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  1. All the fish are doing well, the female Green Terror currently has a batch of babies hidden in a cave. Hoping to grow some of them out. The Jack Dempsey is camera shy so thats the best i could get.
  2. I recently got a young male to pair with my female GT and now have a female? Jack Dempsey in a grow out tank. The oscars seem to be the hardest to get photos of, they never stop moving.
  3. Earthworms are always a good option. Or mealworms if your lfs keeps them in stock.
  4. What are your parameters? I've found Giant Kokopu go off food quite easily if nitrates creep up. Try some live food.
  5. How does the fish look? Swollen stomach, stringy poo? Could be internal parasites. But im not good with diseases.
  6. Just want to say thanks for all the stuff, way more than I expected. Really great friendly and helpful guy! I look forward to hearing about your next project.
  7. Good spotting! He's such a relaxed fish, isn't scared of the cichlids at all. The oscars have tried to chase him a couple of times and he doesn't even move, so they just give up. I've ordered two more to give him a bit of a school.
  8. Some photos of the tank and growth comparison from when I got them to now. (Apologies for the order they're in)
  9. Yes, she doesn't seem to eat that much and is "regular". Just heavy boned
  10. So far I have 2 Oscars and a female Green Terror. I'm looking at getting a Cuban and a Jack Dempsey.
  11. @Silverdollarboy2 Still got the natives. Just galaxiids and smelt at the moment. I was looking at a school of balas or dollars but decided the stocking might be a bit much?
  12. I've got a GT and two oscars in a 400 litre which will be going in soon. I'm hoping both the Oscars are the same gender. I'm still not sure what else I'll be putting in there. I want to end up with five cichlids to spread the aggression. I'm open to suggestions
  13. Currently a couple of goldfish until my heaters arrive. Then it's going to house American cichlids.
  14. Go whitebaiting, any large river system should have them. Have you tried coastal streams? Semi-tidal streams seem to be the best for inanga.
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