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  1. Looks like the website has been updated, looks great Thank you for the continuous good work admin & team
  2. Try Killifish New Zealand on facebook, there will be a few on there
  3. I bred Australe and Gardneri in 2017 in decent numbers for the latter Hopefully I will finally get Panchax today
  4. Very nice setups, love the Datnoid
  5. only reason i have facebook these days
  6. Will have to wait and see then, will keep the forum updated
  7. As above, can a male black molly breed with platies and produce viable fry?
  8. Forum has been quiet lately so hopefully this thread can generate some activity. What fish are everyone keeping these days? I only have two tanks now, 270L with just a kokopu and a 60l community with some danios, livebearers, a pair of Rams and a shark (hopefully going soon)
  9. Free Rainbow Shark, is getting too large for tank PUO Central Hawkes Bay
  10. Still going well, pothos has certainly removed a lot of nitrates.
  11. Not sure if i could find the gobies locally. Rams only need 38l? might go for a pair of them
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