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  1. Lucid

    Camellanus Worms

    Hiya, A friend of ours has a suspected case of Camellanus worms and is in two minds about what to treat with. He has been told Levamisole is best to use to kill them but a well known fish shop has said to use Praziquantel, even though all research on Prazi points to it only paralysing the worm and not actually killing it. The second half of the dillema is that he has an eel and a ghost knife in the tank that needs treating and no one can tell him if levamisole is safe for scaleless fish. He would like to treat and be done with it until the following water change and second treatment, but the fish shop has suggested dosing levamisole at half strength and watching the tank like a hawk for stress or abnormal behaviour, in which case a massive water change would be needed, something he would prefer to avoid if possible. Anyone had any experience in this area who would like to weigh in and perhaps provide a bit of direction for him. We are not sure ourselves as it is not a situation we have had to deal with. Lucid
  2. Email mysticvampyre, her email address is in my signature.
  3. Hard to k ow what to offer, when you don't know what colours and what sizes they are.
  4. Do you have pictures of your angels and what sort of price you are looking for?
  5. Has been quite a while Caryl, but now the kids are older we have started the bug again, just more restraint this time round. :bggrn:
  6. Hey guys, and yo to you to Ira, how's your fish doing?
  7. Hello All, Back from a few years away, I look forward to catching up with a few old faces I see lurking around and meeting some new ones. Steve
  8. Heya, We're looking for someone who might be able to come and take a look at our Leopard Gecko. Shes got toes that need someones opinion on what to do with them as shes obviously not had her feet tended to while shedding at some stage. We have soaked them and some skin came off with a gentle wipe with a cotton bud but it looks like shes lost toes once before and some tips are black and some are swollen. We were told by previous owner that they thought she might have been brumating and thats why she wasnt eating. They had her about 10months l think and they say she is 1 1/2years old and has had babies before. They said they got her from a breeder in Paraparam l think. We only got her yesterday. Any ideas?
  9. Do we have any active Reptile Forums?
  10. Awesome Scott! Glad to see you getting into the Reps now! :-)
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