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  1. All I have left is a few guppies, breeding groups of columbian tetras, leopard danio, ruby barbs, cherry barbs, blue mystery snails, brown bristle nose and a few assorted plants. I lost my hobby time when I started my business. One day I will pick it all back up again
  2. I would give away my first born for a Festae
  3. Not from there, but i run dry ferts in my planted tank
  4. A bit bigger would probably be better, but it would depend on the foot print.
  5. Sterbai get bigger and are much more active than peppered. IMO they are a far superior cory to peppered.
  6. I used a similar system in my 750L, although the plants went amazing I went through a bottle (9kg) about every 5 weeks so was far from effective. I have considered doing another similar type thing if I can not find a pre made system
  7. So I am struggling away to work out what type of co2 diffusing method I am going to use on my next tank. Tank is around 900L, any thoughts or ideas please?
  8. camtang

    Fish food

    Add a bit of garlic to your mix, garlic is just as good for fish as it is for humans from my understanding.
  9. Thanks for that link Adrienne, I never knew it existed and will be having a good look through it. Back to the OP, yes your yellow looks crook as, definitely give the wormer above a go.
  10. camtang

    African cichlid

    After playing around with a few different combos, it is defiantly possible to mix them, but in my opinion I think it is best not to do so. Tangs are not from Lake Malawi, they are from Lake Tanganyika. Depending on your foot print on your 240, you could do a male peacock show tank, a dwarf tang tank, or maybe a small mixed mbuna tank- yellows, rusty, snow white etc. But in all honesty, your 240 is on the smaller size for Africans- not impossible, but does throw up a bit more issues.
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