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  1. I have BBA and treating with the usual chems but want to try a natural approach. Looking at Ramhorns ideally and get MTS free from Animates but they don't touch the algae. PM if you can assist in or around Avondale. Chur.
  2. Kept and bred these many, many moons ago and miss their cheeky antics so looking at getting some more. Prefer pickup from within the Auckland area to view before committing to the purchase. However, I will consider shipping if the price is reasonable. PM your offers or maybe information as to where I can get these? Thanks, FF
  3. Hi there, a workmate of mind breeds, rears and sells...I can ask if she has any for sale?
  4. I have craps loads of Indian fern, never tried in a pond though. I also have duck weed, regrowing back from winter.
  5. I'm well, thanks for asking. Are you and the Family well? Can I possibly trouble you for a photo?
  6. West Akld, BHB. Auckland as listed on my profile. Pays to read prior to asking questions!!! Just saying!!!
  7. Had and bred these in the past and want them again, without paying the retail monies. Please contact me if you have some to spare or have a lead. Cheers. FF
  8. Have tons of Indian Fern and wanting to thin out the forest....free or happy to trade for other "common" plants. All different sizes. Thank you.
  9. Boom go one from Trade Me for $12....the original auction I was watching/bidding for when up to $21, not bad as they retail for $15 in the plant shops.
  10. Heya, thanks heaps for the info....sadly I am pet free these days. Have found some on Trade Me who lives near me so will try and get from her. Cheers.
  11. As above, keen to get a few cutting for Pothos for my home and more importantly my aquariums....seen some awesome vids on You Tube and keen to give them a go. Any help/comments appreciated. Ta FF
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