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Does this mean someone has a link to the forum or the website on their facebook page?

I don't belong to facebook or any of those sites. Haven't got the time :roll:

Caryl... it has it's own page. It's listed as an open group on facebook and anyonen can join.. the admin is "thomas barber"

the info says:

FNZAS Global

Basic Info


Category: Common Interest - Pets & Animals

Description: Group for FNZAS (Federation of New Zealand Aquatic Societies) members and like minded fishy people :)

Contact Info

Website: http://www.fnzas.org.nz

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Do any of ya's play the aquarium game's? i play "fish world" and "my aquarium".....

I play 'Fish Wrangler' - its a passive game so its low maintenance ;)

and I've played 'Fish a Fish' a few times :)

I joined the FNZAS group on facebook a while ago (I was the 18th member)...but there was no activity on it so i forgot about it....

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