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  1. Hi friends is any pothos plant good for aquarium with fish?
  2. URGENT sale hips of equipment heaters filters aquariums and more,Kerikeri,Northland. 021 199 6292 it will go extra cheap everything for 50$ except aquarium s.
  3. I whant to buy for my partner nice fountain pen for her birthday not to expensive and definitely not to cheap. Up to 350$.. anyone have some ideas..
  4. Hello friends I struggling to find strong alcohol. i need 1000ml strong alcohol to make propolis tincture but I don’t know where to buy. need to be more than 90 %
  5. Ok that is interesting information hopefully will work good for me. But what about diseases , will my fish catch some helt problems? .. and one more question can I youse same sistem if I whant to breed Kribensis and Ancistruss?
  6. Cool but how to mix ? How much ocean water to put in my rain water?
  7. This salt is doing really good job for me. Seachem Bra. Salt. I have rain water so no minerals .. hardens.. and I find these excellent product. Without this I can not have gappy and I love tham. i change hips of water because I’m breeding tham. And seachem salt is so expensive in that chase. Is there some cheaper options?
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