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  1. Thanks I have found some nice guppies now. Now I’m after some small bottom dwellers such as Cory’s . Do you sell any other plants as well? what area are you in?
  2. Hi everyone, has anyone in the Wellington area got any guppies or similar small fish that are hardy they don’t want . Just need a couple to use as starter fish in my new tank . Thanks Fran
  3. Hiya how much for a plant? Are you in Wellington area?
  4. Hi all I’m also back to fishkeeping after a long break. I used to have about 11 tanks with everything from guppies to discus . This time starting off simply with one small tank . Working towards a densely planted colourful community tank 😊
  5. Hi all setting up a small tropical 40L tank and looking for tropical plants and also fish such as killifish, dwarf gourami , platies or other small colourful fish that would be suitable. Message me if you have anything that might be suitable in the Wellington area. Thanks
  6. hiya, i am having trouble finding enough food for my whistling tree frogs .they have been eating fruitflies from our compost bin but there is never enough and they are still looking quite thin. anyone have any ideas on what else i can feed them that would fatten them up? houseflies are too big for them yet. would small crickets be ok? they are only quite small frogs only 2 months since they emerged from taddies. wheres the cheapest place (shop or mail order?)to get live crickets or other live foods? both pet shops in lower hutt dont have any at the moment. thanks in advance Fran
  7. hi all, just wondering what the choices are when it comes to bottom feeders for small tanks. the tank is 45 cm long,30 high and 25cm in width. we are going to have some guppies in there too. any ideas? fran
  8. Great idea! where would we be able to find a live cuttlefish or squid? we do have a boat and go fishing but we've never come across a squid or cuttlefish. fran
  9. thanks for that, they sound rather tricky . i think we'll start off with some rockpool fish and anemones.
  10. thanks for that everyone. anyone know where we could find or buy a small or pygmy one?
  11. franzeskahirst


    hi, my son is obsessed with octopi and he was wondering whether anyone has tried to keep octopi before in NZ, either pygmys or the larger variety and if they were successful? fran
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