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  1. Enjoying a water change, crazy to think I’ve had this guy nearly 5 years
  2. Hi all, just wanted to thank everyone on the forum for helping me so much with my fish keeping over the years, when I joined this forum I was 9 years old and your advice helped me enjoy this great hobby and helped me understand the best ways of helping my fish thrive Heres to another 7 years 😃
  3. I can only assume so, haven't seen them for years
  4. Appreciate that :). He's the only fish I have these days
  5. Crazy to think I've had my Kokopu for almost five years now, time flies certainly.
  6. African cichlids could be a good option to look at, i set up a tank for them but ended up going for convicts. Maybe time to look at them again
  7. A few killies, American Cichlids, tetras, Red eared sliders and a couple native tanks. Open to anything new
  8. Hi all, been a while. I now only have one fish, my beloved Giant Kokopu, but would like to set up another tank or enclosure in the future. Any cool suggestions for fish or replies that would be worth a try would be much appreciated Cheers
  9. What a setup mate! Great to see such setups in the Bay, goodluck with the sale
  10. What plants can I put in this tank, looking a bit bare
  11. Try Mitre 10 builders sand and wash it thoroughly, my rams and geos seemed to be fine with that. The finer the better
  12. Any smaller schooling fish i could keep with this guy? Tried pygmy cories but he was a bit aggressive.
  13. I have a slightly larger tank with similar stocking, should be fine as long as you keep on top of water changes. Platies are generally smaller than mollys so could be a better option.
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