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  1. Upper Hutt Aquarium Society have put their hand up to hold this years FNZAS AGM, we where hoping to "kick it old school" and have a weekend planned for a face to face get together for the the formalities (elections etc) outings, activities and networking etc. Hoping to get an idea of numbers of those who would be interested so we can look into dates, venues, accommodation deals, activities etc.
  2. Heading up to the top of the north island and back, just wondering if people could advise anywhere to stop and checkout (especially fish related or fish shops) Thanks in advance
  3. From my experience with an AR380 with this sort of filter, it depends on the water level in the tank. I would usually have my water level up high enough to touch the bottom of the filter box. In the filter itself, I run from the bottom of the box- small ceramic noodles, charcoal filter, then 2 layers of filter wool, makes it basically silent :-)
  4. Aaron-Betta

    Hara Jerdoni

    if you are meaning "hara hara catfish", or "dwarf hara hara catfish" tiny cats that look like anchors when you look at them from above, then I believe they are imported as Erethistes hara. The genus Hara has now been synonymised with Erethistes. Therefore the Hara species are now in Erethistes Just a sidenote - these are one of my fav fish. Currently have three hanging out in my crypt tank with my frucatus 8)
  5. Hi all, just letting those who are interested know that I have a few spare pairs/trios of young blue gardneri killies. I am looking to swap for another specie preferably
  6. Your pair have now joined my five, settled in quickly and feeding well :-)
  7. I use Poret foam in my killi breeding tanks and swear by it now. I have eliminated the use of H.O.B. filters on my tanks. :bggrn:
  8. Yea I keep mine in a small container until they are big enough not to escape out of the livebearer breeding boxes. Daily water changes tho with tank water
  9. Usually the first day or two I put a small amount of microworms and a drop of liquifry. There are probably baby microworms with the full sized ones
  10. King Killies- always look like they are smiling Bettas- intelligent and each have their own personality Austrolebias Nigripinnis- cute fish for a dark planted tank
  11. Printing Briscoes reciepts with invisible ink, click image for video. Printing Lotto tickets at 250 meters a minute, click image for video. Printing tags on a small antique press, click image for video.
  12. I had pebbles in the bottom of each as substrate but it was only a prototype for me at the time. It worked well.
  13. Oops, found some old pics of it and a smaller version No jumping as the whole top of the tank was flush and would be covered most of the time
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