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  1. What a setup mate! Great to see such setups in the Bay, goodluck with the sale
  2. What plants can I put in this tank, looking a bit bare
  3. Try Mitre 10 builders sand and wash it thoroughly, my rams and geos seemed to be fine with that. The finer the better
  4. Any smaller schooling fish i could keep with this guy? Tried pygmy cories but he was a bit aggressive.
  5. I have a slightly larger tank with similar stocking, should be fine as long as you keep on top of water changes. Platies are generally smaller than mollys so could be a better option.
  6. Hi, I was feeding my Giant kokopu this morning when i noticed one of its eyes seems to be raised or popped a little bit out of its socket. Could this be a disease of some description or is it likely to just be from hitting itself on something?
  7. Rodneys Tropicals on FB 😀
  8. Looks like the website has been updated, looks great Thank you for the continuous good work admin & team
  9. Try Killifish New Zealand on facebook, there will be a few on there
  10. I bred Australe and Gardneri in 2017 in decent numbers for the latter Hopefully I will finally get Panchax today
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