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  1. Its on aquaticplants.co.nz but currently out of stock. Give them an email see when they will have more.
  2. I think no ferts definitely works in some places. It comes down to what minerals are in your water supply. If you have very soft tap water with not much in it you will probably need to add some ferts. Thought I'd add that in case someone with tap water like mine reads this, and can't understand why they are failing.
  3. On the topic of professional Trade me sellers using misleading photos (that they may or may not have permission to use). Aqua world and The fish room are two more that FNZAS members should be aware of. The fish room especially has a bad habitat of using amazing photos. Writing/cutting n pasting very long descriptions of the species in general. But leaving out basic information like approximate age/size of the fish you are bidding on is. Both The fish room and Aquaworld are reluctant to add photos of the actual fish to there auctions even when asked. In the past when I have asked to see what I'm bidding on, I have been asked for my email or referred to a Facebook page to see a real photo. I hope this wasn't to far of topic. Reading about what HFF is doing reminded me of past dealings on Trade me and I felt the need to rant.
  4. All good now. The mark on its side completely healed in just over a week. I think the pleco must of found it sleeping on the sand and had a taste. I haven't seen any signs of further pleco attacks so hopefully it didn't like the taste of Geophagus.
  5. Thanks for all the information and suggestions Shilo. I was thinking it could be a wound. The young Geo's have been a bit aggressive to each other lately. They have only been in there 6weeks and are still figuring out who's the boss. There is also a L014 in the tank with a mouth shape and size suspiciously similar to the mark on the Geo. Thanks
  6. One of my young Geophagus is looking sick. Looked fine yesterday but this morning, is not very active, fast breathing and has a white thing on its side. As you can probably see in photos I have added some wunder tonic that I had handy. But if anyone can help Id the issue so I can do a more targeted treatment that would be great. PH 6.8-7 GH and kh 30-40 ppm Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5 ppm Water conditions have been consistent and no other fish in the tank have any sign's of sickness.
  7. I would like to buy mosses and rhizome plants, I'm not fused what types. I'm happy to grow from small cuttings. But I could take larger amounts if someone's getting overgrown. I'm planting a 400L. I'm in New Plymouth but happy to pay costs associated with shipping.
  8. Thanks for the offer if you can provide a good home, pay the costs involved and solve a few problems i could send them. Sadly it costs more than $30 to ship fish from this end. The only shop that sells heat packs in New Plymouth charges $7.50 each. Last time I sent a pretty small box with 10 2cm cichlid's to Hawkes bay Post haste had increased prices and charged me $33(2x$16.5 tickets). But the biggest issue i have is the bags can only get guppy size from pet store's here. These fish couldn't turn around in them. I will be able to send them if someone can let me know where to get bigger bags. And It would be cheaper if someone knows a less expensive courier company.
  9. I have a Datnioides microlepis 10ish cm and two Chalceus macrolepidotus 13ish cm that need a new home. I would rather they went to a good home than the highest bidder. If you can provide a good home make an offer and I will except it. I'm in the market for community fish or plants if you want to trade. If you can provide an awesome home but aren't in a position to pay or trade I will consider giving them to you. Im in New Plymouth. I have shipped fish plenty of times before. But these guys are pretty huge for shipping. I can get poly big boxes but wouldn't have a clue were to get a bag big enough for them. Courier would be expensive But if you can provide big enough bags and pay all cost involved in shipping I will considered it.
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