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  1. Copied from Chris's facebook, written by his wife: It is with great sadness that I have to tell you all that my beloved husband Chris Dawson died unexpectedly of a cardiac event on Saturday morning following a run. Due to the sudden nature there will be a post Mortem tomorrow, after which I will have him home and people can visit if they want. Funeral is likely to be Friday afternoon. More details will be posted once arranged.
  2. is this still available, and if so how much as the listing is for snails
  3. Thanks. It has been some time since I had the time to look after a tank, and now that I am pregnant and at home all the time, I can :-)
  4. Thank you both for your offers. Caryl, I would like to take yours please. Could you please message me your account details so I can transfer the money to you. Thanks :-)
  5. After a long time without fish, I am restarting my community tank and need some plants. Please let me know what you have available and costs for plants and shipping if required. TIA
  6. Tsarmina

    christmas joke

    HOW TO WRAP A CHRISTMAS PRESENT (INSTRUCTION GUIDE FOR CAT OWNERS) 1. Clear large space on table for wrapping present. 2. Go to closet and collect bag in which present is contained and shut door. 3. Open door and remove cat from closet. 4. Go to cupboard and retrieve rolls of wrapping paper. 5. Go back and remove cat from cupboard. 6. Go to drawer, and collect transparent sticky tape, ribbons, scissors,labels, etc. 7. Lay out present and wrapping materials on table to enable wrapping strategy to be formed. 8. Go back to drawer to get string, remove cat that has been in the drawer since last visit and collect string. 9. Remove present from bag. 10. Remove cat from bag. 11. Open box to check present, remove cat from box, replace present. 12. Lay out paper to enable cutting to size. 13. Try to smooth out paper, realize cat is underneath and remove cat. 14. Cut the paper to size, keeping the cutting line straight. 15. Throw away first sheet as cat chased the scissors and tore the paper. 16. Cut second sheet of paper to size - by putting cat in the bag the presents came in. 17. Place present on paper. 18. Lift up edges of paper to seal in present. Wonder why edges don't reach. Realize cat is between present and paper. Remove cat. 19. Place object on paper to hold in place while tearing transparent sticky tape. 20. Spend 20 minutes carefully trying to remove transparent sticky tape from cat with pair of nail scissors. 21. Seal paper with sticky tape, making corners as neat as possible. 22. Look for roll of ribbon. Chase cat down hall in order to retrieve ribbon. 23. Try to wrap present with ribbon in a two-directional turn. 24. Re-roll ribbon and remove paper, which is now torn due to cat's enthusiastic ribbon chase. 25. Repeat steps 13-20 until you reach last sheet of paper. 26. Decide to skip steps 13-17 in order to save time and reduce risk of losing last sheet of paper. Retrieve old cardboard box that is the right size for sheet of paper. 27. Put present in box, and tie down with string. 28. Remove string, open box and remove cat. 29. Put all packing materials in bag with present and head for locked room. 30. Once inside lockable room, lock door and start to re-lay out paper and materials. 31. Remove cat from box, unlock door, put cat outside door, close and re-lock. 32. Repeat previous step as often as is necessary (until you can hear cat from outside door). 33. Lay out last sheet of paper. (This will be difficult in the small area of the toilet, but do your best). 34. Discover cat has already torn paper. Unlock door, go out and hunt through various cupboards, looking for sheet of last year's paper. Remember that you haven't got any left because cat helped with this last year as well. 35. Return to lockable room, lock door, and sit on toilet and try to make torn sheet of paper look presentable. 36. Seal box, wrap with paper and repair by very carefully sealing with sticky tape. Tie up with ribbon and decorate with bows to hide worst areas. 37. Label. Sit back and admire your handiwork, congratulating yourself on completing a difficult job. 38. Unlock door, and go to kitchen to make a drink and feed cat. 39. Spend 15 minutes looking for cat until coming to obvious conclusion. 40. Unwrap present, untie box and remove cat. 41. Go to store and buy a gift bag.
  7. i would put my fear of spiders aside to see you breed dead ones, lol.
  8. the houseflies from hutt pets are smaller than the flies we get in our houses here in wainui, lol they should be fine for smaller frogs
  9. my son and i do karate through GKR and are about 6 lessons away from grading to green belt
  10. Chutney and Little Man in the 'Cat Stacking' position
  11. if you notice the answer to his first question, he isn't even in the country at the moment.
  12. you also don't need to throw out the filter wool every time you clean the filter. just give it a rinse and put it back in.
  13. i have a single tube 2ft light you can borrow. you will have to pick up though as i don't get into the city very often.
  14. it is the same people who own The Pet Centre in lower hutt (formally Hutt Pet Centre) it's bound to be of the same high standard as their other 2 stores (lower hutt and porirua)
  15. i use a fish net, catch fly, put into plastic container (container has hole in top). once all flies are caught, put container into tank and remove lid. my frogs jump on to the container waiting for the lid to come off, lol.
  16. have a swimming pool full of water that hasn't been used in a year, lol, so have been using that and not tap water. they are only in a small tank at the moment, hence the daily water change. thanks for the info
  17. so, the warmer it is, the faster? they're getting fed daily (with daily water changes to, lol), so have plenty of food
  18. i was given some tadpoles the other day, a few of which have small back legs. i was wondering, approximately, what is the time frame per stage of turning from tadpole to frog. tia
  19. a couple of nights ago i caught the brown tree frog that had been residing in and around my neighbours swimming pool. he is now in a tank with a net curtain top to allow air flow. he has a small container of water, a couple of fake tank plants, and for humidity, i occasionally use a cheap spray bottle. i catch any flies that are around and put them in for him. the neighbours kids came over the next day to see him and were surprised that something so small could make the amount of noise he was making. he was keeping one of them awake at night as he was right outside her bedroom window.
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