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  1. Pumping out side will work. might take a bit a electronics to keep the temp stable though. As for other fish: Gobiomorphus breviceps, Upland BullyGobiomorphus cotidianus, Common bullyGobiomorphus gobioides, Giant bullyGobiomorphus hubbsi, Bluegill bullyGobiomorphus huttoni, Redfin bullyCheimarrichthys fosteri, TorrentfishThe whitebaitmany of the non migratory Galaxiids (although most have very low numbers so not for keeping)
  2. Fantastic tank, missed the building so just read the whole lot. I'll have to pop in and see it some time. I wouldn't worry too much about Inanga as Giants are quite lazy and Inanga grow fast I'd be tempted to get another 1 or 2 giants or banded and ~8 or more Inanga, maybe a koaro or two for the high flow section to go with the torrent fish
  3. I just turn the tap on and let the automatic overflow take care of the water level. The only issue I had was when I left the tap on too long and lost sone smelt. If you do want to de-chlorinate then I didn't have any issue with killing shrimp or koura when I did use it.
  4. blueether

    Red worms?

    I'm stripping down the ex-tropical tank and there is a good population of red worms in the coarse sand, what is the best way to harvest them so I can move them into the 430L that is the new tropical (without putting all the sand in there)?
  5. keep up the O2 and keep it cool. Two pumps will warm up a small tank quite fast.
  6. Generally not do-able now
  7. Well the do care to a point, as long as you dont go silly
  8. The other meaning of Sage Thanks everyone, yes the fun is just begining
  9. Cadence Sage joined SWMBO and I on the 3/3 @ 8lb 11oz (just under 4kg)
  10. After 5 years of having this tank set up I've bitten the bullet and closed down the natives. After the pump for the chiller died at the height of summer and the tank hit 27 or 28 deg and losing most of the fish I kept it going with just the eel, 2 mullet, and about 5 bullies. But with the arrival of our first child I need the room that the 3 tropical tanks were using of have moved all the natives to a SS tank out side (about 300L) and are moving all the tropicals into the 400L. When We move house and I have the space I'll set up another native setup... One place we looked at would have been perfect with a concrete basement room off the under house garage, it also had a terraced garden that would have turned into a wonderful stream next to the BBQ area but the rooms were just too small...
  11. One of mine was quite blue, developed with age viewtopic.php?f=41&t=59348&p=638353&hilit=koura+berry#p638353
  12. I'd full it right up. Chillers dont care about how much water is in the tank, only the thermal inputs.
  13. Over the very warm weekend I had a catastrophic tank malfunction on the 430L native. The powerhead that drives the chiller failed at some stage on friday or maybe thursday night. I didn't notice untill saturday afternoon when the room temp was 30 deg and the tank temp was 26. Losses: All the giant kokopu both the torrent fish and most of the large bullies including the redfin male and the crans males
  14. inanga, bullies and koura should be fine. smelt can be very flighty and I've had one or two try and knock them selves out even in a 4ft. peltier modules can work on a small scale but I'd not use them on a tank...
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