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  1. You need to breed these to normals because the offspring will generally have deformities linked to the leucistic gene.
  2. You need to use it at full strength as per the instructions
  3. alanmin4304


    Welcome back
  4. Sounds like the lights should be OK.
  5. How long are the lights on, what type of lights and what is the depth of water.?
  6. What lights are you using?
  7. If the snails died the water is probably too acid and it is dissolving their shells. The plants will not grow in rain water as there will not be any nutrients. It may be that the nutrients in the base have been used up and need to be replenished.
  8. Air pumps don't pump O2 into the water, they increase the surface area of the tank which allows for a better exchange of gasses. Water has a greater affinity for O2 than CO2 so airation drives off the CO2 and raises the pH.
  9. It is rare. Albino is a gene for lack of melanin and leucistic is a gene for lack of colours such as melanin. green, blue etc. My leucistic is a yellow colour with red eyes and yours looks almost translucent like it only has melanin. You can get black birds with white patches because of partial leucistic.
  10. It is not albino as it would have red eyes if it was. I have a leucistic frog which is yellow with red eyes. It is a light colour but has a patch of green on the side. It is possible to have a partial leucistic.
  11. The nearest thing to your dream that I have kept is baby black flounder that I caught while removing lumbriculus (black worms) from a a source which has now gone away. I suspect now that this was probably not legal either.
  12. Well done. A great looking tank
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