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    Welcome to the website and forum  of the Federation of New Zealand Aquatic Societies, whether you have been at it for a while, or are just thinking about trying an aquarium in your home or workplace, we can help you get the most out of your new hobby. 

    Why keep an aquarium?

    The mystical underwater world captivates millions of people per year who visit public aquaria so it is no wonder that so many of them choose to keep aquariums at home.  Fish keeping is one of the oldest pet-keeping pastimes with tanks written about even before the advent of electricity. In terms of popularity, it is the second-most popular hobby in the world after photography and in New Zealand alone, there are more fish kept as pets than any other species after dogs and cats! 

    Part of the allure of fish keeping is because it appeals to a wide variety of ages and skill levels. Keeping an aquarium can be simple, or it can be challenging depending on the tank and species kept. If you don’t have the right tools at the outset, starting a tank can be a discouraging process as the water fouls and the fish start to die off, but follow a few simple steps and your tank will flourish and delight in the months and years to come. 

    Getting Started

    Can a goldfish and Nemo be kept together? Click here for a guide on the different types of aquariums.

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