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  1. I am regretfully selling my display tank. It is 450L roughly. 1200mm long, 650mm tall and 500mm deep (back to front). Made by Pete at Port Nicholson glass. The stand is steel enclosed in rimu colour stained pine. It is a beautiful tank. Includes lighting (4x t5), 1 canister filter (CF1000), 2 heaters, and an airpump. Fish are already sold.Pick up Wadestown, Wellington. Drive on access, can nearly reverse right up to door. $400 ono.Thanks for looking!
  2. I am selling my 4ft south american cichlid tank. Pick up is Wadestown in Wellington. For sale is: Breeding pair of oscars. Have spawned several times for me and eggs have hatched. $60 pr 5 silver dollars - large - $12 each or $50 for the lot trio of Jack Dempseys. Great colouring. Have also spawned several times and eggs have hatched. $40 3 large pieces of driftwood $20 each 450L tank made by Port Nicholson Glass. Pine steel framed stand and pine hood. $550. Filters etc will be for sale too. Fish need to go before tank can.
  3. I have a school of 6 silver dollars and one of them has lost the plot. It zooms around the tank, hitting the glass lid, the sides, rocks etc. It is not flashing on the side, rubbing its gills, just going berserk. It has completely smashed its face up and you can actually see the bones it its face. Should I euthanise or is there anything I can do to treat it? Other fish all seem fine.
  4. I have a 450L tank with SA cichlids in it. I was running two AquaOne cf1000 filters on it which is inadequate and now one of them has started leaking and I think it is time to upgrade anyway. I can't fit a Fluval FX6 in my cabinet and there is no where to place one nearby on the floor etc. And anyway I can't afford the price. I was looking online at the AquaOne Nautilus 2700 and that doesn't fit under my cabinet either. I have ended up buying a Sunsun 304B on TM as it is the only one I can find which will actually fit under my tank. What would be the absolute best media to have in this filter to maximise water clarity?
  5. Self - especially since seeing someone I know of completely (IMO) defrauding people on Give A Little. Easter eggs or Hot Cross Buns?
  6. I just bought some on TM tonight. Was it from you?
  7. I know that Oscars like a variety but when I had African cichlids the best foods were NLS and JBL Novorift. Is there a similar food which is great for oscars, etc?
  8. Thank you so much for your advice. I will try to find a good time to broach the topic.
  9. THanks for that. Re him not having a will, I only know because that is what his wife has told me. But I could be wrong. I may just have to broach the topic with him. Do you think that is inappropriate? I don't want to sound callous or money grabbing.
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