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  1. I've got a 60l aquarium that I'm keen to get some plants for, such as ambulia, pennywort, watersprite/wisteria/indian fern, as well as some crypts (really like these). The lighting I've got is low to medium. Please comment/PM me if you've got any plants/cuttings you wouldn't mind selling me (don't necessarily have to be the ones I listed)
  2. I don't mind how many plants, I'd be super keen on the Crypt and Anubias though! I'll see if I can sort something out this week
  3. How much would postage be to the Wellington region @Caryl?
  4. Wanting to buy some plants and/or plant cuttings to fill in an aquarium. Will pay for them/postage
  5. Does anyone know where I can find tapdoles either in Kapiti/Wellington or New Plymouth/Taranaki?
  6. CalebLS

    Wild Mollies

    Have they got much colour?
  7. CalebLS

    Wild Mollies

    I just recently got some Mollies from Tokannu, and I was wondering what quarantine procedures I should take and how I get them to eat food. I was also wondering how big they would grow ect, ect. Thanks
  8. CalebLS

    Pygmy cories

    I want to get into breeding pygmy cories. The setup will be very simple, a sponge filter, smooth river sand, java moss, and various other low light plants. Will feeed them sinking pellets, frozen blood worms and brine shrimp, freeze dried food and my frozen vegetable food. I was wanting to do it in a 40 litre aquarium, woldthis be big enough. I'll have a colony of about ten or so and breed them and just sell to lfs or trademe. Any tips on breeding them will also help.
  9. This is the tank and its dimensions https://www.aquaticsupplies.com.au/products/blue-planet-classic-50-aquarium-50l
  10. Is it safe to put them in the pond at this time of year? What plants do you recommend for underwater, will probably have oxy weed and a big lily pad but want other better options. Finally how many white clouds do you recommend for a large tub?
  11. Can I keep White clouds in a pond year round in New Plymouth? If I can only kept them in warmer months can I put them in now, and how many do you recommend to put in. thanks
  12. I want to keep a pair of GBR's in a low tech planted tank by themselves. Is a 50l tank sufficent to keep them and would it be okay if they ever want to breed? Any tips for GBR's? Thanks
  13. Best bristlenose to breed?
  14. CalebLS

    Planted tank

    Cheers for all the info Shilo. How can I increase my lighting on the in-built hood? It says to only use 11W light for the tank but is there a way to increase lighting?
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