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  1. thanks for the suggestion, I'll keep it in mind for when we rehome our goldfish in the 55.5l but for now I'll just make sure that the female gives birth in the 2.5l
  2. wow thanks I'll definitely hit you up about that offer, I have some tools to make a sponge filter for the 9l, what if I just put the both guppies in the 9L for now and remove the male when I'm definite that she's carrying fry, would that work?
  3. ahhh ok, I think redwood might be a bit too far away from where I live, I am however going to be moving to rolleston in about a month so if you guys know of any shops near there, that'd be great thanks
  4. oh no hahaha, the problems that come with keeping fish healthy hahahah
  5. would it be alright not to have a filter in the guppy fry tank? it's a 9l tank. also what would I feed them? I saw some prepacked brine shrimp eggs in the pet store yesterday but I don't really know how brine shrimp works so I didn't buy it, and one more thing, I probably won't be able to get another female guppy until monday next week
  6. I do have a 9l tank that I can put the fry in once they're born (or should I put the guppy in there once she looks about ready?) and idk much about strains but the male is a wild type and the female has a single colour pastel blue tail, there could also be a chance that she was already pregnant before I bought her, I don't know yet.
  7. what do you mean by gravid? i thought gravid was just the name of the dark spot on the female guppy, also i moved the paradise fish out and put some water from the 20l into the 9l, should i move the 2 guppies in there?
  8. wow! good job! hope the fry are doing well!
  9. I usually just go to Animates in tower junction, Pet central in moorehouse ave and petworld in woolston, are those shops alright? I'm gonna look at redwood aquatics now as I've heard quite a bit about it but is it an actual shop or like a breeder?
  10. I don't know much about building your own aquariums but good luck and I hope all turns out well!
  11. I just had a closer look at the female guppy and she looks kinda fat so she could be pregnant but idk yet
  12. I am also planning to give away my paradise fish as I don't want to keep an extra 9l tank just to house a fish that's too aggressive to be kept with other fish so if you guys think so, I could move the two guppies in there to breed if that would make help at all, I can also put the fry in there if needed
  13. so I've had this one male guppy, he's a wild type guppy for a few months now and today I got him a female fancy guppy to see if they would mate. They're in a community tank with one female betta and 3 neon tetras, I plan to move the neon tetras if I get any fry. So far the male has been trying to make a move on her but I think she might be resisting, either that or it's normal, I'm not sure as I don't have any experience in breeding yet. Could she been pregnant already? I got her from a place that separated males and females but she could have already mated with a male before being separated, I really am not sure. The male was going at her nonstop for about an hour when I first introduced her in the tank but stopped for a while after, he's back it again though. I DO want to breed them so if you guys could give some tips then that would be great! one other thing, the betta is quite docile and doesn't ever attack the other fish in the tank except for a quick chase at the male guppy a couple times a day and she also only goes up to the female guppy and the female guppy just swims away, and the neons, she doesn't bother with them as they're much too quick for her and she knows it
  14. Russelletino


    sorry for the late reply but yes, I now have 2 tanks at about 20l each, the first tank is a planted tank with a homemade air pump filter, in it is a female betta, 3 neon tetras and 1 male and 1 female guppy, second tank has a 5cm goldfish (head to tip of tail) and 2 white cloud minnows. I also have a 9l tank with a paradise fish that was sold to me as a female but I believe to be a female
  15. hmm ok so should i just leave them be in the container?
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