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  1. I’m worried some regular java fern plantlets might have gotten into my Phillipine Java how can you tell the difference based on the leaf features as I can’t use size as a judgment all I can find online is Phillipines appears hammered but I have no idea what this means
  2. After a quick google search it’s seems this is sometimes mistakenly called echinodorus magdalensis which is on the list of plants redwood aquatics sells you could order from them hope this helps
  3. I would say it’s behaving normally and eating as it hasn’t lost weight but I don’t usually see it eat as it normally eats scraps at night
  4. both sides are like that and the swelling is see through and it’s a cave tetra so they simply don’t have eyes
  5. Looking more carefully it appears the growth originates from one of its nostrils and it also has some swelling in the abdomen but it’s scales look fine and it has no eyes so I’m unsure what it is
  6. If I can’t upload a pic I’ll describe it it’s a round very red looking growth with a thick mucus covering it
  7. don’t have anyone’s email
  8. Well it won’t let me upload the photo directly what can I do
  9. What’s this growth on my tetras face Blank 14.pages
  10. But what water in a terrarium it’s land sure very moist misty etc but little standing water
  11. I’m sorry I don’t understand did you heat it or not
  12. I want to try growing java ferns out of the water but I want to know if the terrarium needs to be heated in someway or is house hold temperature warm enough for them
  13. My keyhole ciclid has bad swimbladder problems and swims almost vertically face down I’ve tried treatments in case it’s an infection but they’ve done nothing I wanted advice as to whether I should but it down it’s still moving around the tank and eating so I’m unsure
  14. My schools down to just one fish so need to rehome it to someone with a school I can’t ship happy to just give it away but would appreciate large! golden barb/s or banded kuhli loach/s (any size) in exchange
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