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  1. There is a special tape used for CO2 jointing, not plumbing tape. I suspect you have run out of CO2.
  2. I do not have it but Redwood aquatics may do. It is not suitable for submersed growth and only for terrariums. H. callitrichoides "Cuba" is not legally in NZ.
  3. Some plants sold will nearly always die off but others can be saved. To increase the chances of survival find out when the new plants arrive in the shop and buy them before they have been in water too long. The structure of the leaves is different between emersed and submersed. Put the stems in to water and give them strong light until they grow roots. Most people want plants that are red so buy Echinodorus red special or similar plants that are naturally red and are aquatic. They will grow red with the right fertilizers and good light.
  4. Many plants sold as aquatic plants are actually not.
  5. I cannot see anything wrong with her----she may have just dropped babies.
  6. Not Ludwigia and not an aquatic plant. Has been gown emersed and is in flower. I would suggest it is a pot plant but don't know what it is. Unlikely to live long in an aquarium I would suspect.
  7. By all accounts it is not a pleasant disease to have or to treat.
  8. There have also been a number of cases in humans working in import facilities and it is the main reason why people are required to wear full length gloves.
  9. I have seen it in goldfish that I imported many years ago. No ulcers but all the other signs were there and confirmed by bacterial cultures. The fish were destroyed.
  10. I have never heard of it being used to control external parasites. I have used a number of things in the past but never that.
  11. Stick to the wonder tonic---it contains a number of meds and should be effective against both problems. Best not to mix treatments. Don't be sorry, best way to learn.
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