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Hi guys! I came home this evening to find my Kribs had spawned! :happy1: :happy2:

Mum and dad are guarding what looks like 50-100 fry.

I have borrowed a book from Fishguy that the wife was reading to let me know what to feed the fry (They're loving the darn staghorn algae). I noticed that there is a dwarf rainbow cichlid (P. Kribensis) and a medium rainbow cichlid (P. Pulcher). The daddy of my fry appears to be Pulcher, not Kribensis. The mother is Kribensis.

I wasn't planning on crossbreeding, but I found it odd that I bought the dad as a Kribensis, and I didn't even know about Pulcher.

What do I list the breeding as?

Images to help: (Sorry about the quality. The quality on a cheap phone is better than the quality on the dead camera.)






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Pelvicachromis pulcher is the species name for this fish. It's common names are Kribensis or Rainbow cichlid. They also come in albino variants. The male will be much larger than the female and the male will have spots on it's tail.

There are also other species in the genus such as Pelvicachromis taeniatus, otherwise known as 'Wild Kribs.'

In other words, your fish are of the same species and Krib is just a nickname for the species. You can register them as P. pulcher :thup:

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