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  1. How big is the tank ? If it's huge, it can take ages for the temps to drop. And maybe try taking the temp in different areas of the tank, just in case it is a water circulation issue?
  2. Love the detail & textures in this shot!
  3. Ahh, useful information. Thanks. Maybe I should stop calling them 'koi' then, though I'm trying to reproduce what they seem to call Koi Tuxedo Guppy overseas, though there is some white still visible on the photo, which hopefully I can add here. Hmm, nope, not in that format. I'll work on it.
  4. I bred my original 2 koi males to 2 blonde redtailed females and one of the females produced 3-4 koi (ie red markings on the head) females, and the same of males out of 30-40 fry in the F1 each time, which I wasn't expecting to be honest. I know someone else who did the same thing and also got 10-15% koi-marked fish. I've crossed F1 males & females and they are due to drop in a week or so. Will be interested to see the result, but the females are still quite young so not expecting many fry this time.
  5. Still more cool guppies! Love the Gull-Wing Panda, did you set out to make them or they just popped up? The Koi strain look like albinos? I'm working with a blond strain right now, though still carrying albino, they seem a bit more robust than the albinos I started with, but the colour is more orangey-red.
  6. Hey Tony, Hope your water came right? I always assume something has died if I see water like that, but know there are other causes as well.
  7. Now that's a nice tank! If I lived in Welly....... but I don't. So good luck with the sale.
  8. building the dog??? My imagination is running riot!
  9. Hey Tony, I am a bit distracted with breeding Betta / Fighting fish right now, but my guppies - I'm currently working towards platinum half-black Koi. I have all the separate 'ingredients', just have to 'cook' them now. Basically they have a red head, gold 'shoulders', black body and red caudal & dorsal fins. I've seen vids of them from overseas, but not in NZ. No idea how long it will take, the koi gene is a new one for me, so just trying the steps one at a time.
  10. Would love to see some updates on your website sometime. Looks like some new strains happening in your fishroom!
  11. Very cool looking tank. Love the landscaping, and I like the idea of larger numbers of fewer types of fish. You obviously know what you are doing or have researched really well.
  12. Nice looking tank. Maybe compare with others in your area that are listed on TradeMe, to see what similar ones are selling for. $1 for guppies is a good price, maybe $2 for any fancy looking males.
  13. Try Redwood Aquatics in Chch if you can't get them anywhere else. I bought some there a couple of weeks ago.
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