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  1. maxxi1

    Albino p82

    I'll post another pic tonight... I'm pretty sure we now have a sex 😉😉😉😀
  2. maxxi1

    Albino p82

    This is where I will put progress shots of Albie my albino p82 who hatched from my breeding trio... hopefully more hatch
  3. Hey HB If you agitate the surface of the water duckweed will melt away It seems to hate flow Hope this helps
  4. Upper Hutt Aquarium Society meets this week wed Our meetings not being held at the usual place so if you would like to come please let me know asap Meetings are normally the second wed of each month and we are Wellingtons only aquarium society If you want to become a member or you are interested in any of the benefits like the breeding scheme or having a discount from our local supporters The Pet Centre then email uhaquariumsociety@gmail.com You dont have to join to come to a meeting to see what we are all about! Hope to see you there fishy friends For more info see www.aquariumworld.nz
  5. Wanted wanted wanted I have a pair of clown killies but I'd LOVE LOVE to get more so I can start breeding for other people to get them also.... Any help appreciated
  6. After all this I was cleaning n movin tabks to the fishroom.... I have some in the draw.... probably a 200 bundle... woops
  7. Barrie I am going to look at bringing some in for the bettas and killies.... I generally go to a person on eBay and her name is Amy-lim Betta breeders have been using her for years.. I've only had one packet turned down at country entry and it wasn't her who collected n dried she also makes an amazing black water supplement that I swore by for killies before my fire!!!
  8. If it's pooling yes it can... especially if it's not drying
  9. maxxi1

    specie survey

    Hi Barrie nice to meet u... currently I only have filamentosa and volcanum in my possession but I did have about 9 species which I intend on getting back into. Get in touch with Rodney from Rodney tropical he has a few species but we have now lost most of the species 😔
  10. Hi Tantra This post is a see bit old now.. unfortunately since then I've had a fire and had to shut down my fish room. However if you contact Rodneys tropicals in such he may be able to help you.
  11. Upper Hutt Aquarium Club meets on the 8 March 2017 at 67 Clouston Park Road at 7 30pm onwards We have a trip coming up to see Rolleys discus set up. Which will be discussed at this meeting. This is only open to club members. Please also note that your subs will be due very soon. And an email will come out in regards to this. Thanks hope to see you all there
  12. Kapi mana aquarium club meets this Wed at the Tawa community centre at 7:30pm Welcoming all new members. If you just want to come out and meet people from within Wellington who also keep fish. This is the place for you!!! Financial members get a 10% discount at Pet Centre stores on fish products!!! Look forward to seeing you there
  13. I really want u to make this a tide tank..... live my dreams through u
  14. Ohhj it worked... that's one of my babies
  15. I have ingangas but also a few smaller goldies in there... https://aquariumworld.nz/forums/uploads/monthly_2016_09/large.14423649_10206140039494844_1693256113_o.jpg.4ec5947a35a74d6dda7b0c8f73be3ab7.jpg
  16. Couple of local breeders. Not too many otherwise just rhe generic stores suh as animates and pet centre. What tail type / colour I can see what I can help with maybe
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  18. What message do u get cos I post pics from my phone all the time.
  19. I'm desperately hunting some female badis badis... if anyone knows where some may be or who breeds let me know please. I'm happy to pay for shipping and fish also thanks in advance
  20. I personally cannot wait to see pictures... BTW im starting to fall in love with discus and am very tempted to just go and buy another tank (you would then have to find my body as i would most likely be killed by my husband~! 40 is not enough~!*joking*) if you are wanting hardy low light plants, maybe go for some different sized Anubias plants and also the java fern variants would look amazing all attached to your multi level wood. Needle leaf java, windelov, giant java fern and also java fern with the variating anubias types would look amazing - im saying they are hardy as i have them and manage to grow then well and havent killed them yet which is a BONUS! - i only flourish excel and comprehensive when i remember also Excited to see your scape, have you thought what kind of discus you want.... im learning my fav ones.. you know just in case i accidentally buy and put another tank up....
  21. maxxi1

    Spoon returns

    Hai Spoon Welcome Back - What an awesome pond ---- my goldies are now giving me the EVILs... awesome to see salties around also - yay~!
  22. maxxi1

    Hi from Taupo

    welcome and enjoy, browse away and learn and share - Share some pics of your tanks if you want
  23. maxxi1

    Repashy Food

    i also haz little green fishie tray for my repashy hahaha its soo funny i think i got it from Kmart...
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