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  1. Yes social media is for instant gratification, every man and his dogs opinion and a few good answers lost in a parade of misinformation lol We still have a lot of traffic on the site but not a lot of interaction sadly
  2. These are for sale but I did this mainly to see if it would comply with Facebooks "no live animal sales" rule They allow links to an outside link and the FNZAS is a legal entity
  3. For sale Leopard Geckos Born January 2023, A -Tremper Albino, B - Tremper Albino,Bold Stripe C - Tremper Albino, Jungle D - Chocolate Albino. E - Chocolate Albino. Open to offers.
  4. Yes it is the one Adrienne compiled.
  5. Giant vallisneria and straight vall have been banned https://aquariumworld.nz/databases/1-plants/188-Vallisneria-australis https://aquariumworld.nz/databases/1-plants/189-Vallisneria-gigantea Twisted is okay though https://aquariumworld.nz/databases/1-plants/190-Vallisneria-spiralis
  6. Yes sadly many stories perpetuated through social media and if someone disagrees a witch hunt starts and people get burned at the stake. It is like the school yard where they all rally to the call and harangue some poor unfortunate soul who just wanted a simple answer to a question
  7. Saddens me too, it is one example of how the world has changed I am worried for our grandchildren and wonder how many more generations humans will last
  8. Haha I too recieved that rank also we have joined a priviliged group
  9. It has been awhile since anyone has posted in this forum so away we go. Bearded Dragons (Pogona vitticeps) 2023 breeding.
  10. Sorry but fertilisation needs to happen at the time the eggs are laid there is a local club in your area search facebook for Waikato Aquarium Society
  11. One possibility is lymphocystis which can mean the fish will recover over time in clean water and no stress.
  12. A little light reading LOL Activities like pet shops, non-commercial domestic aquaponics, and ponds: do not need a fish-farm licence do not need to be registered as a fish farmer. https://www.mpi.govt.nz/fishing-aquaculture/aquaculture-fish-and-shellfish-farming/setting-up-a-land-based-fish-farm/
  13. Very lucky, I have had a similar experience but a lesson well learnt.
  14. Would still require a permit to sell which willinvolve proof of breeding etc.
  15. Definitely in the blood Caryl, Seasons greetings
  16. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2023.
  17. It was last used in 2012 on constitution change document, i have no idea where it is.
  18. https://aquariumworld.nz/fish/tropical-fish-on-the-approved-import-list//
  19. Marine will cost more in money and time though 2nd hand purchases will be cheaper and you can use natural saltwater, Local marine will involve a chiller to keep temps down Freshwater allows a wider choice of different biotopes and available species
  20. They are native so can't be sold without a permit but you can collect your own Most streams have these and they can be netted by running a net along the water weeds growing along the sides.
  21. Yes. Just make sure you use flux the two surfaces before doing so.
  22. To start your own culture these are on trademe https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/marketplace/pets-animals/fish/fish-food/listing/3832552817 I have usually found them in farm water troughs if you have any local
  23. Unwanted organism https://aquariumworld.nz/databases/1-plants/90-Hydrocleys-nymphoides
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