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Tell me a wee bit about yourself

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OK by nature, I am a really nosey person so I would love if you all came in and told me a bit about yourself. Just the basics age(?) if you want, family, gender, what you do other hobbies you have (outside of the madness of fish). LOL.

The name and author of the last good book you read?

Type of vehicle you drive, and favourite food. Where are you located?

These things can tell alot about a person.

Told ya I was nosey!!

Firstly will tell you a bit about me, female, mother, under 30 (just?!),

interests are my family, computing,ATT2.gifand reading.

I have three gorgeous/revolting children (depending of the day?!)

I drive a 97 Honda Accord and love all sorts of food, although I dont have a sweet tooth. I love a good cup of coffee coffee_2.gifI am located in the freezing cold Central Otago.


The last book that I really enjoyed was called "Dead run" by P.J. Tracey.

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Name: Shae

Age: 16

Occupation: Bum

Sex: Male

Book: Harry Potter and the order of the pheonix (cant wait for this next one)

Car: Whatever my parents let me drive

Hobbys: Computing aswell, Mountain biking, Surfing, Diving, Fish, Photography

Family: 2 parents and 2 sisters

Location: Stokes Valley, Lower hutt, Wellington, North Island, New Zealand, Australasia, Earth, Universe

Favourite food: Ginger Kisses, Spongecake of any kind and strawberrys


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I'm just on the good side of 30 years old.

urm.. I drive a 1994 Nissan 200sx, live in an apartment in the CBD, play records to the general public in the weekends, and do insane things with very expensive computer equipment by day.

Fav food... urm.. roast lamb :)

Last book I finished was The Stand by Stephen King, I then watched the mini series and laughed a lot ;)

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Name: Anthony

Age: 14

Occupation: part time new world!

Sex: Male

Book: barry crump bedtime yarns

Hobbys: hunting fishing tramping camping any thing our doors

Family: 2 parents and 2 bros

Location: good ol wainuiomata

Favourite food: roast dinners

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3 kids - all grown up and away from home

1 grandson aged 4

3 cats - can't live without my cats

Favourite food - fish

Best book lately - Lunch with the Station Master - Derek Hansen. Have read his other books but they don't come anywhere near the standard of this one.

Like gardening (sometimes), cross stitch, scrapbooking, reading and sleeping, travelling.

I love to drive new roads and I mark them all on a big map on my wall. So far have done every major road in SI except Arthur's Pass and I've done that by train. Still a bit more in NI to do.

Favourite cars - red ones

Favourite sports - indoor ones

Work in a social service agency (not CYF) supporting young mothers, teaching parenting skills etc



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Name: Sharon

Age: 22

Occupation: Mum to 2 beautiful girls aged 2 years and 5 months

Sex: female

Book: Artemis Fowl - The opal deception(?)

Hobbys: knitting, cross stitch, reading about fish, watching fish, talking about fish.....

Family: my partner (resident water changer) and my girls.

Location: Christchurch

Favourite food: Chocolate! coffee,

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Name: Dolorosa (means sorrow, hehe)

Age: 47 (48 in August)

Marital status: divorced

Children: 1 son, 27; 1 son, 23; 1 daughter, 20

Most important person in my life: all my children :P:P

Youngest :wink: of six (2 brothers, 3 sisters).

1 cat- Puffball

Job: administrative assistant in a physiotherapy clinic

Lived all my life on beautiful Cape Breton Island. Grew up in a small community named Reserve Mines...moved to Sydney (Cape Breton) 7 years ago.

Drive: Pontiac Sunfire

Book: Don't read alot...still trying to get through "Self Matters"

Hobbies: FISH, playing word games on computer, occasionally write a poem.

Favourite food: turkey Fav dessert: strawberries & ice cream

Favourite season: summer

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Name: Sharon

Age: 26

Occupation: Mum to 4 young children

Sex: female

Book: I like the Deep end of the Ocean but heaps more too

Hobbys: knitting, my computer, reading , watching my fish, talking etc

Family: Husband, 3 daughters and 1 son

Location: Central Otago

Favourite food: Chocolate, coffee and lollies

and if you want to know more you will just have to get to know me!!!!

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Name: Maurice

Age: 30

Occupation: Trucker

Sex: Male

Book: Black Wind by Clive Cussler

Hobbys: Slave to reid

Family: 4 monsters

Location: Central Otago

Favourite food: Anything put infront of me

Car: Mitzi Gallant

And a patridge in a pear tree :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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KK here we go :D

Name: Pene

Age: 25

Sex: F

Family: 2 daughters 4,2 - 1 son 10 weeks and the big ugly one (husband :D)

Occupation: Pants of the House :D

Hobbies: Computer online games, glass engravings, fishing, watching fish

Location: Invercargill, NZ

Fave Food: Burger King Fries!! mmmmmm and most desserts :D

Book: Haven't read one in over a year and can't remember the last one I did read.

Car: My husbands 92 Mazda Eunos 500 but hoping to get a Mitzi Grandis Super Exceed soon :bow:


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Name: Caryl

Age: 46

Occupation: Own a computer company with husband Grant and work part-time as a medical receptionist. Also editor of NZ Aquarium World magazine, Fish Tales (club newsletter), and Interface (Ham radio newsletter

Sex: yes

Book: Scifi/fantasy and recently the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich

Hobbies: fish, reading, crosswords, jigsaws and club activities with MX5 car club

Family: Husband Grant and 2 kids Kelly (25) and Gareth (23)

Other pets: Misty the cat

Location: Blenheim

Car: Honda Odyssey, Mazda MX5 and Isuzu 4WD ( I also have a bike)

Favourite food: too many to name but so far maintaining goal weight (2 years so far) after losing 30kg :wink:

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I didn't know you were a Stephanie Plum fan as well. Guess I should have realised seeing we have so many other tastes in common.

And I thought you would have put "as often as possible" in the sex category


Jude - the unashamed fish eater

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Name; Justin

Sex; M

Age; 31

No Kids, g/f has 2 girls 12 & 14 someone help me :roll:

Lived in Gold Coast for nearly 8 years.

Last Book; (Not a big reading fan)The Cichlid Fishes, Nature's Grand experiment in Evolution. By;George W. Barlow.

Work; Horticulture & Aqua Retail Manager.

Interests; Sports :roll:(Go the AB's) Still play Cricket-Indoor & Outdoor. Roses(51 Hybrid teas at the mo, amongst other plants) getting out & about.

Music; Anything with a beat, eg; hard house. Much to g/f's dislike

Fav Food; Don't have one, tastes vary, I'll eat anything, bar shellfish.

Pets; 2 Border Collies, g/f has 3 cats.

Car; Honda Civic

Frenchy :D

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Pants of the House

:lol: :lol: Never heard that one before Penejane :lol: :lol:

the unashamed fish eater

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Gold Coast

Is Gold Coast, New Zealand or Australia? You and your girlfriend have my blessings...2 teenage girls :wink:

maintaining goal weight (2 years so far) after losing 30kg

CONGRATULATIONS :bow::bow::bow: Any tips?

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Thanx everyone for sharing, great way to learn a bit about each other I think.

I forgot to add I love doing jigsaws, when I have the time.

Right for all you lurkers, stop being shy and add a bit about yourself.

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Hi all

I tell everyone that I live the traditional NZ dream.

My husband and I have two children – a boy and a girl.

We live on a ¼ acre section in our traditional three bedroom weatherboard bungalow.

We have a Labrador, a cat and a station wagon.

What more could I wish for? :D

On top of that already perfect life, I am half way through an early years teaching degree. I like walking, surfing the internet, reading and watching TV with my husband. Our favourite programmes at the moment are CSI and House and I loved The Lion Man series.

Favourite food for studying: chocolate, chips and coffee.

Favourite food for watching test rugby: cheese board and port.

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Name: Steve

Age: 25

Occupation: Unemployed at the moment

Sex: M

Book: The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan ( Am currently working my way through the series( The Wheel of Time) for the upteenth time)

Hobbies: Fish, 4wding, Speedway, Cars

Family: Daughter Hannah 16 Months

Other pets: none anymore

Location: Wellington

Car: Nissan Pulsar - Modified and can be seen in my Photobucket Account

Favourite food: Curry, Kebabs and Popcorn.

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Name: Ron

Age: 32

Occupation: Aspiring World Domination Candidate

Sex: When I can get it

Marital status: Chained

Books: Last one was "Retribution" by Jilliane Hoffman, am currently reading "Maximum Ride - The Angel Experiment" by James Patterson. All books passed on by the mother-in-law.

Hobbies: Fish, mountain biking, indoor cricket, watching sports or comedies, drinking, eating.

Tribe: Wife, 1yr and 2yr old girls who live with me, 10yr old boy and 9yr old twin girls who don't.

Other pets: Had a dog, but now he "sleeps with the fishes".

Location: Lower Hutt

Car: Nissan Largo 7seater as per kids (above)

Favourite foods: Chocolate, Chicken Lasagne, Cheesecake, Ice cream and more chocolate. Tui.

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