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  1. Yes you will need to alter it and possibly add magnesium and calcium
  2. Sorry no idea on Waitematas water quality, if you are keeping local marine fauna no need to alter salinity my carpet sharks outgrew a 270 x 120 x 60cm in 2 years, having a circular enclosure means they can swim for a long time yes 2hp will cover that size
  3. Yes you can use natural salt water, yes you can avoid dosing elements, You may need to increase the percentage of water change as your bioload increases to not use a skimmer
  4. This seasons Bearded Dragons (Pogona vitticeps) for sale $450 each. 5 month old and 3 month old. Bred from our Simpson Desert Beardies.
  5. All the hermanns are down but greeks are still up but not eating
  6. A big circular pool of at least 4k litres is best and cheapest set up, I cut down a 300000 litre water tank a few years ago
  7. All sharks and rays will outgrow that tank size Ihave kept very young rays and sharks for short periods but they don't take well to captivity
  8. That hasn't been my experience with them, they eat fish that have died usually And only attempt to catch fish when not fed enough
  9. This tank is similar size to one you are proposing 2.1 meters x 90cm x 55cm sump 1.8m x 60cm x 60cm, 2hp chiller
  10. No tropical ones availble but we have a local one but usually found in deeper water.
  11. Hi, you can find lists of tropical marine flora available to be imported to NZ. You can use animals from local rockpools but most won't survive long in constant temperatures over 20 degrees centigrade and also have the potential to carry parasites.
  12. As Caryl said and britlenose will usually only eat fish that have already died.
  13. What area are you in?
  14. Made from an IBC intermediate bulk container.
  15. Probably not worth much nowadays sorry
  16. livingart


    The green water is algae Green pond water is caused by tiny floating algae, which grow explosively. Additional effects are low CH value, high pH value and stagnation in growth of oxygen producing plants. Green pond water frequently occurs in newly built ponds containing water rich in food. https://pondaquariumproblemsolver.co.uk/problem/blagdon/green-water-2/
  17. Probably a loose connection somewhere is the only tjong i can think of.
  18. Hi Vicki good to see you are still doing the animal thing lol to answer your questions What kind of frogs would do best in the Far North of nz? Our house can get very warm in summer. Both green and golden bell, and southern bell will handle the far north caresheet here https://aquariumworld.nz/databases/22-Tropical FWFishallowedinNZdatabase/1850-Green-and-Golden-Bell-Frog What kind of water to land ratio is ideal for them, and what kind of filters are recommended? A small bowl will suffice so land as general environment has good humidity, about 30% water if spawning Also how many frogs are best to keep? Are they social or is 1 happier? They get on okay if similar sizes but big frog is always capable of eating little frog A small filter just to keep some movement in the water works well
  19. Vinegar may help your situation https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/02/140225101501.htm#:~:text=Summary%3A,international team of researchers reports.
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