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Time to give the Newts a bigger home

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Time to give the Newts a bigger home so  got one of those blue planet tanks, 70 litre


 cut a piece of acrylic 100mm high and 10mm longer than the tank, curved it then siliconed it into place, I then sanded it for grip and stuck some gravel on it.

newt tank.jpg

Put a layer of grave then covered in potting mix to form the land part of the enclosure and hopefully keep some plants and moss growing.

newt tank1.jpg

Changed loose fitting glass lid for a piece of acrylic, mounted a light on it for viewing and drilled 4mm holes for ventilation., now to finish and put dem newts in it.

newt tank2.jpgnewt tan21.jpg

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Cool setup. Don't suppose you have any adults for sale? Or know of anyone selling adults?

Do you see the adults using the land section much? I tend to only see them using water.

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Attempting to build a small waterfall for the tank.

area for it to cover.


Start to hack at a bit of polystyrene.



Somewhere to put the pump.

waterfall 1.jpg

Pump little tiny one, tested it for head height and okay.


carved out to fit in place.


now to sand , paint and epoxy it.


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