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  1. Hi all, There was some security changes a few weeks ago, have adjusted to allow them to work again You can just post the youtube link in the post and you should be away!
  2. Sorry for my late post here - the permissions were changed by mistake but have been sorted now.
  3. Can be very hard to say, but its only just recently happened. Also with a new launch of a site numbers will always be higher.
  4. Thanks Maxxi1, looking into this now.
  5. Have upped some limits, will keep watching this
  6. There was a delay in getting frags, hopefully next week! Picked up my test kits today, so will be doing testing tonight
  7. Woohoo - looking like its all cycled nicely, have scored a couple of frags in trade for some old hardware I had around. Should be getting them this week!
  8. I had one of these http://www.fish-street.com/professional_deluxe_dual_co2_regulator?search_string=regulator and it went straight onto my 9oz paintball bottle, worked a treat.
  9. Managed to score some rocks with coraline algae on them, roll on seeding the tank!
  10. http://aquariumworld.nz/forums/topic/43941-daniels-minireef-120/
  11. I'm pretty surprised by the quality, I did have to extend the downpipe by an inch to make the overflow silent - but otherwise i'm very happy. Once I get some corals in there it will be the ultimate test to see how their led units perform
  12. Well - a few years ago I threw in the towel and closed down my 1000L 3 year old tank when my daughter was born with hope I would start again at some point, and then it happened. Boxes boxes boxes! Love pre-built cabinets ;^) Seeing where its gone sit My wee helper Aquascaping I was given my water from an existing tank, now to let the rock cycle and get some nice coraline growth then stocking time!
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