant males so very chilli red it can see him from the door 3.5 meters away.

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One of my tanks is heating up as we speak .... should be ready before the end of the week.

I have a young male CPD who is on the small side, a fry I raised, he has the biggest under-tail (typing too fast to look up the proper name :oops: ) I've seen, very prominent and coloured. Shall I use him or one of the older bigger ones?

Do you want some more rasbora? I have 6 - maybe 3 brigittae and 3 maculatus with very good colour. I think I will be able to get Adrienne to help me ship them...

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