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  1. I have never heard of it being used to control external parasites. I have used a number of things in the past but never that.
  2. Stick to the wonder tonic---it contains a number of meds and should be effective against both problems. Best not to mix treatments. Don't be sorry, best way to learn.
  3. What are the signs of columnaris on the fish? Are you sure that is what the fish have? Dosing directly onto the fish is not likely to be effective as the infection will be in the water.
  4. Might I just say that in a previous life I built a fish house with 60 tanks and bred 50000 tropical fish a year for a number of years and never once cycled a tank with ammonia or a dead prawn and never once had a problem. When a tank is cycled there are many things going on as well as the nitrogen cycle and a proper cycle comes from adding fish slowly and being patient. Instant gratification is not he best answer for you or your fish.
  5. Just observe if there are any changes to the problem
  6. I have a few Echinodorus horizontalis, one of which I have sold on trademe but have also had to refund their payment as no carriers will cayy to private homes.
  7. It seems like you have cotton mouth which is also called saddle back. What is the brand of treatment you are using and what are the active ingredients?
  8. Bloodworms are baby midges and will become midges and fly away. Best to culture blackworms (Lumbriculus) that remain as such.
  9. Mollies often do better with a bit of salt but your plants may not feel the same way
  10. Take it out tonight and give a fresh bit in the morning but only big enough for them to eat in a day.
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    Looks good
  12. alanmin4304

    Hi folks

    Welcome and enjoy your time here. Hope we learn from each other
  13. And to you and yours. Thanks for the pics during the year.
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