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    hello all

    Welcome (kia ora))
  2. It looks to me like the plants have been grown emersed and are having a struggle converting to submersed growth. You can sometimes have better luck if you put these plants in a glass of water on the window sill until they grow roots.
  3. V . spiralis is so named because it has a spiralling flower stem. but has straight leaves and is therefore banned. If the leaves on your plant are twisted then it is OK. Many plants are not named or are mis-named in pet shops.
  4. The plants you want to grow are tropicals and will need a heater as well as good artificial ligh.
  5. Sorry, cannot see enough to give an opinion.
  6. gambusia are nasty by nature and would probably give the white clouds a hard time. They cannot be legally bred either, and since they are live bearers---not easy to not breed.
  7. Reverse osmosis is really only a very fine filter and strips everything out of the water. People often forget that there are good things in the water and the only thing in drinking water that is likely to be harmful to fish is chlorine which can be easily treated with prime.
  8. killifish would not be happy in a cold water thank. White cloud minnows are named after the white cloud mountains in China where it can get pretty cold,. Killis come from water a lot warmer than that,. You are likely to have problems with velvet --particularly with Nothobrancius
  9. I have done both ways but think the netting is easiest.
  10. The best way to breed fish that are egg scatterers is to make a tray with fine netting on the bottom and short legs so there is room for the eggs to fall out the bottom. You can then spawn a group and save the eggs.
  11. Unfortunately most people are more interested in facebook and youtube these days and most people who know anything about breeding fish, turtles, newts or reptiles area bit sick of the BS on those sights.
  12. alanmin4304


    Unfortunately in my case they identified the wrong fish---took healthy fish and would not take the infected ones and that is when I gave up on the idea. The fish can feed normally but they lose condition and become pinch gutted and the location of the back stakes if it was a cattle beast becomes concave rather than convex before the lesions show.
  13. alanmin4304


    I would suspect it is piscene tuberculosis. This is caused by a variety of bacteria of the micobacterium group and is zoonotic ---that is, it can be spread to humans. This is the reason for the requirement for people involved in the quarantine of imported fish to wear long gloves. To be sure you would need to get a lab to culture and identify the bacteria. They could also test for antibiotic resistance. I think in quarantine that the fish are destroyed. That is what happened to me when I had it in imported goldfish many moons ago. I am not sure how you can sanitize the tank after this.
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