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  1. Beggers cant be choosers, so I will say yes. It is a three footer
  2. Thanks Alexyay. PM me details of price etc. I have some Potassium Permanganate here so dipping will be no issue
  3. Can anyone help with plants at all?? Have a tank here ready to go but nothing to plant in it.
  4. Let me know what price you are wanting.
  5. Hi All After some time out of the hobby I am now setting up a basic planted tank. As there is no LFS in my area I am after some plants. On the lookout for H polysperma- all varieties R Rotundafolia H Diformis Sag Subulata Various Crypts Bolbitis Anubis varieties If anyone can help me out please PM me with what you want for them. Appreciate any help I can get to get me back into the game. thanks Simon
  6. supasi

    Im Back!!!!!!!!!

    Hi guys Caryl, by simpler I mean less pruning, fert dosing etc. When I do planted I either do it properly or not at all. I thought about Tank full of Dwarf Neon rainbows but they are hard to come by round here. Hovmoller, I would love Geos again but not sure at this stage. Flatfish, I am considering Africans, but I still not sold on them. Maybe some South American cichlids. Hmmmm Decisions decisions I want it engaging for the kids. Maybe Crypts and Rasboras or Pencil fish. Or I could just go crazy and go Discus again.lol
  7. supasi

    Im Back!!!!!!!!!

    So right beside me sits my three foot beveled tank that I never managed to sell. I have brought it inside from storage in the shed and am going to dabble in the hobby again. Some of you guys will remember me. Others will not. but in the height of my fever I was running approx 2 dozen setups and was going broke with powerbills. Two children later and I think its time to get my hands wet a bit again. So Hello to the old Gang, and Hello to the ones I am yet met. Tempt me. What do I put in the tank? Naturally I want to go full out planted again, but part of me wants to simplify things and go no planted. I am gathering hardware to set myself up again so it will be a gradual thing.
  8. As suggested in title I am after some guppies for my son to start breeding so he can learn about fishkeeping. I refuse to pay the rediculous price asked at the token pet store in Wanganui. Does anyone have a few I can buy? TIA
  9. Hi, David is correct, I bought several on the first shipment. I loved them so much that I ended up buying HFF remaining stock for an agreed price. They were a bit worse for wear when I got them, Some were skeletal. I loved these little buggers and really wanted to keep them and try to breed them. They started to colour up nicely and get a nice pinky tinge and orangey/brown backs Quite aggressive amoung themselves but placid to other species, ( kept with Lemon Tetras and L270s) Unfortunately my interest in fishkeeping in general waned with the birth of my children and change of jobs, and the final tip was buying my first house. I decided to sell all my tanks and had a buyer for these ( I had on TM for a few weeks) but lost the tank load when I moved into my new house and discovered the damn power company had left us in the cold literally. No power for half a night and that meant I lost the fish as it was freezing cold and got a major ammonia spike. Shame really as now I look back at these pics it makes me want them again. They were the best to watch, sifting throughh the sand and digging pits and defending it from the others
  10. Just remember if you suddenly change any conditions that the crypts are kept in you are likely to have a case of melt and this will slow your progress. When I did mine I had them in a large tank with the pots in water but never sprayed them or wet the leaves. In fact any leave that got wet tended to melt. You have prob already seen my historic thread on here I assume
  11. And its the emersed growth shape that gives this plant its name. Rotala rotundifolia :sage:
  12. http://www.topomap.co.nz/
  13. supasi


    Looks similar to this plant I never ended up confirming ID. Maybe search forum here under my username and I may have mentioned it somewhere. Just not in my blog. HTH
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